Monday, August 23, 2010

Did You Forget The Moderate Muslims Dancing In The Streets On 9/11? I Didn't

Did the left forget all those moderate Muslims dancing in the streets on 9/11? Why is it that the left want to take out the Islam in terrorist when it has been Islamic terrorists? There are more videos on the net like this if you care to watch them all you will be very busy for a long time. But for some reason the left blame America for the terrorist attack that killed 2,700 Americans. The left blamed the Christians in Dearborn for handing out literature to those that wanted them at the Arab festival. The left thought it was OK for those Christians to get arrested for fee speech and freedom of religion on a public street outside of the festival. But it's not a problem to build a Mosque at ground zero where Muslims all around the world cheered the killing of almost 3,000 Americans. Why is it OK for Muslims to imprison Christians for free speech and religion on public property but it's not inciting anything when a Mosque is built where Americans were killed in the name of Islam? Why is it easier for the Mosque to get OKed by the city when it has taken over 9 years for the Christian Church that used to be there to get built?


  1. Kill the Muslim Jihadists, for they are the true “Infidels” to Islam. Only the moderate Muslim is too afraid to say it and will be targeted if they speak the truth. God Bless the patriotic New Yorkers! Stop the victory Hamosque!!

  2. I'd be very interested to see a follow up, when this trial for inciting a riot, begins.
    I'd also like to see the reaction to THIS from Obama, Pelosi and the left who argue that the opposition of the NY Mosque is a violation of THEIR right to freedom of religion, (which is not the argument).
    This is blatant 1st amendment abuse to peaceable assemble, speech and freedom of religion.
    And if it is dismissed (as I am 99% sure it will) I am hoping they sue the city of Dearborn and their police Dept.

  3. I remember it too. This is why I will almost always side with Israel.


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