Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Left Wing Are Going Crazy Angry Over The National TEA Party Convention

The presss conference was packed today at the National Tea Party Convention but not everyone acted like they were glad to be there.
The media elites could only sit on their hands for so long. After biting his lip for twenty minutes New York-based ABC reporter John Berman ripped into the National Tea Party Convention leaders at their press conference today. John was visibly upset after attending former Rep. Tom Tancredo’s speech last night at the conference. Instead of confronting Tancredo, Berman attacked the organizers of the event and demanded they speak for the former representative. Berman also attacked organizer Mark Skoda for not listing the names of the board members of a newly formed organization after Skoda said he would have the names listed by the end of the week… Funny, Berman’s never been this hard on Team Obama?

John Berman did not look happy to be there today:

He kept that scowl on his face for most of the meeting. These liberals are like little kids. They are so closed minded and hateful of the TEA Party movement that is taking over America. From what I've seen of the TEA Party they have been making fun of the progressive government. I laught my but off at Sarah Palin when she said she is sick of all the "TALK,TALK,TALK". She is a real rock star at the TEA Party. And if you think she isn't smart enough. Then I say we have had Bush and Obama both smart ivy league men that haven't done that well for our country. Just be careful because many of the liberals are getting angry and we conservatives will make an easy target for violence. That is their MO.


  1. Chris, that is a gross exaggeration that anyone on the left cares what is going on in Nashville.

    The tea party is a complete failure. It is fractured and its agenda is only adhered to by a few nut jobs. Sarah Palin is soooooooo dumb she had to look at her had to remember her talking points.

    It's really sad that the presumptive leader of the so-called tea party can't even remember her talking points.

  2. Sarah Palin is so dumb, she had to look at her hand to remember her talking points.

    Sarah Palin can't even remember 3 talking points.

  3. Bruce you blogged on it so you are lieing. Why would you lie and say no one the left cares. You care too much. You rather lie when the truth sounds better. Is that the best you have is she is dumb? Is it her accent. Would it be better if she had a "Negro" accent?

  4. ROFLMAO. You are hysterical, Chris.

    Now that you've had your little convention, the world is just laughing at you.

  5. This is from Bruces blog. This is more proof he is a liar.Friday, February 5, 2010
    Teabaggers at the State of the State

    Some tea party protesters were at the State of the State address on Wednesday. Apparently they were protesting all manner of taxes and spending and they generally believe government just isn't run very well. Too bad they don't seem to really know anything about government, except that they don't like it and they don't like paying taxes of any kind whatsoever. The one guy in the video seems to think the 14th amendment was established in the middle of the 20th century. I'll have to let these idiots speak for themselves.Posted by Bruce Fealk at 1:01 PM 1 comments
    Labels: State of the state, Tea party He has more posts on "Teagaggers" and "Growing some" balls it makes me say,Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Could he have a fasination with male genitals or does he care about the TEA Parties? He says they are a failure when that many people showed up for the event. He only get 15 to 20 people to show up to the left wing things. You are soooooo jealous of the TEA Party success. Bruce if you want Dumb look at all the dumb things Obama and Biden have said over the years. Good thing he doesn't do anything without a teleprompter telling him what to say. Obama is a puppet.

  6. Where was your convention? Oh I forgot the left wing have riots not conventions. Do you thinik the Tea Party Convention was a failure because there were no riots,deaths or explossions?
    Sorry to dissapoint you
    Bruce. For someone that doesn't care you sure do act like a person that cares. BWAAAAAAAHAAHHAHAHAHA. Bruce the laughing you hear is everyone laughing at you on the left,not laughing at the TEA Party. I can see you are just affraid of the Tea Party. BWAAAAAHAHAHHAHHAHHA.

  7. Afraid of the tea party? Not really. It is a pathetic bunch of losers who don't really understand government. That was obvious by the answers of the people in the video.

    We don't need a convention that charges $550 for "grassroots" and we certainly don't need a leader that has to write her answers on her hand. LOL.

  8. Where were you when Bush was changing the consitution and jacking the deficit up to historic proportions?

    Face it,you and all the other tea baggers are simpy racist and can not stand to have a man of color running things. Pathetic if you ask me.

