Friday, October 29, 2010

MoveOn ‘Republicorp’ Activist Chokes Conservative Protester at Arizona Rally

You may remember that the woman who was stepped on by the Rand Paul supporter was working as an instigator for the MoveOn “Republicorp” project which tries to ridicule Republicans as lapdogs for business interests. Well those Republicorp activists are a busy group. And sometimes they are instigating the violence! Witness this encounter in Arizona:
 It is funny how the left try and make everything seem like we are the violent ones. Maddow had a one hr. special on Dr.Tiller the abortion doctor that was murdered. She tried to paint all conservatives as being this way. She forgot to mention,with all of her accusations, that less then a month later a left winger murdered a pro-choice activist. Once again the left MSM only give half the story. While the left are out in droves acting uncivil they are focusing only on the one or two times a conservative has done what the left do so well.


  1. So its okay to stomp on heads if they instigate???

    Does that make the black Seiu man attacking the instigating tea party guy okay???

  2. The main difference I see in the video vs the one involving Valle is this guy was protesting and from what I saw was basiclly attacked for that! Still think thats lawful but who knows!

    The one with Valle she was attempting to approach Paul with some bogus award as he was getting out of vehicle for debate. Number one who knows at that point what shes doing. In our sometimes violent socieity harm may have been her objective to Paul. I would if charged with security taken her down also. The blonde wig was for what? As far as the foot to the head to me it looked like shoulder but thats just me. If warrent is issued court trial would be interesting! Valle as Record of being in Odd situations and this was not her first trip to the Rodeo. Just my opinion.

  3. How did that black guy instigate the beat down SEIU gave him Joe? You are so out of it Joe. I can't believe you are such a person as this.

  4. Chris, i am only making a point. I think violence towards people is equally wrong. I have been clear on that before.

    Al, i can agree with taking some down to the ground thinking they are a threat, but using your boot on their shoulder head isn't the proper technique for restraining them. Thats called trying to hurt someone.

  5. Joe In a situation where you dont know what threat means putting them down first is the correct Technique. Technique is for the practice field not always what happens.
    These guys did not look like anything other than people who happened to be there but more pain could have been administered but was not. I guess somethings are in the eyes of the beholder. The first act was that ladies the rest was just response to her actions! Like I said before this lady been to the rodeo before and as far as Im concerned knew what she was instigating and paid the price. I beleive the reaction was right for the threat.


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