Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rove Demands Meeting With WH 'Idiot'


The accusations are on, the gloves are off, and the brawl has swung on for days. But the war of words over the Obama administration’s allegations that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and GOP strategists have used foreign funding to influence the midterms is not over yet. These Democrats have become nothing more then hacks,hoping that their BS is bought by the American voters. This is just one more new low for the Democratic lieing machine.


  1. Saul Alinsky 101 When all else fails become Community Organizer and blow smoke.

    This whole issue is for one reason. Regime has NO answers to its failed policies NONE! Demoncratic canadates are running away from regime. Some of their campaign Ads make them sound like RINO's! This regime is a leaderless ship headed into ice berg and knows it. Regime blew its chance to Change OUR nation forever and citizens will never let them or any political group get in that position again. Voters have been awakened and are now alert. Citizens will begin the transformation of our great nation to the greatness it was and will be again.

  2. AL did you see that the book Rules For Radicals was dedicated to Satan?

  3. Well Chris if the book fits read it and this regime did! Theres so many ism's involved in this regime hard to keep track of them. Only one missing is the one that works "Capitolism"!

    November will give many ex-politicans alot of time to read!

    Lets work on getting the vote out. Its never over till its over!

  4. The work will begin in Nov. We have to keep the Republican Party in line or they will fall to the left.

  5. They will run with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce thing for awhile but it's dying a slow death. Move on is touting this as 'big news' when no one has come up with any evidence.
    Desperate people do desperate things.
    Now reading that even Soros is beginning to crumble with the fact that Nov is not going to be a pretty thing for his socialist leaders.


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