Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Just Vote And You Wont Believe What Happened

I just got done voting with my two sons. While I was there a neighbor of mine was leaving at the same time. We talked for an hour about politics. This is well connected person within my county. She told me she goes to a "black church" and her pastor told the congregation the "evils" of Obama and the Democratic Party. Yes Joe she is black also. This abortions thing in obamacare is pushing the black community over the edge. She told me that the Democratic Party lost her vote forever because of their actions. The nice thing is she knows all the black community organizers in the area. I asked her if she wants to help bring our communities together for a protest against the health care bill. And she is all for it. I've always wanted to have a coming together in our community and what a great way for black,white,brown and yellow to come together. The eyes of the black community are opening and now is the time to reach out to them. The black community isn't happy with the way the race card has been being played by the Democratic Party. Even though most of the polls show that 87% of blacks still approve of Obama doesn't mean things aren't changing. As the preachers change so will the congregations and the tide will change. And when the blame is place it will be placed on the Democratic Party and the Progressives that run that party. These are hard times for all but especially the black community. Wish me luck and Gods speed in this endeavor to bring our communities together for one cause. To save the lives of the unborn.


  1. chris, i am glad that you had this talk. good for you, good for her. I am sure that if you had this talk and it was Bush the pastor was bashing you'd be pissed and object to using the pulpit for partisan politics.

    try to be even-handed and stop setting doublestanards. you can't oppose politics from the pulpit when its liberal and greet it with open arms when its conservative.

    hey, you going to do a blog on how the violent right is issuing hundreds of death threats to the judge in the Sb1070 case?

  2. Joe,

    I do not see Chris 'greeting' anything except a meeting of the minds.

    What he describes or rather reports is a discussion between two Americans where a lady is speaking about her pastor's recent comments.

    I myself have no problem with pastors speaking their political beliefs from the pulpit but have a HUGE problem if they are racist as in Rev.'s Wright, Jackson, Sharpton and Fr. Phleger.

    It is one thing to support or oppose policy depending on ones faith, but hardly religious and beyond the pale if one is racist.

    Chris, I do indeed wish you and her God's speed.

  3. Always Bush,It Never Gets Old To Progressives With No Place Else To Go. Pastor Was Speaking His Views Which Are His Right And The Ladys Right To Interpert. Bush Was Not The Subject But Always Is The Progressives Place Of Blame.

    This Time The Blame Is In THIS Regime. Citizens Of ALL Races Are Beginning To Understand This Regime And Its Total Disregard For Citizens And Their Concerns. Politicans As A Whole Have Forgotten They Are The Citizens Representitive And NOT The Representitive Of Their Ideaology.

    That Will Change Starting Today!

    A Meeting Of The Minds Is A Terrible Thing To Waste. Chris Keep Up The Great Work.

  4. Joe I don't go to a church that uses the pulpit that way. But it is common in the black churches. In fact isn't that what Liberation Theology,which you say you are,is all about? Why the double standard with you Joe? Why are you such a hypocrit? When you do a post on your blog about all the violence from the left I will do one on the few times it happens on the right. Can you be even handed for once Joe?

  5. Well said Christopher. Joe want the churches to sit down and shut up when it comes to abortion. Too bad. If a political party or candidate goes against the Bible then it is the pastors job to take it to the pulpit. Christopher makes a great point about Joe being so quite when it was Rev.Wright but now that the black p[astors are turning from Obama and the Democratic Party they want to stop it. The sad thing is Joe can't even see his own hypocricy. AL I will keep it up thanks to great patriots like you and my kids. I want my kids to be in a worl without the Progressive segregation. And yes Joe we talked about how the progressives/Democratic Party is pushing for segregation. And all this time Joe keeps calling me a racist because I speak boldly dispite the color of ones skin. I could care less what color anyone is. I don't tip-toe around a subject because they are a different color then me. That is what a racist does. Do you remember when I put on that comercial of the kid and his grandfather fishing? And the kid tells his grandfather about Joey his Jewish friend? That kid was talking like a bigot because he sees Joey as a Jewish not as just a friend. Just like a Joey we all know and love. Putting color first is the progressive/Democrat way. It's wrong and the shame of the matter is they don't even know it.

  6. Hey Joe it looks like most of those threats were from pro-illegal immigration groups. Would you like to bet thsat Beck has more threats on him then any judge or news host on TV? You really need to pull your head out of your ass Joe.

  7. Chris, pull your head otta your ass.

    I never said it should stop. Never. Not in this post or others. I said you have a double standard and that your not even-handed and your not.

    Al, go fuck yourself with the "always bush bullshit. We had to listen to 8 years of Blame Clinton so sit down shut the fuck up and accept that turn about is fair fucking play. Your hypocrisy is amazing.

