Thursday, August 5, 2010

Missouri Voters Overwhelmingly Reject The Democratic Parties Health Care Law

On Tuesday, Missouri voters went to the polls. Among other things, the voters decided on Proposition C, a statute exempting Missouri from the individual mandate from Obamacare. By an overwhelming percentage, voters rejected Obamacare and passed Prop C (71.1 to 28.9). This ardent rejection of the individual mandate puts Missouri voters on par with then-Candidate Obama who, during the 2008 primary, attacked Sen Hillary Clinton’s health care plan because it contained an individual mandate.
For those of you who don’t remember, here’s video of President Obama sounding much like his opposition just a few short months later.

Gee whiz, if only President Obama would have listened to Candidate Obama he wouldn’t have had to face this type of a rebuke from Missouri voters. Great job Missouri voters. This action by the Missouri voters has spoken volumes to the Democratic Party. That is why we need to ask the Democratic Party why wont they run on ALL their accomplishments instead of using fear tactics and attacking the Republican candidates? We all know the answer and the Republican Party needs to bring it home every time. And we need to tie the Democratic candidates to Obama and his ideologies just like they will try and tie Republicans to Bush. But if either the Republicans or the Democrats run only attack ads they will lose. We the people are getting sick of "politics as usual". We conservatives need to get vocal about the issues. We need to tell people the truth about the Progressives in both parties. And we need to show the old school Democrats that they no longer have a party. The Democratic Party as we all knew it is dead. The Progressives have taken it over.


  1. Missouris Rejection Of Socialized Insurance Should Surprize No Body. Regime Wants Government To Control Most Citizens Options Starting With Health Care And Their Hope To Move Into Other Areas Of Our Freedoms.

    Entitlements Are Simplely Government Control Over Citizens Who Recieve Them And This Regime Does Not Give A Rats Ass About Majority Citizens Or Their Concerns. Regime As Only Short Time To Get Through Legislation, One Being Amnesty.

    Looks Like Their Looking Into Ways Of Getting Amnesty Without Congress Being Involved And If That Dont Concern You Change Your Medication.

  2. Now remember, Massachusetts has state run healthcare insurance law with a mandate...'Don't have it cause they can't afford it AND they are paying a fine, so they are worse off than they were'.... So when this kicks in, most who make at or above the 200% FPL will pay more, so if "they can't afford it, they will be paying a fine, so there worse off then they were before"... Speaks volumes for whats coming.

    Glad Missourians told Obama, Pelosi and Reid where they can stick their mandates.

  3. Fuck you repugs. It's time you give back what you took from the poor working class. Obama is giving us ours and you can't stand it. We wont give it up now.

  4. Al, now that was a radical lefty. What you have in me is a lefty who likes to debate and argue. we clear?

    And its doesn't shock anyone that missouri goes against it, they've always been a pretty rightwing state.

  5. To Anomyass What Nobama Is GIVING You Aint His Its OURS! Good Luck On The Transplant You Need.

  6. You took it from the Africans. Obama is just making us all equal.

  7. There are a shitload of more states with a similar proposal on their November ballots.

    This is a smart move as America has now seen Missouri's lead on the issue and the topic remaining redhot going into the Fall.

    I meet not one person who is for this now and I work with UAW! Not one! And all know across the country the only way to stop it is to vote REPUBLICAN as they do not support it either.

    You want a job?
    You want to hold your job?
    You want to keep your home?
    You want to keep your doctor?


  8. Republicans said No. That is why I will vote Republican for the first time in my life.

  9. Reid Calls Missouri Voters Dense
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) responded today to a Missouri vote that Republicans call a rebuke to the sweeping new health law by saying voters like the legislation better the more they know more about it.

    At issue is Proposition C, a measure on the Missouri ballot Tuesday that seeks to block the government from requiring individuals to buy health insurance, a pillar of President Barack Obama’s new health law. The state referendum is presumably overruled by the federal law, but its passage by a 71-29 margin is being widely cited by Republicans Wednesday as sign that voters reject the health law.

    “Missouri sent a clear message to Democrats and the Obama administration that government-run healthcare is a gross overreach of the federal government that needs to be repealed and replaced,” Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said in a statement.

    Reid noted that Tuesday’s turnout was low, at 23%. But his main argument was that people will like the law better the more they see its benefits.

    “It’s very obvious that people have a lack of understanding of our health care reform bill,” Reid said. “The more people learn about this bill, the more they like it.” He noted that the health insurance “exchanges,” or marketplaces, will take three years to kick in.

    Reid cited recent polls suggesting that the health law is becoming more popular, though a significant number of Americans still oppose it.

    “The trend is turning all over America today,” Reid said. “Once you explain what’s in the bill, the American people of course like it.”

  10. Anon:"... It's time you give back what you took from the poor working class. Obama is giving us ours and you can't stand it. We wont give it up now."
    What was that, that Reps TOOK?
    And what is Obama giving you that he took from others?
    Want a lesson on Liberty, read this and put yourself inside the lesson and then look out and you'll see Washington.

