Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Combat Troops Are Out Of Iraq

This is great news. I'm so happy that we are pulling out of Iraq. Please feel free to give your views and opin.

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  1. Bring Our Troops Home. We As Usual Send Our Finest To Defend Not Only Us But People World Wide. It Is Time For Iraqs To Stand Up Or Bow Down Their Choice!

    Afaganistan Is The WAR Our Finest Are Involved In And If" Rules Of Engagement" Are Putting OUR Military In Danger Then Its Time To Pull Out. If Military Is To Be Put In Harms Way They Must From The Get GO Be Able To Defend/Protect Themselves With NO Restrictions When Under Fire!

    All Military Should Be Welcomed Back In Ways Fitting Heros Because They Are And Lets Not Forget Families Of Our Military Espesially The Ones Where Their Loved Ones Made The Ultimate Sacrifice.


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