  9. The Tea Party started when Bush was still in office. Don't forget that the deficit didn't get epic until TARP bolloned it up. What is your excuss for being silent now that Obama and Congress have taken the deficit to new hights? Most conservatives hated the TARP if you remember. And that is what started this whole thing.

  10. "Face it,you and all the other tea (party members) baggers are simpy (simply) racist and can not stand to have a man of color running things. Pathetic if you ask me".

    Drag out the racist card again? You face it he is a socialist. It would be nice if he actually had experience running anything but no, he leaves that bothersome chore to his 40 or so czars.

    As to Bush I was definately against his deficit but this proves you to be a hyocrite not being against Husseins.

    Please expalin where Bush "changed" the Constitution.

    Talk about pathetic.

  11. Chris, $1.2 trillion wasn't enough to get the tea baggers really upset.

    Tom Tancredo, former Congressman, was at the Tea party convention actually calling for the reinstatement of Jim Crowe laws and he was applauded. If that's not a racist, I don't know what is.

    How many African Americans are down in Nashville for the convention? Have you counted? 10? 20? I haven't seen any in any group shots of the attendees.

  12. Bruce you find one guy that doewsn't know how to be articulate and you base your whole oppinion on him. If you like these soaring deficits that BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans made then have at it. If that is understanding government then you are really sharp and wise. BWAAAAHAHAHHAHAHA. You somehow think that deficit spending is a good thing. All Obama is is another Bush. He is doing the same things as Bush when it comes to the stupid stuff. And Obama isn't doing anything smart yet. You are just misdirrecting your anger towards the Democrat party and putting it on the TEA Party. The TEA Party is made up of Independents,Republicans,Libertarians and Reagan Democrats. The TEA Party isn't cowtowing like you liberal hypocrites did to a Dem or Rep party. You liberals have your faces so full of teabags you can't even see the truth. This TEEA Party isn't about Dems and Reps. It's about CONSERVATIVE. GEt it? And that is why you are afraid of them. They are taking over the Republican party and making them stand up and listen. They are now taking over the Democrat party and by the looks of the health care debocle they are making the Reagan Democrats push away from the progressive idiocy. Go put on your pink shirts and talk about protesting the war,the deficit,GITMO closing,the Patriot ActFree Health care for all,Torture and anything else you can think of. You all have been found out to be fakes. You are just a bunch of Democrat shills. You wont go against the Democrat party like the TEA Party has done to the Republican party. You are all a bunch of pink fake do nothings. You only wish you had the guts and size to do what the conservatives have done. But you can't because the people can see right through your fake protests and bitching. You just hated Bush and yet the guy you voted for is more lkike Bush then what you wanted. BWAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA you got what you disserve when you voted the Democrats in. You are weak and so is the Democrat party. If all I had was the fact that Obama and the Democrats are "Dumb" I think you on the left would be happy. So guess what. We on the right are histaric with laughter because "she's dumb" and some predjudous op-eds is all you have. You say the Tea Party is a failer. How do you judge that? Because it is painfully obvious that you and your liberal groups are the fake failures. There we go. You are just projecting your own failures onto the TEA Party. How pathetic and sad you on the left have become. I feel sorry for you. It must sting like a bitch watching the conservatives beating the pants off of you speciel people on the left. But it is winter and you all have some nice windows to lick to keep you quite till spring.LOL

  13. Christopher I think what they are saying is not that we are racist. They never say what they mean and mean what they say. If I may translate liberal for you. Whatthey are sayiong with the racist rants is they don't like a women with guts and speaks with an Alaskan accent. We will be seeing a lot of projecting on the
    Tea Party. And for a group they say doesn't matter they sure spend a lot of time bashing them. I'm affraid they are the ones that no one cares about.

  14. So, Chris, how many African American are at the convention? How big is that tent of conservatives?

    You don't let blacks or latinos in or young people. The entire tent consists of old white men and their spouses they drag along.

  15. Hey Bruce Winners, Losers! One thing in Tea Party that LIBS Never Have is the Truth/Facts and How Does a LIB Fight That. As Usual Attack the Messenger! You Still AINT Got it Bruce! In November VOTERS Will BE the ONLY Yard Stick USED to Seperate Winners From Losers and in That Arena You WILL Be the LOSER!
    Bruce Tea Partyers are Republicans,Independants,Conservatives and EVEN Democrats and WHAT You Have LEFT is the LEFT ,a SMALL Group of ANGRY Citizens WHO Put Agenda Ahead of Country and EVERY BODY But LIBS See That. Your Going to NEED a LOT of that FEEL GOOD After Election!