  11. Chris, 16 percent of all registered voters isn't overwhemingly.

    What if only 23 percent of all invited guests rsvp'd for your wedding and only 16 percent said yes? You wouldn't consider yourself that popular would you?

  12. Seventy PerCent Of Any Number Is Alot And In November Issues Sticking In Citizens Craw Will Not Be A Easy Thing To Sell To Most Or Explain By The Incumbents.

    Politicans Have Not Taken Citizens Seriously For To Long And That Is Not Sitting Well With Voters Especially Independents. Voters May Have Stayed Home Because Of Their Dissatification With Political Proccess. November Will Indeed Be Interesting.

  13. Joe why was it when Obama won the Presidency it was called "overwhelmingly" at less then 60%? I just don't understand you liberals and you double standards for us and you. If 71.1% isn't overwhelming in your book then so what. Call it what you will Joe. When Republicans got over twice as many votes as Democrats in the Michigan,a huge liberal state,that is overwhelming. It sure does look like the Tea Party is doing a great job of putting you progressives in your place,the fringe. I hope Obama comes to Michigan to help Verg "whatever his name is". We couldn't ask for a farther left Democrat to run against. I can't wait to hear you libs bitching and moaning when we have Republicans as far as the eyes can see.

  14. I see common sense left the building so i'm not going to debate anymore over your 16 percent mandate. God knows the people have spoken loud and clear.

    But, where does the ultra liberal state thing come from? I think we're a pretty middle of the pack state. we have a strong union democrat base in the urban southeast but the rural north and the urban west side is very heavily republican.

  15. Joe you know we have way more registered Democrats in this state then Republicans don't you? You find the exception and try and make it the rule Joe. That is just spinning or mental. Is Michigan a Red state or a Blue state Joe? And how long has Michigan been that color? Do you know why it's that color? Just because you THINK we are a "middle of the pack state" doesn't mean it's true Joe. That seems to be the thing with you liberals. You THINK something and thus it must be true. Why don't you use facts like registered voters to prove your point? But we both know that Michigan has way more registered Democrats then Republicans. And just look at what party we have put into power in this state. Look at the facts Joe and you will be better off for it.

  16. Joe to your 16% mandate. Republican went to the polls,Independents went to the polls to vote for Republicans and Democrats stayed home. And to you 16% it's been like that low for primaries for ever,decades. You point doesn't even make sense knowing that fact alone.

  17. This may help you with the false 16% premise Joe.
    A Center for Michigan analysis of county-by-county vote totals from yesterday estimates that turnout statewide was just a notch under 21 percent of all state residents older than 17. That’s better than four years ago (16.9 %), but not as high at 2002 (23.3%) or 1982 (24.4%).

  18. Chris, i understand that primaries have been low throughout history, but when a referendum on national health care is on the ballot, 23 percent voting indicates they don't care, not that they oppose it because 16 percent of all registered voters are against it.

    As for my feelings on the state, i figured you'd say something like that. I have logical reasons for saying it based on proven voting records, but your not going to listen anyways.

  19. Well Onto November Where Voters I Expect Will Be More Abundant At The Polls. Independants I Think Will Lead The Way With Conservative And Cross Over Democrats Who Are Not Happy Either.

    In Our State Michigan Has Been A Disaster For Jobs And Economy. Citizens Of This State Have To Scrutinize Canadates Records Both Political And Private Sector. Our Next Govenor And Elected Legislators Had Better Get It RIGHT. If Not We Are Indeed In A Whole Lot Of POOP!

  20. JHC Joe, Stop making excuses!
    70% opposed.
    Doesn't matter if it was 23% voting or 100% voting. It's a clear indication of the TREND of the voters on Obamacare in MO.
    Except it. It's going down in flames!
    40% of the states have filed suit against it and could grow after Nov, when it appears at this point, with less then 90 days left, that 72% of the states will be Governed by the right.

  21. Joe your neurons aren't firing properly if that is what you think. Or are you just trying to hide from the fact that you liberals screwed up this country big time with your choices of candidates and liberal agenda?

  22. Joe we all tried your liberal dish like you wanted. But Americans didn't like it. Not everyone likes shit diped in candy like you progressives do.

  23. its a clear indication of what 16 percent of the 23 percent who voted, not of the majority of people.

    You guys are being stupid to suggest otherwise. What 16 percent like doesn't mean anything.

  24. OK, Joe if thats you perspective, then we can expect you not to ever post polling number here in the future, because it seems you don't believe in trend indicators.

  25. November Will Be A Great Month.

    Polls Who Voted For Whom, Crossover Votes And In The End That Hope And Change Thingy. Great Time To Be Conservative Or Independant. Regime Will Now Be In A Hurry Before Their Ideaology Is Weakened Considerablly. Now For Golf And A Cup Of Tea.


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