Friday, August 27, 2010

The Restoring Honor Rally Is Driving The Left Nuts

This weekend is going to be a busy weekend in Washington DC. Glenn Beck is paying for a non-partisan,multi-religion Restoring Honor rally. It's not a civil rights rally like I keep hearing on the left wing media. The MSM is giving Beck and the rally more air time then they could ever ask for. They seem to have a real problem with Americans trying to restore honor in this country. This is a religious event held for all religions to come together in a "out of many,one" philosophy. The only ones left out are the 6% of Americans that don't believe in God. But the way the MSM is acting is just goofy. Why do they have a problem with restoring honor? What is the big deal about Americans coming together in the name of God? And when will the left realize that this isn't about Glenn Beck? I wish I could have gone. Even more now that I see how unhinged Olbermann and Madow are getting over this rally. I'm praying for the safety of these great Americans as the New Black Panther Party has made a point of disrupting this event. Al Sharpton is also protesting this event. But Al Sharpton is protesting the event because he wrongfully thinks the event is a civil rights event. Just because it's on the same day as MLK Jr. great civil rights speech doesn't mean that is what Beck is trying to do. But that never stop the left in the past from making things up about events and groups of people. I'm sure we will hear the left wing talking points,"racist","anti-American","Christians"...


  1. It Does Amaze Me How Left Would Condem This Rally On Grounds Of Martin L. Kings Great and Historic Speech. I Would Imagine At The Time Of His Rally There Were Groups With The Same Arguments. Martin L. King Did The Honorable Thing Which Was The Important Thing And Bravely Held His Rally And The Rest Will Be In OUR History Books Forever.

    To Restrict Any Citizen Of Their Right At Any Time To Rally Any Where Does In My Opinion Chip Away Once Again At Freedoms Guarenteed By The Constitution. Dr. King Knew This But LEFT Dunt Get It.

    I Would Guess The Majority Of Left Against This Rally Are For The Mosque Being Built At Ground Zero. Does Seem To Me Their Sword Only Has One Edge But Their Ideaology Will Trump Common Sense Every Time!

  2. I think letting Beck "do it" was a brilliant piece of marketing. The msm hates Beck and so they will give it more attention than they would the "Tea Party". They managed to marginalize the giant Tea Party Rallies that took place in DC, ignoring them, but this is too much for them to resist. I'm not crazy about it being mainly religious, but if gets attention, then so be it.

  3. Chris, i sometimes wonder how the right and the left come out on both sides of the same issue. Between the rally and the cultural center both sides are showing a serious hypocrisy.

    If you believe that sensitivity to the aggrieved is important in the cultural center (Ground Zero)then why don't you exercise that same sensitivity in the case of the historic march for civil rights?

    And if you suggest that sensitivity isn't an issue in the ground zero case you can't then turn around and claim it in the DC rally.

    So if you think the mosque should be moved somewhere else then you should believe that the rally should have gone off on a different day.

    And if you believe the mosque doesn't violate any holy ground then you can't fault anyone for going to the rally because of the date.

    So both the left and the right are hypocrites, atleast those that oppose the mosque and support the rally and thus that supprot the mosque and oppose the rally.

    For me i can't believe you went to DC to hear those rodeo clowns speak about honor. I mean some of the guests I'd like to hear, but Beck and Palin aren't honorable. And you missed out on the Bonzai show at U of M botannical gardens this weekend.

  4. Difference Of Opinions Seems The Nature Of Things.Although Joe You Made Some Good Points.

    Mosque Being Built At Intended Location To Me Is Unexceptable. Just My Opinion.

    Honorable Is One Of Those Things In The Eye Of The Beholder. Some Would Think Person Or Action Honorable Others Would Not. Both Views Could Be Right!

  5. Joe,

    Think please. The rally is ONE day, not even really but a couple of hours in ONE day and the subject is quite relevent to Dr. Kings message at it's core.

    That aside, when requesting to hold a rally AT THAT SPOT, is requested well in advance and the ones granting the request PICK THE DATE.


    Conversly, Ground Zero mosque would be PERMANENT and purposely so to besmirch the Nation as a whole let alone the families of the 3,000 dead.

    The left that supports this yet says they support the families are INSENSATIVE and HYPOCRITS.

    There is no comparison in your twisted words in an attempt, a lousy attempt to sound high-minded.

  6. Joe you are unbelievable! Does that mean that no one can speak on that day at that place ever? It is the left that is haveing the King revival meeting not Beck. You just keep believing the MSM. You do know that King was a conservative Joe don't you? And his messagae was a conservative Christian message. It is Jackson and the left that are playing games with MLK jr. not the right. What is so wrong with honoring people with HONOR at an event in DC? What is wrong with bringing together people from all religions to come together and praise God? Only you on the left would find a way to make it a "sin" against the left. By the way I didn't go to anything this weekend. My health hasn't been that good lately so I couldn't go to either event if I wanted to. I find it hypocritical of you Joe to find having a rally on the same day as MLK jr. speach as bad as building a Mosque at ground zero. You are the hypocrit Joe. Get ready Joe because we are going to do a lot of "insensative" things that aren't PC. We will turn the table and watch you bitches squile like pigs when we right all your wrongs.

