Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beck and Sharpton Enter the No Spin Zone


The left is doing their darnedest to discredit the Restoring Honor rally. I've seen what the left wing have been saying about the event. So last night I watched it on C-SPAN. It was a beautiful event. I would suggest everyone watch some of that event to get a understanding of what it was about. I can see why the left  are so afraid of this event. Any time the Bible is quoted the left froth at the mouth as they become unhinged like the minion they are. The event destroyed the left wing agenda of separation of the races. They spoke of the one race, the human race just like Dr. King did. They spoke about our countries history with God. They had the largest group of religious leaders ever to form at the National Mall. All colors all religions were arm in arm. The only group that was not recognized there were the anti-God, but they only make up 6% of American populous.


  1. The left....hahahaha...you mean Al Sharpton. I'm glad that you decided he spoke for the left, because we didn't. So rev. Al was in the spin cycle, big deal.

    I notice in all your rants you don't mention that Dr. Kings children spoke against the rally, instead relying on the lightening rod that is Rev. Sharpton.

  2. MLK Children Spoke Against Rally. Question: So What That Is Their Opinion.

    Beck Rally Went Off With Out A Hitch. Saw Citizens Of All Races On Mall Area Being Interviewed And All Spoke Highly Of The Purpose Of The Rally. Was Not The Main Purpose Of Rally To Support OUR Troops And In Some Small Way Help Families Of OUR Fallen Heros Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice.

    Libs Get A Little Squimish When Religon Or God Mentioned But The 400,000 Or So There Seemed To Come Together. I Know There Was A Police Presence At Rally But Unlike Liberal Protest Were Not Part Of The Rally

    . Citizens Getting Together To Share Their Concerns About Country And The Path We Are On And Indeed The Left Goes Nuts.

    Once Again Lets Get Madcow And Overbite To Rally The Liberals And See How That Goes From Attendence To Behavior. My Guess Police Will Be In Many Videos, Its The Nature Of a Liberal.

  3. I also didn't mention the fact that his neice Dr. Ivada King spoke at the Restoring Honor Rally and recieved death threats for doing so just like her uncle DR. M.L.King Jr. It also happens that Al Sharpton had a counter protests Joe. Do you see why now or are you still lost?

  4. Joe you need to watch the event on C-SPAN like I did and then tell us what you think. Other then that you are just quoting the MSM and MoveOn.com

  5. Chris, try that lame ass moveon bullshit on Bruce. I don't claim to be part of them and i don't care what Sharpton says or does. He doesn't speak for the left, he speaks for Al.

    I didn't read what Al, Jesse or anyone but MLK III said about the rally. I take some stock in what the son of a Man says about his fathers work, but not what Rev AL says.

    I watched the Palin section you posted and like i said before, she was bad and her speech was poorly written to boot. And i dislike her whiny nasally Up'er voice too.

  6. Joe Iv Watched Nobama Speeches Before,He Is A Great Orator And His Speeches Were Deleivered Flawlessly. His Voice And Manner Are Condesending To Both Citizens And Forgein Leaders. But Hey Being A Great Campaigner And Orator Means Little When It Comes To Leadership. Hows This Regime Doing? Talk Is Cheap Actions Are What Count Period!

    Your A History Buff Whos Speech At Gettesberg Is Most Remembered The Two Hour Speech By Professional Orator Or The Two And Half Minute Speech By Lincoln. Wonder If Lincoln Was Nasally!


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