Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Call For One Nation To "Go To Jail Together"

Are you ready for what the left wing are asking or their followers? This is a call for violence and lawlessness. This is why I watched the rally. We conservatives are the enemy of these radical Democrats. "Know thy enemy".


  1. Well now that was simply stupid. Did you notice the very lack-luster response to that idiot?

    She is basically (and idiotically) comparing herself and others to South African apartide and that of Nelson Mandela.

    Now one has to think about that; The current POTUS is black, the current U.S. AG is black so who do you think she and her ilk would be arrested by? The feds of course. So now one must ask who are they fighting?

    Another thought; she says "So one day we may be free"? I did not realize the National Mall was a prison camp? WTF, was she and the rest not free to spew their socialistic beliefs?

  2. "Free" Means Tax Payers Money And Redistribution Of Wealth!

    All Those Speakers And Citizens At That Rally Is Any Body Aware Of Any Body There Using The Word "EARNED"! Oops Never Mind "EARNED And PROFIT" Are EVIL Words To Them!

    Freedom Is Not Free! You Would Think This Lady With All Those Isims Around Her And There Record Of Free Speech Would Have Thought Twice About Using The "Locked Up" Part Of Her Rant. I Guess When You Want Everything For "Free" Common Sense Is Erased From The Brain!

  3. WTF!!!This event changed my mind about the DNC. I will never vote for a democrat again. I feel like my left of center voice isn't being heard by the democrats. When did socialism become a part of the democrats?

  4. ANONY! You Got One Tiny Part Wrong. The Demoncrats Became Part Of The Socialism!

  5. Anon, a lot of "Blue Dog Democrats" feel the same way you do. The One Nation rally really did show how the socialist, under the name of Progressives, have taken over the Democratic Party. To think that communism is a viable figure in our political frame.

  6. What Would Muslims Do?05 October, 2010 18:24

    Tax money is funding an obscene, anti-Christian art display in Loveland, Colorado.

    According to the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, the Loveland Museum has received public funds through the state's Office of Economic Development and International trade. The Catholic group is taking issue with the museum because it is currently hosting an exhibit -- "The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals" -- that features a piece by Stanford University professor Enrique Chagoya that depicts a despicable homosexual act being performed on Jesus.

    Catholic League president Bill Donohue categorizes the offending piece as "anti-Christian hate speech," and adds in a press release: "We know there are no dollars to fund religious programs with public monies. We just want to know how anti-religious programs can be funded with public monies."

    Jeff Field is also with the Catholic League. "Works like this cannot be publicly funded -- and they should not be publicly funded," he states. "They always seem to offend Christian sensibilities and it's nobody else. And to have this being on display at the cost of public dollars [is] an outrage."

    Field was asked what the reaction might be if Chagoya's "artwork" depicted Mohammed rather than Jesus. "There have been examples in the past of anti-Mohammed artwork," he notes. "The Muslim community has been outraged -- and rightly so -- but there's also been different actions taken against the artists.

    "Christians thankfully don't react in that way," Field continues, "but at the same time it is offensive. Somebody needs to be held accountable and something needs to be done about such things being publicly funded."

    Field also told OneNewsNow the Catholic League has been asking people to contact Loveland officials and the governor's office to voice their objections.

  7. Chris,
    I thought you may find this interesting and post.


  8. ANONY,
    Glad that you were able to wake up, and see what is going on in this country. Welcome to your new family. Please wake up your friends, family and neighbors,,,it is hard work but I think you will like being on this side. God Bless.


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