  8. Joe So Much Anger So Little Common Sense! Whats Amazing Joe Is You Can Tell The Difference Between Your Brain and Your Ass. You Can Be A Real Ass Hole Joe Roids And All. Your Beginnig To Get Irrational Again And Are Blowing So Much Smoke I Took The Batteries Out Of MY Smoke Detector. Have Some Tea And Kool Down.

  9. Joe when have I or any other conservative talked about seperation of church and state? When have I ever said anything about preachers keeping their sermons out of politics when the politics effect the church? Give me a break Joe. You really need to get help. You are coming apart on AL. Is this what we can expect from the left now that they are falling apart? AL you must be saying something right or Joe wouldn't be all cracked. Or maybe he's upset now that he knows I'm not a racist? Or maybe the truth hurts and Joe can't handle the truth.

  10. Chris, lol...al must be saying something right???? Does Al even speak english, he sure the hell doesn't write it. It always goes like this...

    You make a point..

    i counter...

    Al, comes in on a tangent like the drunk uncle at Thanksgiving or Xmas and drives the conversation to hooterville...

    No, Al i wasn't blaming bush, but if you read like you write its no wonder you didn't figure that out. I was referencing a timeframe and a partisan element to Chris's argument. I have to reference a conservative president to make my point. Next time to appease Al, and his theory that any reference to a presidency only two years gone by is some plot by progressives i'll use Nixon.

    But you know something Al, the cons here luv ya and you know why? Because your a cranky old Bluto Blutarsky. Your posts are that scene in Animal house. you know the one, well maybe your old ass don't, but its that one after they got screwed and are all moping around. here's the figurative version of you posts

    AL: Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!
    Christopher: Germans?
    Chris: Forget it, he's rolling.
    Al: And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough...
    [thinks hard]
    Al: the tough get goin'! Who's with me? Let's go!
    [runs out, alone]

    That's how your posts work.

  11. Chris,
    You are a great American by the way you "Lead by example". She sounds like a lady who can see through the propaganda. I do, however, agree with your assessment, "But it(politics)is common in the black churches. In fact isn't that what Liberation Theology,which you say you are,is all about?" Keep in touch with your community - it is making a difference!

  12. Joe You Got Me Laughing At You And I Should Not Be. You Are Indeed A Liberal That When The Going Gets Rough You Indeed Put Your Brain On Vibrate.. You May Be One Smart Guy But I Gotta Ask You Do You Have A Paper Mache Head Too! Thanks Guy,You Have Indeed Made My Day. Sleep Tight Take Your Meds And Talk At You Soon!

  13. Thanks Michael. We all leave footprints in the sand no matter how softly we try and walk. If AL is what you say Joe then why does he crank you up so much? Somehow AL,as stupid as you think he is, is in your head. You must be getting something from his eclectic writing style. I like the way AL expresses himself. I like his writing form. All I know is AL makes me laugh and he pisses you libs off so as far as I'm concerned he's doing a great job. Why is it the libs always want us to conform to them?

  14. Wow Joe you really sound like a bigot when you are mad. Al thank God your only old and not black too. We have seen how Joe is with women and now his true bigotted colors are shinning through with old age. Now I see why Joe has so many "racist friends" at the union,his words not mine. Joe were you one of the union guy that punched an old lady at the town hall meeting in Troy last year?

  15. Chris I Always Knew Joe Was A Liberal/Progressive But Never Knew He Was The Really Radical Left That When Confronted, Lashes Out. I Use To Be Pretty Good At Figuring People Out But Age Must Be Clouding My Judgement. Joe Is A Real Hardliner And I Should Have Seen It.

    Betcha He Can Be A Fun Guy On The Picket Line.

  16. Chris, once again you resort to bullshit accusations and innuendo when left with nothing worth while to say.

    Chris, i am not a bigot. I dislike Sarah Palin not women. Stop suggesting otherwise. I don't recall using the word friend, but i do remember using the word co-worker. perhaps you got that mixed up. I do know some people that i engage with in group setting that are bigots and they know better than to use the language and talk about things that way in front of me. By the way they are conservatives too.

    All in all i know no liberals who use racist terms or act in that way, but i have contact with a lot of conservatives who do.

  17. Yes, i am such a lefty and a radical one at that, that i voted for Snyder yesterday. i told you in numerous posts i wasn't happy with Virge or Dillon but I'm a radical.

  18. Joe When You Get A Chance Read Your Posts From Yesterday And Liberal One You Were On A Search And Distroy Mission And You Succeed. You Have Turned Into Lefty And Instead Of Debate Of Opinions You Chose SMOKE With Attitude. Attack Messenger The Hell With The Issue.


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