Monday, August 30, 2010

Sarah Palin Speach At The Restoring Honor Rally


  1. wow, i did better speeches in high school speech class oh so many years ago. She was just lousy. The speech was as bad as the delivery.

  2. Look At This Regime. Nobama Is A Great Speaker With Teleprompter But Actions Count And That Joe Is What Will Make November Quite Interesting. Nobamas Delivery Great Actions Lousy!

    I Missed Speech Class In High School I Was Busy With My Spelin.

  3. Obama is better at speaking but not so good at the other things a president does. I thought she did a good job and I don't even like her.

  4. Al, you know i love ya, but damn your such an antique record player in the day and age of flash drive ipads. And not only that your a broken one too...


    so what? Once again to your never ending chorus of "Novembers" i will remind you that both Clinton and the rightwing messiah Ronald Reagan lost big in midterms. Both got a 2nd term. I shall remind you that both had lower approval ratings also.

    Despite everything its anyones ballgame and if you win the battle it doesn't mean you win the war.

  5. Joe Come NOVEMBER For You There Will Be A Whole New Meaning Of The Word "BROKEN".

    Then We Will Be On To 2012. If Regime Gives Us Two More Years Of The Same After That Hell Demoncratic Convention Might Nominate CARTER Who To This Point Is Looking Like Benjamin Franklin Next To Nobama.

    Regarding Your Baseball Anaology Three Strikes Your Out. If You Dont Win A Battle Joe The War Is Lost. One Battle At A Time!

    Joe You Have A Cup Of Kool Aide Im Having Ice Tea!


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