    Last thingy Bruce Wait Till Citizens SEE the Circus Trials With the Terrorist and How the LEFT is Forcing Their Political Pay Back and that Will Most Likely BE the Last Nail in The Libs COFFIN and then All Yas Can GO Back to the Dark SIDE!

  16. Al, the trial will be a total non-issue with most Americans.

    Based on the evidence KSM's trial will be a non-event, except on conservative talk radio and Fox "News."

  17. Bruce are you and Jay-Ney twins? You both call everyone a racist but have no proof. Other then the rascism I've seen from you on the left. I think the other bloggers are right about you projecting your issues on others.

  18. Go on line and you will see the TEA Party has a lot of black members. Did you forget that it was the white men in purple shirts SEIU that beat a black conservative handing out flags? They called him the "N" word the whole time. Take a good look at how many black speakers they had at the convention. Do you have to lie so often Bruce?

  19. Bruce Once AGAIN Lets See How November Goes and Voters Will With The Ballot Tell LIBS What They Think of LIBS Putting Their AGENDA Before Country and Citizens! This Great Nation Did NOT Get Great With Liberal Ideas of Agenda First BRUCE and You May NOT See It BUT Soon LIBS Will FEEL it!

    Bruce You Must NOT Get Out Much Cause Citizens Will NOT Need TALKING Heads to SEE What These TERRORIST TRIALS Are About and its GOT Nothing to DO With OUR Security and EVERYTHING to DO With Political Pay Back. Libs Really DO Under Estimate the Intelligence of Citizens/Voters!

    Would Not Be Surprized to SEE this Weak Administration GET the Trials Postponed TILL After Election with ACLUs Help! TRIALS ARE/WILL Be BIG MISTAKE for this Administration!

  20. I think you're wrong, Al. Real trials will show the strength of our legal system and why America is the best country on the planet.

  21. Yeah the convention. Wow.

    Did you go Chris?

    As for Sarah Palin, I feel that the right finding she is focal point of partisan discomfort have taken her to heart despite obvious warnings that she is not what she portrays herself to be. It appears in this blog that way all the time. The more Bruce rails about her the more the conservatives like her.

    Thats a scary thing. Ignoring obvious faults because your thrilled your political rivals dislike someone is not a common sense approach to go about politics. Picking a presidential candidate that way is beyond ignorant.

    Once again Chris, our country, the RNC and the Tea party movement would be wise to look elsewhere to find a presidential candidate. She is doing a diservice to conservatives and their ideas and her real agenda is obvious. She is clearly power hungry.

  22. Bruce November Will BE the Yard Stick,Plain and Simple!

    Trials Will Play Well in the Middle East and Giving Terrorist a Platform to DO What Bruce? Dont Think it Will Be Used BY Them For FEEL GOOD Reasons BUT Should AIDE them in Their RECRUTIMENT! Military Trials Were The WISE Way to GO But Administration Once Again Choose Political Arena and That Bruce Is The Truth!

    Never Said Criminal Justice System Was Not Best in the WORLD! Just Wrong Arena For TERRORIST!

  23. JoeC,

    I can only speak for myself here as a conservative but what I saw in Palins speech was a missed oppertunity. All I heard was a repeat of her RNC speech mixed with rehashing the past years abysmal record.

    All in attendance at the convention and watching are well aware of both. They were seeking ideas, solutions and leadership not cheerleading.

    As for what Bruce says it only cements my thoughts as to how disturbed he is.

  24. Have you seen the video yet of her checking out her hand for her talking points. She couldn't remember six words. And conservatives are considering her as their best hope? LOL.

    Why in the world would you say I'm disturbed, JoeC?

    This is really sad.

  25. Bruce, One word; Teleprompter.

    Oh and for 1st graders too?

  26. Hey, Christopher, several words, 90 minutes of impromptu Q & A with House Republicans and he kicked their asses. He kicked their asses so bad, John Cornyn won't invite him to speak to Senate Republicans.

  27. Al, you're buying into all the Dick and Liz Cheney talking points. 300 terrorists were tried during the Bush years and I bet you didn't say one word then, did you?

