Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Caller Confronts Sharpton: We're Tired of Being 'Abused' by Dems


Since I've been talking to many of my neighbors I've been hearing a lot of blacks and other minorities talking about the Democratic Party like this. It warms my heart to see so many blacks coming out from under the box the Democratic Party put them into. If we start to see more and more blacks blaming the Democratic Party and their principals for what they have done to them, we will see the Democratic Parties true colors. They will treat those blacks like sub-humans in order to get them back in the box. It will be ugly but those actions will open more and more blacks to the plight that the Progressives put them in. Conservatives and the Republican Party will be there with open arms and a conservative platform to stand on. For one in their life they will be treated as individuals instead of as a color. God bless this man for speaking what was on his mind.


  1. I heard this call on the Hannity radio show yesterday, the calller is spot-on.

  2. The caller was playing a Waltz and Sharpton was doing a Polka!

  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    You should check out this article before you start making conclusions based on one call.!-The-African-American-vote-is-FIRED-UP-at-2008-levels!

    A major survey conducted by The Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University found that 80 percent of black Democrats are as interested or more interested in the midterms than they were in the 2008 presidential election, when their enthusiasm helped propel Barack Obama into office.

  4. Bruce Independants:

    Socialized Insurance
    Suing Arizona
    Criminal Trials for Terrorist in New York City
    Bribing Senators for Votes
    Transparentsy behind CLOSED doors
    3 Trillion more added to Debt
    Apologizing to Europe

    Case Closed!

  5. Of course Bruce you'd fall for DailyKos/Post BS

    8. Some people think (criticism of the way the federal government does its job is
    justified), while others think (the government often does a better job than it is
    given credit for).
    Criticism Justified 59
    Gov’t does better job 36

    39. Between now and the November election, how likely are you to
    Try to convince someone to vote for a certain candidate or party
    Likely 47, Not Likely 52
    Attend a political meeting, rally or speech
    Likely 38, Not Likely 61
    Contribute money to a political candidate or party
    Likely 27, Not Likely 72

    which of the following would you most like to see result from the congressional elections this November: Would you lean toward
    Democratic/leaned Democratic majority 50
    Prefer Democrat 48
    Republican/leaned Republican majority 41
    Prefer Republican 40

    D1a. Do you lean more towards the: Democratic Party, Republican Party? Independent
    Democrat/lean 51
    Republican/lean 38
    Independent 7

    D10. Are you white, black, or some other race?
    White (non-Hispanic) 68
    Black (non-Hispanic) 11
    Some other race 2


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