Saturday, October 16, 2010

WATCH: Jack Black Mocks Obamacare Opponents



  1. He mocks you quite effectively I might add. Great job making you teabaggers look like the idiots you really are.

  2. Everything this 'man' does is childish, will he ever grow-up? I see Bruce is a fan of Jack that likes to emulate him as well using childish worn out name-calling.

    Well I guess that is what it comes to after all is said and done as they have nothing left after all are know aware of just how disaterous their policies are.

  3. Hey Bruce watch and see the mocking that takes place November 2nd.

    Demoncrats/Socialist ideaology will make you kool aide drinkers look like the idiots you are!

    Bruce you cant CURE stupid so get use to your condition!

    Just out of curiosity how do you get into what appears to be real school and use school age children for propaganda message. Does make you wonder what kiddies are being TAUGHT!

  4. The libs love childish behavior from their own. I'm sure that why people dislike libs so much. Thank goodness they are only a fringe group now under 20%. Liberal and Progressive have becvome a dirty word again. Even my liberal and Progressive friends hate being called liberal now. The way they treat others it's no wonder they are so dispised.

  5. The school yard bully is back. Brucie, why did you NEVER grow up and be a responsible AMERICAN. Do you appreciate our Founding Fathers? If you don't like it here, why don't you move to Venezula, Cuba, Russia, Iran. . Why don't stand for Isreal, when you are Jewish??

    Just questions??


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