Friday, July 30, 2010

Anthony Weiner Comes Unhinged Without His Meds.

If this is normal for a liberal then you all need help. This guy is nuts. The Democrats control Congress so why is Weiner only coming unhinged at the Republicans? Could it be he wants on the news cycle for MSNBC and CNN? It amazes me how Democrats can't place blame on themselves for anything even when they control Congress. It is just one another thing that shows how weak the Democratic Party is. Thank goodness they aren't running a company right now or they would have been fired by now. If a CEO made excuses like the Democratic Party does they'd never work again. And the sad thing is we the people voted these buffoons in charge of our country.


  1. Thanks AL for bird dogging this story to me. It's always sad when a Congressmen loses his mind.

  2. They're all nutz30 July, 2010 14:59

    I suppose you thought the idea of American slavery ended in 1865. A United States Congressman wants to reinstate it. And he's a Democrat. Who would have thought?

    Ethically-challenged Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y) last week introduced in the Armed Services Committee H.R. 5741, also known as the National Service Act. The bill would require two-years of mandatory government service—either in the military or some as-yet undefined civilian service that promotes national or homeland security—to everyone between the ages of 18 and 42 if the President declares a national emergency.

    No choice. No way out. You’ve got to do it if the President declares a national emergency.

    Rangel, who opposes the excursions in Afghanistan and Iraq because he believes blacks and the poor are doing the majority of the fighting and dying, has long sought to institute a draft. In the past he has stated, in effect, that by instituting a draft Americans would be less likely to support wars.

    That may be. But forced labor at the point of a gun is no different from what blacks suffered under the hands of slave masters for most of a couple of hundred years in America.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s the Federal government or a plantation owner, forced labor is slavery. Giving it a fancy name doesn’t change that.

    And one other thing: with growing disenchantment over the fascist bent of the current administration and its assault on the rule of law, this country is likely to soon see a popular uprising. That would be the perfect excuse for the President to make his emergency declaration.

    And if you’re thinking that you might resist the “draft” remember, President Barack Obama fancies himself as another Lincoln. Well, just look at what Lincoln did during the draft riots in New York.

    He ordered five regiments of troops fresh from the battlefield at Gettysburg to quell the riots. The troops shot somewhere between 300 and 1,000 civilians.

  3. Still Say Hes A Ball Park Frank! Still Would Like To Know If There Were Spending Attachments To Bill. I Suspect There Were. PS Libs You Control Congress And The White House. Libs The Mirror Tells The Truth A With Libs There Lies The LIE!

  4. Barack Hussein Obama30 July, 2010 16:32

    I like nuts and weiners. Just ask my college room mate. Ouch! Do it again!

  5. Chris, haven't you ever heard of righteous anger? That's what Weiner went off about, the Republicans were trying to block money being allocated for first responders who are now sick because of the role they played immediately after 9/11 and they can't work due to their health.

    That's what the Republicans are fighting against, health care for first responders, heroes that went in to help when the government agency of the Bush administration said it was safe to work at Ground Zero when it wasn't.

    Don't we owe these American heroes at least that much? I guess you and your fellow conservatives don't think so. You are truly the scum of the earth, Chris.

  6. Bruce Republican Were Not The Problem. Trying Thinking Instead Of Stinking.

    Demoncrats Could Have Passed Bill On Their Own And EWE Know It! Republicans Main Objection Was Tax Payers Money Going To Illegals And The Cowardly Demoncrats Would Not Go For That During Election Cycle.

    Ideaology To The Demoncrats Is More Important Than Citizen. Why Not A Straight Up Vote Bruce? You Know The Answer Dunt Ya! Try Its Nobamas Fault After November!

    I Did See Weiner And King On Fox This Morning And I Can See Why Congresses Rating Is At 11%.

  7. It's about time someone told these asshole Repugs off. I wish he would have done more. I'm getting fed up with you fucking teabaggers.

  8. The only reason the Democratic parties ratings are so low is because of the teabaggers railroading them all the fucking time. Bruce is right you are the scum of the earth. At least Bruce has the balls to say something to you scum.

  9. Wow relax my liberal friends. Just because your Party is unhinged doesn't mean you sheeple have to follow. I posted Rush's responce to this. He did a great job clearing up why so many Democrats voted against this crazy bill.

  10. One Thing About Being Anonymous It Makes You Irrelavant With Know Opinion That Matters!

    The Reason Demoncrats Ratings Are So LOW Is Because They Are So LOW! Quite Simple Assnomonous And So Are You! What A AHOLE!

  11. As if Rush Limbaugh has ANY credibility as someone to provide rebuttal.

    You make me laugh out loud, Chris. You are a pathetic excuse of a person.

  12. Bruce Now Thats Quite A Response. Are You In The Third Or Fourth Grade. I Will Agree If Anybody Knows Pathitic Its You! Stand Up Be A Man.

    Credibility Is Truth And Bruce You Have Neither. This Coming From A Guy Who On Occassion Walks Around With A Paper Mache Head!

  13. I know you are but what am I Bruce? lol

  14. Bruce,Bruce ruff and tuff picks his nose and eats the stuff. It is cathartic acting like a child with these arrested developmental liberals.

  15. AL talking about paper mache head I see Bruces head is being used in AZ as the sheriff.

  16. Bruce "That's what the Republicans are fighting against, health care for first responders"
    Ever read the piece of legislation? Wiener is trying to slip in some immigration reform in to this "First responders" bill.
    He's a sneaky little, whiny toad.
    And THATS why the Republicans are against this bill.
    And Wiener (like you) are mis-interpreting the GOP's reason.

  17. Mark democrats are against the bill as well.

  18. Anon, did you see anything typed about Dems against this bill by Bruce?
    He lays this defeat at the feet of Republicans based on 'first responders' and NOT why it was rejected, regardless of who voted no.
    He blatantly skewed the real truth of why this went down.
    IF this bill was solely for healthcare for first responders it would have passed. I am sure of it.

  19. If Its The Real Truth Mark "Bruce" Would Not Recongnize It But What Can You Expect from A Person With A Paper Head!


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