  28. For not caring about Sarah Palin and the TEA Party, Bruce sure does a lot of talking about them. If they are of no consequence Bruce, why even waste your time talking about them?

    JoeC is right, about some things, but as far as I know the RNC has not chosen her or anyone else as a presidential candidate, and the TEA Party is only endorsing and helping out some candidates, they are not forming a third party. That's the media pushing that. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Bruce, it's funny you bring up the cost of attending a whole weekend-long event, when you should see what they are charging for fundraising dinners where Hussein is the keynote speaker. Are you afraid of somebody making a profit Bruce? As you know, none of these operations, including the DNC, are operating as charities.

  29. Bruce that 300 terrorists thing is a talking point that I heard this morning. The number is way wrong, you might want to do a little research before you post blatant lies. Although in reading this blog I see that seems to be your forte'.

  30. Bruce, Did you forget your talking points? Terrorists? Are they not "Overseas Operatives" anymore? Or you did not recieve that memo?

  31. Bruce, i didn't say you were disturbed. What are you talking about?

    Read the post again.

  32. Sarah Palin does not equal President Obama. What's funny, is tea party is supposed to be grassroots and against the "elitist" Democrats but they charge $549 plus staying at a very expensive hotel. How grassroots is that?

    I have no problems with them making a profit, although since so few people attended, apparently it's a break even proposition now, at best, especially since Palin was paid $100,000.

    The tea party is only of consequence because they have their own network, Fox, promoting their activities and the media is paying attention to them.

    Another tea party faction was there protesting the Tea Party Nation. LOL.

    This groups isn't fundraising for any candidates. They were trying to make a profit, plain and simple. The only place with an official Tea party is Florida. I hope they do form a third party and challenge GOP candidates. What fun.

    JoeC, I misread Chris' comment. My apologies.

  33. Go Saints, that's pretty funny coming from someone who believes Fox "News."

  34. Bruce, no you read it right, I did not mince words, you are disturbed.

  35. Bruce, Only a lefty like you would want to mix sports with news of any channel plus politics?

    This is just another example of how you are disturbed.

  36. Christopher, that was who I was replying to, they used the name "Go Saints." Idiot.

    "Go Saints! said...

    Bruce that 300 terrorists thing is a talking point that I heard this morning. The number is way wrong, you might want to do a little research before you post blatant lies. Although in reading this blog I see that seems to be your forte'."

  37. Christopher,

    Your seeing all she has to offer. Thats the best she has, catch phrases and winks. Thats why she bothers me so much. Its obvious that she isn't the best and brightest from the conservative side and yet the attraction to her grows the more and more she lies, sets double standards and generally shows her lack of ability.

    Its the return of the Bush appeal. Pass over thoughtful, intelligent, hardworking conservatives who express themselves well and handle situations well for those that appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    In some ways i think the IQ level of conservatives goes down when she comes up, because invariably any political discussion i have with any male conservative about her descends into sexuality. Perhaps if she was older and not so attractive like Hillary then she would be judged by better standards.

  38. Don't forget to vote down below for Sarah Palin.Or against her if you so choose to be sexist. lol. That was a joke. Kind of like how the left call us racist all the time.

  39. JoeC, You missed the point of what I stated and I did not say anything related to sexuality,however you did.

  40. "She is power hungry" they say. And Obama isn't? Why do you progressacrats keep projecting your impotence on Sarah Palin? She isn't even running for President. That is a long ways away. The TEA Party is more interested in making America back to being a conservative nation. They have pushed the Republicans there and the Democrats are following suet. Progressive is a thing of the past. The TEA Party conservatives populous movement is taking over Washington by storm. Cry like little babies but it wont change the fact that liberal and progressive have become bad words in our society. I think it's time to change your name again so we wont know who you are. BWAAAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA. The foolish left think they can pin a name on the TEa Party but they can't. They are a conservative movement. Not a Republica,Libertarian,black,white,green or Democrat movement. The only people that bring up color are the white liberals. They are the only ones that judge a person by their color. They say things like Obama speaks well for a black man etc... We don't care what color his or her skin is. But the left seeem to only care about the color of his skin. They think we conservatives should care about the color of his skin, That we shouldn't say anything bad about his actions because of the color of his skin. It is shamefull and embarracing to watch. I feel sorry for you liberals as you go into your idealogical death role. We will get some conservatives in office that will clean up the messes you have made. And durring the clean up we will be hearing that it's all our fault. Whatever. Good luck in the future because you will need it.

