Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Imam Audio: Latest on Ground Zero Mosque


The media needs to get off their butts,as well as the government need to look into this man and the Mosque. He isn't as "moderate" as they'd like us to believe. The left wing love their radicals that's for sure.

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  1. IMAN Seems To Forget Whom Was In Power In Iraq At Time Of Civilan Populations Peril. Saddam Killed How Many Thousands Of Iraqis For No Other Reason Than They Were Threat To Him.

    Did Our Nation Make Mistakes Yes But To Blame Our Country For Terrorist Who Are On Jihad Against ALL Non Muslims Is Not Moderate!

    Whenever I Hear The Word Moderate To Discribed Some Body I Think Of McCain. Moderates Basicly Stand For Nothing Neither For Or Against Issues.

    Right To Build Mosque At Present Location vs Sensitivity Of New Yorkers Feelings To Me Is Not MODERATE Position But Position To Show IMANs Unmoderate Position And To Turn Citizens Against Each Other Here And That Seems To Be Working Just Fine!


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