Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Conservatives Think This Is Amazing And Beautiful. Liberals Think It's A Group Of Cells That Don't Have A Right To Life.

A French couple recently captured their unborn baby doing what appears to be somersaults in its mother’s stomach. You can see the dough-like movement below:
The left still think babies don't have a right to life in America. But sea turtle eggs should be protected at any cost. And the left wonder why most people think they are bass ackwards.


  1. Nice video.

    A couple of things though; If filmed in France it shows that some socialists believe in giving life but then afterwards give no chance at having one being they are socialist.

  2. Chris, once again being intellectually dishonest on your blog. You don't like when ALL TEA PARTIERS get called racist because alot are, but you'll use a industrial strength roller to paint all us lefties all alike.

    We all hate babies and protect Sea turtles at any cost. Fine, but lets make sure you include your own in that wide brush.

    Neo-Nazi conservatives rallied in support of Sb 1070 so all righties who are for Az immigration reform are neo-nazi's right?

    The Tea Party had people who clearly were bigots, so all Tea Partiers are bigots.

    so just so you can't say this is none or that somehow you couldn't find any, i've included some


    And the on guy you wanted out of the Senate in the worst way, pro-life Harry Reid. The a=man who also received a B grade from the NRA over gun control measures.

    So much for your us "lefties" comments.

  3. Hey Joe, I believe I responded to your point even before you made it. How about tackling it now rather than bypass it.

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  5. You do hate it when it's done to you. Suck it up Joe! I didn't say ALL lefties are pro-choice but it is a major issue for the left now isn't it? It's funny how you liberals are starting to back away from killing babies as a platform. Oh I'm sorry I forgot how sensative you are Joe, pro-choice.

  6. Joe When you state alot of Tea Party members are racist YOU have taken that extra wide bruch and did some painting of your own. You complain about the brush and then USE it!

    Wonder if theres any Neo Nazi Libs at that rally in Arizona?
    Why not Joe unless theres NO fringe on the Left!

  7. Chris,
    you really hate it when its done to you, so stop doing it to others. And stop with the mindless semantical BS. It only makes you look worse.

    "The LEFT" is the term you used. Not most or some, but "the left". Thats a very all encompassing terminology your using, not something that would give us the opinion that you don't mean all of us. I think your bright enough to understand what you do and a lot of the time i think its intentional.

  8. Chris, i'm not that sensitive. I've never been a fan of abortion, but that doesn't stop me from believing that a woman has a right to control what happens in her body without a nanny state making decisions for her.

    You know thats the only difference between us, what we want our nanny state to enforce. For all the rights talk of smaller government they end up advocating for increasing federal control over our lives too, just in different ways.

  9. Al, i am sure that there are Nativism leftists, but not in anywhere near the numbers of conservative Neo-nazi's.

  10. Joe if you liberals are all for a womens right to control her own body then where is all the lkiberal outcry about TSA fondaling women. This isn't about a womens right to her body but a right to control women. Left wing men like abortion because it save them money and all the man has to do is bully the women into getting the abortion. What about the right to LIFE that that baby has? Why don't you care about that baby that feels everything? Oh they don't vote yet so you don't care right?

  11. Chris, wow, that really is a bizarre argument.

    You start with a spotlight fallacy in your original posting and then move to a red herring.

    So i will ignore your attempt to move the discussion away from my premise, and continue on that train of thought. Again i feel that within a free society such as ours a woman of majority age has the right to determine what happens within her body as she sees fit.

    As far as a right to life, what rights do unborn beings have? I am not sure. There is no clear cut answer.

  12. Joe I guess when we start comparing whom as the MOST neo nazis we are indeed at the end of the debate. To me one in any movement is one to many!


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