Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Waiting For Superman: Why Does Our Education Suck In America

If you value the future of this country then you value education. It's a shame that the Democratic Party has put the power of the many teachers unions above our future. But it is evident that the Democratic Party only cares about the unions and the backing of those unions. If you care about our children and the future of this once great nation then it is up to you to not vote for the party that puts our children's future below the unions. I'm not saying that the Republican Party has all the right answers but at least they don't put the teachers unions about the students. It's time we introduce a private option when it comes to education. If we don't do something soon then how can we expect those children to pay off our debt? Let's give our children a leg up in the world instead of holding them back. What do you think we should do to fix education?

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  1. Holding Teachers Responsible For Educating In School Would Be A Start. If There Is A Pattern Of Students Being Taught By Teacher Who Is Incompetent Then Teacher Should Be Forced To Find Another Profession. Like Any Other Union Shop The Bad Apples Get The Most Protection From Unions And That Helps Who Other Than Teachers.

    Our School Systems Dispite Billions In Government Aid Are Going Backward When It Comes To Students Learning.

    Parents Have To Do Their Part Also And NOT Giving Them School Choice Is Wrong. Parents Should Be Able To Send Their Children To Schools That Actually Teach. Vouchers Are One Way To Go But Unions Wont Let That Happen.

    I Beleive All Educational Leaders Should Send Their Children To School Districts With Poor Preformance Records. Bet Thoses Schools Would Become BETTER In A Hurry. Just Like Politicans What Is Good For The Citizens Should Be Good Enough For The Educational Leaders Its Called "Public Schools"!


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