Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All Conservatives Need To Read This It's Their Playbook:You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way Manifesto

Please take the time to read this Progressive Manifesto. It will tell you where these radicals in the admin are taking us and how they will get us their. Also take note as too who wrote this manifesto and their close connections to the Obama admin. I'd also like any of you bloggers to post it on you blog and send it to your email list. This is something we all need to read.


  1. This addministration has done its best to stir up the "us against them" feelings, rich against poor, white against black, US citizens against illegals, gays against straights, women against men and on and on! All of this is a distraction so that they powers that be can forward their leftist agenda while petty hostilities occupy the minds of the masses. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! You are being snookered and you don't even realize it. Our beautiful country is in the dumper and it won't be long before China pulls the handle to flush it all away! WAKE UP & VOTE FOR COMMON SENSE VALUES like paying for something up front. Read your phone bill & see the tax that is on there to pay for the "free phones" for the welfare recipients. Understand that all the babies born out of wedlock cost YOU! Why is it a badge of honor to state "I am a single parent" (by choice)? Hollywood (milionaires) make it glamorous, but that is not the reality! I will never believe it is wrong to be responsible for my own decisions, pay my own bills and to be sick & tired of paying for other people's poor decisions and choices! I guess that makes me "Republican"?

  2. A Democratic Socialist28 July, 2010 10:32

    Great read Chris. I'd like to know what JoeC and Bruce Fealk think about this well thought out manifesto from the 60's and 70's. I'm a moderate Democratic Socialist and proud of it. I agree with this agenda 98%. Thank you for your time and responces.

  3. This Manifesto Is The Mirror We Can Look Into And See This Regime For What It Is.

    This Regime Has Made A Point Of Pitting Citizens Against Each Other For One Purpose "Divide And Conquer" Period.

    Regime Cares Not For Country Or Citizens. Ideaology Is What Drives Regime And Power And Control Are Their Goal. They Want To Make Governing A Thing Of The Past And Ruling The New Order In OUR Nation.

    Name One Thing, Anything This Regime Has Done To Actually Make Nation Go Forward. Jobs Economy Are This Regimes Enemy. Look At Their Track Record,Wake Up Citizens Or OUR Nation, Are Way Of Life Will NEVER Be Passed On To OUR Furture Generation. If We Allow This To Happen SHAME On Us and We Deserve What We Get But OUR Furture Generations Will Pay The Price And That Is Called FREEDOM. We Should Never Let A Regime GROW Stonger On OUR Loss Of Freedoms.

  4. This is a map of what they are doing. And all these writers are with Obama in some way. Thank you Chris for bringing this to light. The conservatives need to do the same thing they are.

  5. Chris, thats standard stuff for angry young people of that time. I haven't read the whole thing but follows many of the other things I've read from that time.

    Other than you and "A Democratic Socialist" I'm not sure anyone else read the whole thing. I'd be willing to bet that Al didn't even try judging by his response.

    But i will give Anon and AL this, if they did intentionally choose to use the standard struggles of country, they did it the opposite of what the conservative playbook is. I mean when conservatives choose to pit one side against each other its always from the WASP majority. We could use the birthers claims all the way to Reagan's "welfare Mommas" which tend to single out the minorities and religions other than Christian. You could even include JFK and the hysteria over his Catholicism. Anon illustrates my point with his own message welfare recipients. Standard republican/conservative dogma Wasp's vs. poor.

    But perhaps Al's fears are a bit true, there is no more catering to the wasps that didn't vote for him, but to those that did. His agenda was obviously more liberal than people like Al and anon would've liked and he has followed through on that. Just as Bush did to his voters, Clinton before him, Bush and Reagan before him.

    But back to that piece, writings like that were a BIG PART OF THE 60'S MOVEMENT and you'll find similar messages of conspiracy and imperialism throughout civil rights leaders such as Dr. King and others. Other than the bombings for which there is no forgiveness the weathermen aren't all that special in their beliefs.

  6. Joe The Problem Is The Writings From 1969 Can Be Used Today Its To Me The Same Principle Only Different Time. You Are Right I Did Not Read It All. Had Hard Time Reading It (Small Format) And Could Not Adjust It.

    With Current Regime VOTER Remorse Is Now A Factor. Voters Made Mistake Of Taking Regime At Its Word During Campaign And Voters Did Not Do Their Home Work.

    All They Had To Do Was Look At Regimes PAST And Their Future Agenda Was Right There In Front Of Them. Regimes Problem Joe Is They Aint Going To FOOL The Independants Again And There Is This Regimes Weakness. THEY Woke Up Citizens And November Is Going To Be Pay Back Time. One Term Is In The Future Also. Regime Is NOW The Minority I Beleive And Thats Why They Want Their Agenda In Place BEFORE November!

  7. Joe,what are WASP's. Joe you may be right maybe no one read it. But it is amazing how this admin and Congress are following the Weather Underground to a T. And how do you explain how those "young people" are in the White House as advisorse or connected to Obama's advisores? Did you kinow that Jeff Jones help engineer the Stimulus Bill for Congress? And we all know about Bill Ahres and his wife Dorn.And Joe you do know that these people are terrorist and had killed and bombed Americans didn't you? Joe you of all people should like the part about liberation theology and how they needed to use blacks to get socialism. And black or Latin theology is the same they just change the color of the skin and the nation of origin. They alway have to color key everything just like you.

