Saturday, July 24, 2010

WATCH: Explosive Anti-Ground Zero Mosque Ad


Here is an explosive new video that lobbies Americans to not allow the building of a huge mosque across from Ground Zero. It details Islam’s history of building mosques at sites around the world it considers emblematic of Jihadist victory over enemies. The video suggests the desire to build a mosque across from Ground Zero would follow in that tradition. Opposition to the building of a mosque there continues to grow, and the issue promises to become an explosive one in upcoming campaigns.


  1. Citizens Are Against It! If Politcians DO NOT Stop It They Are For It! Political Correctness Is A Division Of Unity In This Nation And Just Look Around. Almost Any Where There Is Division Political Correctness Is Near BY! Of ALL The Places In This Hugh Country WHY There?

    We Have Always Been The Land Of The Free But Politcans Are Turning OUR Great Nation Into The Land Of STUPID!

    Once Again What Would Have Happened If Japanese Wanted To Build Shrine Next To "U.S.S. Arizona"!

    If Its Built Heard Idea The Other Day, Put HOOTERS On One Side Mc Donalds On the Other!

  2. Here is a good interview with Pamela Geller (on MSNBC) that tells it like should be told.
    Note: " In the past, Islam has built their temples on conquer land." Which is a slap in the face of America.

  3. I'm confused. Only Islam built temples on conquered land? Most religions and certainly empires, conquering tribes..etc did the same.

    Certainly no one would say that Christions couldn't build a church near the Olympic park bombing site or that conservatives had to stay away from the OKC bombing site. Just because the people who attacked felt their religion okayed the attack doesn't make the religion bad.

    Manson used the White Album to convince people to follow him and kill people that doesn't make the Beatles killers.

    I just don't get why this such a huge thing.

  4. Joe where are those Churchs in Islamic countries again? Isn't it tastless to do that Joe since so many people rightfully blame Islam for 9/11? Do you remember the dancing in the streets in islamic countries when 9/11 happend? Did you know all the terrorist are Islam? What are the odds Joe? Common sense Joe. Just look at all the odds Joe.

  5. Still Think Its A Bad Tasteless Issue That Will Prove What? Political Correctness Is What It Is. Basicly Makes The Majority The Minority. Lets All Dial One For Common Sense!


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