Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Newt Blasts Kagan For Saudi Connection


  1. I hate so say it, but where was he on the Bush family's Saudi connections?

  2. He didn't have too because the Democrats did more then their share. The better questions is where are all those Democrats that had a problem with the Bush Saudi connection but now don't?

  3. wow, i thought you guys would be all for her. supposedly she's pro-tort reform, coddles the Sauds, for unlimited dentention. Shit now i oppose her because she's not a liberal, she's a conservative.

  4. Hello Fellow Patriots...

    Our assistance has been requested...

    Andy Dillon, MI Speaker of the house, has refused to allow the E-VERIFY bill HB 4355 and corresponding bill HB 4969 come to a vote before the State House of Reps.

    We need people to:

    1) Attend the meeting and ask Andy questions as to why he has not allowed E-Verify to be voted upon (I will have written questions available for you if you are unsure what to ask...)

    and 2) Rally with me on the sidewalk in opposition of Dillon / amnesty and in favor of E-Verify and enforcement of laws regarding illegal immigration.

    I cannot attend the meeting, as I have 'worn out my welcome' with Mr. Dillon. I'm pretty sure he'll never call on me again!! So I will be outside with sign in hand.

    He will be speaking at the Troy, Birmingham-Bloomfield Democratic Club meeting on WEDNESDAY,
    MAY 19. The meeting is at 7pm at the Troy Community Center, Room 304. The Center is at 3179 Livernois, Troy, 48083. That's on the west side of Livernois, just north of Big Beaver Road.

    I know this is very short notice, but - please - if you can possibly attend we need your help!! The illegal immigration issues are so important... obama is looking at millions of new voters for 2010 and 2012 - and they will all be illegals voting unless we STOP it NOW!!!

    Thanks for helping us out on such short notice!!!


    Visit Tea Party Patriots of West Oakland County at: http://teapartypatriotsofwestoakland.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

  5. wow, Anon way to have a pair and use your name.

    interesting theory aside i read the bills and the discussion of pros and cons against the bills. it contained this...

    "Brief arguments in opposition. Opponents of mandatory use of the E-Verify system cite problems with software, unreliable information in government databases, and human error in processing forms that result in many false hits – meaning that persons who are legal citizens or legally authorized to work in the U.S. can be tagged by the E-Verify system as being illegal. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 96 percent of persons attesting to be U.S. citizens were confirmed by E-Verify as authorized to work, but only "72 percent of lawful permanent residents and 63 percent of immigrants authorized to work" were confirmed. There is nothing in the bill to prevent a person from being fired if the E-Verify system erroneously fails to confirm the person’s legal status. And, as amended in committee, House Bill 4355 would prevent any legal employee who was fired based solely on misinformation provided by E-Verify from suing the employer to recoup lost wages or to get his or her job back."

    So legal immigrants have a 1/3 chance at being denied their legal rights due to system error and have no rememdy. Lawful permanent residents were also denied a job due to system error at 25 % rate.

    I can see why that bastion of republican support would oppose a bill like this.

  6. What was that funny little saying that the Hypocrats had for their health tax law that they rammed through ... oh yeah, it was "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good". Unless of course it can get you a block of illegals voting for you, right Hypocrats? ROFLMAO

  7. Since when do Hypocrats even read laws that they force us to live under? Since never. They just make a big fuss over "perceptions" and their "feelings" on laws and what they "might" mean. What a joke, but not a very funny one when you find yourself living under their soft tyranny.

  8. Now it is confirmed, liberals are certifiable,,,

    "wow, i thought you guys would be all for her"
    - JoeC

  9. Look what else Bush and the Republicans are doing; stopping these poor old SUPER MAJORITY HYPOCRATS from passing a budget resolution!

    LMAO, first these Hypocrats start bellyaching because Republicans want them to stop looking at porn on taxpayer computers (http://aconservativeteacher.blogspot.com/2010/05/disgusting-gop-attempt-to-not-defund.html), and now they don't want to pass a budget resolution that will show just how badly they have F**KED our country and our future generations! (http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/budget/98409-senate-budget-chairman-says-prospect-for-budget-resolution-fading-)

    What a bunch of idiots, all they can do is spend spend spend!

  10. Oh lookee, guess what, a bank with Obummer connections is saved, thanks to taxpayers and eeeeeevil banks and Wall Street firms! The corruption train just keeps on rolling thanks to the Hypocrats!

    Lenders Agree to Prop Up Ailing ShoreBank

  11. ‘It’s not fascist when we do it…’
    By Jim Treacher

    Via the DC Morning e-mail, here’s the latest from our moral, ethical, and intellectual superiors:

    UC Berkeley is adding something a little different this year in its welcome package — cotton swabs for a DNA sample.

    The confidential process is being overseen by Jasper Rine, a campus professor of Genetics and Development Biology, who says the test results will help students make decisions about their diet and lifestyle.

    Once the DNA sample is sent in and tested, it will show the student’s ability to tolerate alcohol, absorb folic acid and metabolize lactose.

    Reminder: The city of San Francisco is boycotting the state of Arizona for reserving the right to ask people for a driver’s license. That’s the worst thing since Hitler. But asking for a sample of your genetic code is fine. It’s voluntary! And confidential! And, and, hey, it’s for your own good!

    Don’t you want what’s best for the collective?

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/05/19/its-not-fascist-when-we-do-it/#ixzz0oOOTVhch

  12. You repugs make me sick. Go to hell.

  13. Joe is right Kagan is a conservative not a liberal and that is why I hate her.

  14. Good one Joe. LOL. Good to have you back John.


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