Friday, September 17, 2010

Could The Liberals Pick A Bigger Buffoon Then Alan Grayson?

This looks like it'll be as dumb as Alan Grayson. How can anyone take a man with a perma-smirk seriously? He thinks his over the top antics are cut and funny but he is more like Jerry Springer then a real politician. For some reason they think that Republicans think of Gayson as "Enemy #1". That can't be farther from the truth. We think of Gayson as "Enama #2".
Street Fighting Man: The Political Mind of Alan Grayson is a documentary feature about the re-election campaign of Congressman Alan Grayson (D - FL), who famously said the Republican’s health care plan was simply, “don’t get sick, and if you do, die quickly.” In the traditional sense, the film is a non-partisan look at Grayson’s bid to become the first Democrat to ever win a second term in Florida’s conservative 8th District. In the not-so-traditional sense, it is a satiric look at the political state of our Union.
Republicans are calling Grayson “Enemy Number 1” in the mid-term election. Defeating Grayson is viewed not only as a win for their party, but a symbolic blow to the Democratic Party. This fight for the 8th, with all its competitiveness, juvenile, and in-fighting, is a microcosm of politics in America in 2010.


  1. What's with that dumb look on his face all the time?

  2. Anonymous Its The Only Face He Has And The Face Does Fit! Case Closed!

  3. Speaking Of Buffoons Anybody Know What Levin Brothers Have Actually DONE To Ease The 13% Unemployment In OUR State Or Make Our States Economy Any Better. All Those Billions Floating Around Does Not Appear We As A State Got What We Sent To Washington DC In Taxes.

    Shocking That Dirty Harrys State (Nev) Is Number One In Unemployment In Nation And Oh Michigan Is Number Two! Well Wonder If That Will Be In Their Campaign Material.
    Problem Being In This State They Will Get Re Elected NOT On Their Record BUT On Their Party Name. Michigan Will Always Be Held Back By Politicans Who, Hell Dont Even Represent The Ones That Vote For Them. If You Have For Years Voted Demoncratic In OUR State How Is That Working Out? If Your Satisfied With Unemployment Checks There Will Be No HOPE No CHANGE. Michigan Will Never Change Until The Politicans Change So Simple!

  4. Sen. Reid (Pinky) hasn't been bringing back any bacon to Nevada. That "Liberal Fool" takes from Nevadans and we get 65 cents to the dollar paid to the Federal government. In addition, we are 49th in funds received from that "Failed Stimulus/Pork Payoff" Bill. Harry Reid has already (secretly) begun his final countdown to defeat.


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