Thursday, September 2, 2010

'Slave House’: Black Conservatives Encounter Liberal Skepticism on 8/28

“LBJ’s War on Poverty policies broke apart the Black family. Why aren’t they talking about that?

That’s why I became a conservative.”In another video captured Saturday, “tolerant” liberals decry black conservatives at Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally, saying that “Christianity is a white man’s religion.”
God bless these great Americans for standing up for what they believe.


  1. First Video Lady Brings Up Good Points About Abortion And And Family In Black Community. Lib Says "Why Should Child Be Born Into Poverty". The Lady Trys To Give Her Point Of View And Libs Walk Away. Hard To Argue Against Truth.

    I Beleive All Children Should Not Be Born Into Poverty I Would Never Condem Any Human To Death For The Crime Of Being Born Poor.

    All Citizens Should Be Born With The Same Chance To Succeed And Make Their Lifes As Full As They Can With NO Limits. Minorities Have Been Trapped In A Liberal Tar Pit That They Cannot Get Out Of. Poor Education Keeps Minorites In Their Pit. No Education,Lack Of Minority Leadership And A Entitlement Mentality Brought On By Politicans Is The Cause And Without All Three Changing I Beleive Another Fifty Years Of Same Will Occurr Only More Citizens Will Be Relying On Big Government. Big Government Creates Nothing But More Big Government And That Has NEVER Worked!

    In Second Video Lib As The Gall To Tell Another Citizen That Christian Relegion Is Not His Religon. I Am Not One To Tell Anybody About Religion But It Would Really Yank My Chain To Have Any Body Tell Me My Choice Of Religion Was Wrong Or Even It Was Any Of His Bussiness. Just My Opinion!


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