  41. Christopher,

    I wasn't referring to you about that point. Here at work the poltica discussionsm about Palin always end up about F-ing her.

  42. Bruce #1 Have Always Been AGAINST Criminal Trials For " Man Mad Disasters " which is NEW Term Used in Administration. Does that Make You Feel Safer BRUCE!

    Palin JUST Makes LIBs Uneasy and Dont KNOW Why other than SHE is At Ease With The Truth. You KNOW Bruce the " Man Made Disaster " with The Messenger You Do SO Well!

    Wonder if At Any Demoncratic Meetings/Speeches in other CITYs If People Have to Pay for their OWN Accomadations or is it FREE! Wonder if Clinton or Other Presidents CHARGE for their Speeches.

    Bruce You Call Palin Power Hungry BUT this Administration Attempting to take MY Freedom of Choice Away are What? Also Dont Remember 5 Year Olds in School Singing Her Praises,Thank Goodness Administration Stays Out Of the Schools!

    Understand That Coast Guard May be Cutting BACK in New Your City Area If So How Much Safer are? Even Shummer is NOT Thrilled with this and at LEAST I do Give Him Credit for Seeing the MISTAKE in Doing That.

    Bruce Also Your a Wee Bit Early on the KICKING of BUTT,That Bruce Will Occurr in November!

  43. JoeC I'm sure the same was said about Obama at your work too. Or maybe even his wife. How does someone being crued have anything to do with anything? Remember the picture of Obama in the ocean? Do you remember what women and gay men were saying about him? So what? No one cares what sick minds and mouths say. It is a strawman.

  44. Al, I never said Palin was power hungry, JoeC did.

    I do remember school children singing Bush's praises. What's the difference in that area between Bush and Obama? None I can see.

    Palin is a lightweight and I do hope she is the nominee for the Republicans or a third-party candidate for the Tea Party.

    I'm all in favor of Palin being the nominee. Palin 2012.

  45. Bruce School Children SINGING Praise to Bush in School! Gotta Tell me Where I can Find that at SO I Make Amends for that Mistake,SO I Will Wait!

    Tea Baggers Rock Bruce and Wheather Its PALIN or Not in 2012 You Will Still BE Whining OVER 2010 !


    ‘Katrina Kids’ Sing to Laura Bush: ‘Congress, Bush and FEMA…Have Come to Rebuild Us’

    Today at the White House Easter Egg Roll, dozens of children “from the stricken Gulf Coast region serenaded First Lady Laura Bush with a song praising the beleaguered Federal Emergency Management Agency.” To the tune of “Hey Look Me Over,” the kids from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama sang:

    Our country’s stood beside us
    People have sent us aid.
    Katrina could not stop us, our hopes will never fade.
    Congress, Bush and FEMA
    People across our land
    Together have come to rebuild us and we join them hand-in-hand!

  47. Bruce it sounds like a sound to America,Congress,FEMA and Bush. Big difference. The Obama sounds are all about Obama. Only Obama. Can you see the difference now?

  48. Bruce Anonymous is Correct! This is A LONG Way From Praising NOBAMA in Verse by NAME! I Answered You on Palin Blog BUT it Does Make Me ask the Question If Bush Administration and Fema Did a Terrible Job WHY is there a SONG of Praise for ALL that Helped! Half TRUTH From You To Me is Great Progress!

  49. Al, have you watched Jesus Camp yet? You might want to see it.

    Chris, i'm not offering a straw man. My agrument against her is laid out in detail and sound logic. I'm suggesting that her popularity with male conservatives has alot more to do with her attractiveness not her abilities.

    Could you explain how she is better for America and conservatives than either Pawlenty or Jindal? Lets put her up against another female, like Condi Rice. Is she more qualified, more able than her?

  50. So Joe that doesn't say much for how you view most men. That isn't a hit on Sarah Palin but a hit on men. Do you really think the most men would vote for her because they think shes hot and they want to bang the president? Not to sound a theory Joe.

  51. Chris, i think the electorate would do alot of silly things.

  52. JoeC Cant Argue With Ya Look What HAPPENED in 2008!


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