Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WATCH: MSM Unleashes Disgusting Smears Against Mosque Opponents


And they wonder why no one watches them. They will never talk about the Church at ground zero not making headway on being rebuilt do too government bureaucracy. Why would they do that,it disproves their theory. Keith Olbortmann is pushing the "Islamophobia" thing right now. Is it a phobia to be afraid of lightning in a thunderstorm on a golf course? Is it a phobia to be afraid of bears on Yellowstone park? That doesn't mean you will get eaten by all bears or hit by every strike of lightning. But that will be their response. We have good reason to be afraid of some Muslims since all the terrorist have been Muslim. For those slow liberals, I didn't say all Muslims are dangerous but we should know what they could be capable of doing. But what reason do they have for their Christian phobia?  Are they just projecting their fear of Christianity on us?    I'd like to see Keith Albertmenn and Racheal Madcow go to a Muslim nation and announce they are gay and then hand out their gay rights tracts and tell me it's just a phobia. There is a reason why people fear Islam. It's a rational fear as we are finding out more on who this Imam is that is putting up this mosque. And unlike the left we still remember the Muslims dancing in the streets all around the world on 9/11.


  1. In the first video, how many of you caught this...."President Obama & President Bloomberg..." opps! :)

  2. Second video (trying to put words in his mouth) "If 70% of the country is ignorant and don't know the constitution" Who is this 'Mr Ed'(he looks like a hourse a$$, BTW) anyways.
    Pretty typical, can't counter debate on the real issue, so they take it off subject.

  3. Mark,

    That guy MSLSD picked up from a YouTube channel/internet site 'The Young Turks', he is a liberal ametuer pundit as they all are, fits right in.

    They cleaned him up a little in appearance but the rest is scripted to the lefts liking.

  4. Islamophobia Citizens Concerned About Mosque Being Built At Location.

    3000 Citizens Killed At Location By Muslim Terrorist So We Will Show Them We Are Bigger Than That By Letting Mosque Be Built. We Will Only Show Them How Weak We Are NOT Good!

    Wonder If Union Workers Will Answer The Call If Construction Ever Begins?

    Progressiveophobia 70% Of Citizens Are Stupid. Wonder If Any Of Those 70% Will Be Voting In November?

    Regime Says At Muslim Event On Friday That They Do Have The Right To Build At That Location And Is Applauded But Them, On Friday Regime Says Wisdom Must Be Used In Chosing Site For Construction. Wonder Why That Was NOT Said In Front Of Muslims The Night Before?

    Regime Plays To Crowd It Is Addressing And Says Something Different Next Day. Kind Of Reminds Me Of Campaign Promises.

    Leaders Tell All Their Opinion Others Play To The Crowd. We Do Not Have A Leader We Have A Conductor Two Different Animals.

    With Middle East Getting Hot Again Who Would Be The Best To Guide Us A Leader Or A Conductor That Plays To The Crowd That Day?

  5. A Messianic Jewish leader and supporter of Israel thinks President Obama's recent comments made to a Muslim group clearly illustrate his sentiments are with Islam -- just as he promised in his book The Audacity of Hope.

    On Friday, President Barack Obama created a firestorm when at a White House Ramadan observance he told the Muslim audience he supported the right of the developers to build a mega-mosque near the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But over the weekend he added that he would not comment on the wisdom of building a mosque close to "Ground Zero."

    Opponents of the mosque have deemed his comment insensitive because the terrorists who struck the buildings in 2001 were Islamic extremists.

    Jan Markell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries, remembers what Obama wrote in one of his books.

    "This is a bit of a paraphrase: 'When ill winds blow,' he said, 'I will always stand with the Muslims,'" she cites. [Editor's note - Actual quote: "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."]

    "I am not one who is saying that Barack Obama is a Muslim; we don't know that," the ministry leader continues. "But the fact is his sentiment is with the Muslims of the world, and his sentiment is with the Muslims of Manhattan. I'm quite sure that he would be very okay with a mosque just a stone's-throw away from 9/11."

    But Markell believes once Obama expressed his support for the project, he publicly backtracked because he realized that he could not be disrespectful of the families of the 9/11 victims, even though his sentiments might be with the Muslims.


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