  7. wow Chris, did you join the Deliverance wing of the Tea Party? No thank you, I'll stay away from you, banjos and rivers all the same.

    No squealing here please.

    Chris, and despite all the rights attempts to put Dr. King in a box, he will remain his own man, not bound by present day political boundaries. I don't claim him to be a lefty and you can't claim him to be a righty. I do know from his work that he supported things you'd call Black liberation theology and wealth redistribution. So if supporting black liberation theology and wealth redistribution is a right wing theme I'm in.

  8. Did The Glen Beck Rally Require Permit From City Officials. If Permit Granted Seems There Is NO Complaint.

    Joe Are You For Redistrubuting All Citizens Wealth Or Just The Ones That Provide Jobs?

    Once Again Joe Taking From Any Body That Earns It To Give To Those That Did Not Earn It Is Wrong Period.

    How About Lets Look At WHY Citizens Cannot After Decades Get Out Of Their Poverty And Find The American Dream. Me Thinks Politicans Have Not Done Much In Forty Years To Help Poor Other Than To Assure They Dont Get Out. Example Any Large City Run By Libs Over Forty Years, Case Closed!

  9. Joe,

    Please explain your line:

    "wow Chris, did you join the Deliverance wing of the Tea Party?"

    I will reserve further comment as I await your explanation.

  10. Joe said," I do know from his work that he supported things you'd call Black liberation theology and wealth redistribution." Prove it Joe! King is nothing like you on the left. He never ever believed in Liberation Theology or wealth redistribution. He believed in equel rights and equal justice not social justice. How dare you try and distort King like that.

  11. Christopher, Joe is talking about his favorite most memorable part of any move. He was trying to be funny. It got a laugh out of me so it worked.

  12. Chris,

    I was awaiting Joes' response but since you weighed in (appropiate as it was aimed at you)
    I will comment;

    I realize he was attempting to be Bill Mahr and he did succeed in that the left cannot resist deviant sexual thoughts that mirror that of their own.

    I do not know why Joe inserted that as it had nothing to do with what you posted or further commented on, but again the left cannot resist projecting their deviant behavoir onto others so as to justify it.

  13. HAHAHAHAHA Christopher. You said it. The left always push their agenda no matter how deviant it is. HAHAHAHHAHA I'm still laughing Christopher. It is sick how they twist everything we say into something that is as perverted as rape.

  14. "rights attempts to put Dr. King in a box"
    You mean restore Kings message... Is that putting him a box?
    I think the left has but Kings message in a box and put on a closet shelf and forgotten about Him.
    Seem this President has forgotten Kings message of 'equel rights and equal justice' and that all men are created equal. And to judge not ones character based on the color of ones skin, as the left has tried to label, unjustly, Americans in recent years who disagree with him, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, the last 3 not being black.

  15. What I Beleive Even The Left Learned From This Rally Is Citizens Are FED Up With Politics As Usual And This Regime In General.

    Ignoring Large Majority Of Citizens To Implement Regimes Ideaology Was Huge And Unforgivable Error On Part Of This Regime.

    Independents, Republicans,Democrats And Conservatives All Together Showing Their Belief In God And Belief In OUR Nation That Regimes Seems To Think Is Theirs. November Will At Least Show Regime Once Again Their Legacy" Waking Up Citizens" Will Be Theirs To Carry Through Out History.

  16. CP, as with anything, the line "Squeal like a pig" has connotations all its own. I'm not taking it anywhere that most others who have seen the movie wouldn't. Perhaps your not old enough to understand the pop culture reference or haven't seen the movie.

    And your attempt to be witty and insulting by suggesting movie references are some sign of deviance failed. I know many a republican, libertarian and liberal who all use pop culture and movie references.

    To be correct it would be the cinephile geekiness coming out in me.

  17. Joe When That" Cinephile Geekiness" Is Coming Out Of You Is A Depends In Order Or Just A Rest Room?

    My Favorite Movie "Casablanca" Released in 1942 And One Of The Last Lines When Claude Raines Tells His Officers "Round Up All The Usual Suspects" And I Kinda Think In November Citizens Will Have Their Own "Casablanca"!

  18. hey there broken record, you can relax. we already know that most presidents lose seats in the midterm so let it go. Your like my 4 year old with a noise maker.

  19. Joe This Regime Is Not Most Administrations And Mid Terms Could Be Their High Point.

    Listened To Nobamas Speech Tonight And Hey Joe Hes Going After That Creating Jobs Thingy Again.How You Think They Will Do Over Next 7 Months To Get That Lazer Going.

    All Regime Needed Behind Nobama Would Have Been Kerry, Feinstein, Durbin And Dirty Harry. That Would Have Been Full House They Were All Against The Surge In Fact Dirty Harry Said We Lost The War In Iraq! Ooops.......


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