Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joe Biden Said We Are On The Right Track With The Economy

The economy is on the right track according to Joe Biden and the Obama admin. This is great news for all those Americans and illegal immigrants suffering from this recession. The MSM is as happy as a pig in shit now that they can tell the world that this admin. Progressive agenda worked to fix the economy. I'm sure that Biden isn't giving us a bag full of BS and telling us it's candy. So I'm just wondering what makes them think we are on the right track? Is it the stock market falling or doing nothing? Is it the housing sales falling an "unexpected" 12.3% in July or the fact that there was another "unexpected" rise in new unemployment clames? Could it be that the true unemployment numbers are over 16% now? Maybe it's the "unexpected" jump in forclosers and bankruptcies? It looks like comercial real estates bubble is about to burst so that's not it. Maybe it's the fact that we added $165 billion to our national debt in July alone? At least we don't have to worry about any states going bankrupt any time soon, do we?                                                                        It makes me wonder what track this admin. is on. Because it isn't the track to recovery as we know it. No one is stupid enough to think that we are on the right track to recovery unless that track is to throw out the old system so they can put in their new "fundamentally changed" system. We can call this "right track" Cloward-Pivens track. What elose could it be? Either they are bold face lieing to us or they think we are on the right track to destroying the old economy so they can put in their new economy. What do you think?


  1. What can I say? The man is always good for a laugh.

  2. Trestin,

    I too find Biden a joke as does most of the world but the problem is that he is a heartbeat away from the hot seat. Hussein is dangerous being he is inept and a narrcisist, Biden is an incompetent alcoholic and dare say that is just as dangerous.

  3. Biden is the dumbest man alive next to Dubya.

  4. Why Would Somebody That More Than Likely Has Never Worked In The Private Sector NO Anything About How To Fix Economy And Stimulate Jobs. Hell There Strategy Is Blame Bush And Lets Spend MORE Tax Payers Money WE Dont Have. Not Exactly A Formula For Success!

    If Biden Was Lazering In On Those Jobs Hed Probablly Shoot Himself In The Foot!


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