Friday, September 3, 2010

NAACP Is Trying To Find Evidence Of Racism In Tea Party

According to the Daily Caller, the NAACP reached out to the various groups for help in compiling information implicating the Tea Party:
Media Matters and Think Progress representatives said their content and reporting haven’t changed and that the NAACP approached their organizations seeking only to republish select content they’ve produced. The NAACP’s new is aimed specifically at highlighting “racism” in the Tea Party.
New Left Media, the duo of Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll who use a “Trojan trick” to get interviews with Tea Partiers, is also a partner organization on the new site.
As for what Media Matters, New Left Media, Think Progress and the NAACP plan to do with, Think Progress editor Faiz Shakir and Media Matters Vice President for Research and Communications Ari Rabin-Havt said the NAACP contacted them about sharing content related to the Tea Party.
Tea Partiers beware — the NAACP is watching you, and they now have a website where people can post “evidence” of racism and extremism.  But despite Andrew Breitbart’s offer of a sizable reward for solid evidence, there remains none. Now if the NAACP doesn't find any real racism within the Tea Party will they recant what they have said and pay restitution for defaming the Tea Party?  It's funny how the NAACP starts by calling the Tea Partiers racist before they have proof. It's time we do unto them what they are doing to us. We need to infiltrate them and get evidence of racism.  It shouldn't be hard since there is racism in every part of our culture. But we need to help the NAACP take note of the racism in their ranks, just like they are trying to do with us. Turn about is fair game.


  1. Sounds Like Some Citizens Are Concerned About Tea Party And Its Effectiveness.

    Maybe A Better Party To Watch Would Be The Party That Has Through Its Policies Helped Minorities How Over The Last Fifty Years?

    Look At Minority Leaders And What Have They Done Through Legislation Or In Community To Actually Help Minorities In There Quest For A Fair Chance To Compete In Todays Socieity And IMPROVE Their Lot. That Would Concern Me More Than Tea Party That Has Done What To Hurt Minorities In Any Way Over The Last Fifty Years?

    Not Being Minority This Is Just My Opinion. Looking Back At Whats Holding Back Minorities In This Nation Please At Least Look Inside And NOT At Out Side Group.

  2. Lets flood them with liberal racsism and see if they act on it.

    Don't say it i9s liberal just point the way like to CNN's Rick Sanchez' "cotton-pickin president comment for instance.

    Just show them a mirror.

  3. Chris, wow the left doing unto the right as they have done unto others. I had to chuckle at the article because Andy Breitbart doesn't object to "Trojan tricks" because him and Jame O'Keefe made their mark with one. Can't bite the hand that feeds you.

    All things being equal, why is the NAACP wasting time with this crap. Its all about revenge and thats just dumb. They want to get back at the people who got them all fucked up in the Shirley Sherrod case and its blatantly wrong. here's what i would say to the NAACP.

    Dear NAACP,

    Haters gonna Hate.

    Stand tall, act like you've been here before(cause you have) show some class and dignity. Don't lower yourself to hasty acts of revenge. Sure you got punk'd by Breitbart, but you've managed to handle much worse defeats with class and dignity. your the organization that almost singlehandedly stopped racial segregation. You've changed the country for the better. Stop being petty and man up once again.

    Your not living up to your name or your historical importance.


  4. I think it's great how the left have been helping us remove any racists within the Tea Party. As time progresses the public is seeing that there are fewer racists in the Tea Party organization then in other organizations, like SEIU. It will also give us a chance to look into the NAACP. Let's see what happens when people start coming out about past statements made at closed meeting at the NAACP. I think it's time to start a conservative 'NAACP' that helps all people not just focus on color. And any organization that is just for colored people is by nature segregationist. The NAACP has pushed harder then any other organization to segregate the 'colored people' with black only colleges,BET,black only college funds... When will we just start looking at ourselves as one race? When will we start looking at eachother as coming from one man and one women,Adam and Eve? We are much more then the color of our skin and we need to start acting like it. Blacks can do everything whites can do so lets start treating them that way?

  5. Chris, can you name a black only college that has started since Brown vs. Board? Otherwise i am going to assume you mean Historically black colleges that had their start during segregation and separate but equal. Was it wrong to form colleges to advance ones racial group when you became denied the chance to advance through the public school?

    And once again the United Negro College Fund is not a black only scholarship. You need to acknowledge that.

  6. When was the last time a white person got anything from the United Negro College Fund Joe? Just look at the name Negro and think about it. Anything come to mind yet Joe?

  7. Beth, yuo know little about the UNCF, but i'm not going to spend my time to disprove an ignorant ASSumtion on your part. Please show me any proof you have that they do not field scholarships for caucasian and i will attempt to rebut it.

    Otherwise i am not taking a traditional name given to an organization 64 years ago during segregation as proof. I mean does WHITE CASTLE serve minorities? as you say, "Just look at the name White and think about it. Anything come to mind yet? lol


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