  8. AL just click on the heading and you will go right to the page. After that just hit the + and read away. You living through those times AL would give us a different perspective. It will amaze you when you read it. They are playing the race,religion and class against each other just like they said they would.

  9. A little bit of info on where they are now.

    Bill Ayers, Still teaches our youth of the socialist agenda, poisoning the future of America. Can you say Hitler Youth?

    Bernardine Dohrn-Married to Bill Ayers and led the October 1969 Days of Rage riot in Chicago. Now teaches comparative law at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago. Still to this day her political beliefs are: "I still see myself as a radical"

    John Jacobs- Now deceased was an advocate of the use of violent force to overthrow the government of the United States.

    Jeff Jones-calling for a revolution in this nation to fight and defeat U.S. imperialism within, and outside the country. Help orchestrated the Days of Rage but after the Greenwich explosion, there was considerably influenced by Jones and Bernadine Dohrn, moved the organization away from attacking civilian targets and toward symbols of American power. He now heads up his own consulting firm, that specializes in media expertise, writing and campaign strategies that help grassroots and progressive groups to achieve their goals.

    Gerry Long-Whereabouts unknown (probably still hiding)

    Home (Howard) Machtinger- a former director of Carolina Teaching Fellows, a student teacher scholarship program at the University of North Carolina. He is an education and civil rights activist, a teacher, a forum leader, and a political commentator. Machtinger is a former member of Students For a Democratic Society, a national anti-war, anti-occupation and Israeli apartheid organization.

    Jim Mellen- Whereabouts unknown

    Terry Robbins-Died in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion which was the premature detonation of a bomb as it was being assembled by members of the Weatherman

    Mark Rudd- Since the summer of 2003 he's has crisscrossed the country speaking at colleges, theaters and bookstores, first with The Weather Underground documentary and, starting in March of this year, with his book Underground: My Life with SDS and the Weathermen and discusses this with many young people. And still to this day he believes back then it was the right thing to do. "The members of Weatherman and the Weather Underground considered ourselves part of a global movement to overthrow U.S. imperialism and to substitute freedom and justice for the reign of war and exploitation. Idealists, we wanted to end not only the Vietnam War but the entire system that gave us such wars. We believed the only way to do this was through the creation of a revolutionary army, with mass support, that would overthrow the state through armed struggle, ie., violence.

    Steve Tappis-Holds teach-in on the 1968 The Great Rehearsal that is a " Symposium and Week of Events on the Long ‘68 " held at the University of California, Berkeley


  10. I Read This Manifesto Through And For Me It Was A Chore. Still Think I Got It Right With What I Did Read. The "Manifesto" Is A Mirror Of Whats Happening Now. Destroying Our Economy And Free Market Will Put This Nation At Risk.

    My Concern Now Is Through Decades Since The Sixties Many Of These Revolutionaries Are Now In Our Government In Places That Could Damage OUR Nation From Within.

    Pitting Classes, Races, Ethinic Backgrounds And Religions Against Each Other To Divide And Conquer Is This Regimes Method Now.

    The Sixties To Me Is When We Changed As Nation. After JFK Was Assisinated Nam Escalated Into Full Blown War. Dr King Showed That Peaceful Demonstrations Could Bring Change And Racial Equality. When He And RFK Were Gunned Down Anti War Demonstrations Sprung Up And I Could Not And Dont To This Day Know WHY Returning Vietnam Vets Were Treated So Harshly. The Left Was Angry And Violent In The Late Sixties And Have Continued That Behavior To This Day.

    If We As Citizens Dont Rise To Stop These Radical Extremist No Body Will And OUR Nation Will Indeed Become Third World Nation And Thats What These Extremist Want.

  11. Chris, while i realise your fighting some kind of cultural and political war here, other than enjoying the debate i am not. I don't subscribe to the deep down hysteria that you and many of your readers do. Its not a conspiracy and the weathermen are not running the White House.

    Its almost not funny anymore how you ignore reality and continue to let the wound of partisanship fester. Obama is not following the weathermen playbook. His first two years have been a rather pragmatic one, working on some social changes and not on others. You won't believe it, but many lefties are mad at him over the war. He's taken a very hawkish stand on afghanistan to the dismay of the anti-war left and the failure to close Gitmo and change some of the rules concerning the war on terror should have lifted the spirits of "Hawks" like Al and other righties here. that hasn't happened.

    Simply put you and some of your co-horts are fighting the non-exsistant shadow of soemthing that isn't happening. Sorry. I didn't believe the left when it was suggested that Bush and Cheney were going to take over and ruin America and i don't believe Obama will either.

  12. "Rules Of Engagement" By Any Preisdent Do Not Lift My Spirits Nor Do Military Casualties That Accomplish What? If You Call Me A "HAWK" For Beleiving That If OUR Military Is To Be Put In Harms Way They Must Be Able To PROTECT Themselves With Out Dialing "ONE" To Get The OK So Be IT!

    Any War We Commit OUR Troops To Must Also Mean The Full Use Of ALL Our Assets Including Air Power. If Enemy Chose To Go Into Civilian Buildings Than We Should Be Able To Deal With Them.

    In Regards To Regimes Social Change Agenda. You Would Think That Citizens Need For Jobs And Strong Economy Would Have Been JOB One But Because Regime Puts Ideaology Over Citizens We Are Still Waiting For That Job Creation Thingy Nobama PROMISED Citizens. Now That I Have Problem With How About You?


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