Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Ads Hit Dems for Clapping for Calderon


Here are two ads put out by the Republican Party of Virginia. The ads focus on the behavior of Virginia Democrats Tom Perriello and Rick Boucher when Mexican President Felipe Calderon spoke to a Joint Session of Congress and advocated for reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban. He did so under the false statement that most of the assault weapons in Mexico are coming from the United States.

The ads point out that Congressional Democrats “couldn’t get to their feet fast enough” to applaud Calderon when he made his statement. The ads urge people to call Perriello or attend a Boucher Town Hall Meeting and ask them in they stood up for Calderon, or if they stand up for the Second Amendment.


  1. Politicans Once Again Stood Up For Their Ideaology And Against Citizens. In Novemeber Citizens I Beleive Will Stand Up And Send These Poor Representatives Of The Citizens Who Elected Them Packing. For These Representitives To Stand Up In OUR House And Applaud Is Disgraceful Period!

    Calderons Speech Was Apparently Left Over From Nobamas Apology Tour.

  2. If I was a congressman, I would've booed him.

  3. I'm with Jim and Al on this one. We gave the enemy the key's to Washington and the WH thanks to the American voters. This is sedition by the Democrats in congress.

  4. lmao. stupid congress and stupid posters....


  5. Joe Your Post Are Getting Irrational! No Answers No Debate Just CRAP Lately! LMAO

  6. Al, i gave up trying to debate with you. I couldn't get any thoughtful replies to serious questions. If you want to debate things please feel free to know something about the subject, like the Boston Tea Party.

  7. Al, go back to this thread.

    and you'll find i gave three reasons for what unions are good for and not one of you choose to debate it. you choose to take a small section of something i said as a side note and ignored the rest of the more important section.

    you even took it done to socialism bad...bullshit

    So don't come over and act like your in it for debate, becuase your not.

  8. Joe If I Agree With Issue Why Debate And There Are Issues I Do See Your Point Of View.

    Your Statement "you even took it done to socialism bad...bullshit" My Code Breakers Are Still Working On. If You Are Talking About ISMs Other Than CAPITOLISM Your Right There Not My CUP Of TEA!


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