Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preparing For Revolution: Progressive Media Knows Food Crisis And Violence Are Coming

The liberals riot when they don't get what they want. What do you think will happen when the money runs out and things start being taken away? Or what if the money of ours that the government is giving them doesn't pay for all their needs and wants(inflation)? Have you seen the price of food lately? Gas?Gold? Silver? Cotton? Natural gas? Hows your 401K doing? Pension funds? The anarchist are pushing the far left into an aggressive revolution and the left might do it once things start getting rougher not better like they thought. But the left always seem ready for a riot. Maybe the left are the anarchist? The last time we had an uncontrolled liberal Democrat as President it was Carter. Do you remember what he did to gas and interest rates? If the liberals start to riot the cops should shoot pot at the crowd instead of tear gas. Those idiots will forget the riot ever happened and you wont hear a word out of them till the stuff is all smoked up. Odds are by that time they will have forgot what they were told to be pissed about. This ThanksGiving wake your family up to the rising prices and the value of the dollar. It's easier then talking politics and in the end they will all blame these Progressives.


  1. Chris,,God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Chris, i really doubt a food crisis is coming.

    1st. We are able to follow the Japanese model of Quantitative easing in which they withdrew money from the system to lower inflationary pressures. And when you look at their model they removed too much money from circulation and encountered deflation at much higher amounts than inflation.

    2. Lets take an individual approach to your suggestions.

    Cotton isn't rising due to inflationary pressure. Its due to a 5% percent loss of production in China and losses in the US. Cotton inc. says this will lead to the lowest stockpile of cotton in 80 years. That would increase prices wouldn't it?

    Natural Gas. Having been a residential consumer of both LP and natural gas i think your off the track again. Statistics would show that to be true. As of sept. prices are below their 5 year high and below the prices for the same month in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and barely over the 2005 price. As for this year its $5.39 is below the 7 dollar rise in the same time frame for 2007 and just slightly more than 2005($4.61).

    and if i add in residential propane, while its up from last year, its around the same price as of Nov 2007 and 2008.

    And we don't have to even discuss the speculative nature of Gold which has little basis in theory and more in partisanship.

    and i thought i'd include this in the discussion

    After tabulating the results from their annual cost of a Thanksgiving meal survey, the American Farm Bureau Federation pegged the cost of this year’s traditional turkey dinner for 10 hungry diners at $43.47, up fifty-six cents from last year’s cost of $42.91. Though this year’s cost rose a bit more than a half-dollar from last year, it remains $1.14 less than the 2008 cost of $44.61.

    And by the way food prices are only up 1.4 percent for the year.

  3. Chris, you must have missed the headlines on Fox.

    America's corporations just reported their best quarter IN HISTORY and under a Democratic President. Hmmm. $1.6 Trillion, with a T in profits.

    I guess that Reagan, tinkle down economics theory really doesn't work, because the corporations are sitting on all that cash and not hiring back workers so they can what - make even more profits. Greedy bastards. They are making their work force work unpaid time and threatening their workers, if they don't work uncompensated, they could lose their jobs.

    Oh, and the 401K's are doing just fine. Seems the stock market has regained all of the losses and is now back at pre-meltdown levels.

    And conservatives say President Obama is not friendly business. What a bunch of crap.

    There are problems left solve. But if you really want a problem solved, better turn to a liberal, not some dumbshit Conservative. Conservatives have NO IDEA how to govern. They just spout platitudes and think tax cuts will solve EVERY problem.

    Or maybe Sarah Palin has the solutions. NOT!! She thinks she can see Russia from her house and that North Korea is our ally.

  4. Bruce Business saw the Mid term elections coming and thought hey Demoncrats are going to lose big time and this would be the time to invest with a Republican controlled House. You know in 2008 when business thought Regime might get elected the stock market and earnings meltdown did begin. Great to hear Economy is moving forward but I thin you got the wrong take on why.

    Bruce all those alledged profits where are those JOBS regime Promised to laser in on. Tell all those unemployed how much better they are Bruce. Whered you get those numbers anyway Bruce?

    Bruce regime got friendly to business just before mid term elections and prior to that IGNORED Our economy for Social change. Once again citizens saw this and are NOT going to be fooled by this regime again.

    Trillion in profits sounds good 3/5 Trillion with a T more in debt since regime came into power helps our Economy How?

    Bruce You sound like Chris Mathews you know that wet feeling!

  5. Al, I don't know if you are a moron or you are just not paying attention. The record corporate profits have been all over the news. It might have even made Fox.

    President Obama has been extremely business friendly for the two years of his term in office, not just before the mid-term elections.

    Democrats have been trying to pass more measures to create jobs and Republicans have been blocking it every step of the way. Why?

    They actually want as many Americans out of work as possible, so they can say Democrats and the President have ruined the economy. Nothing could be further from the truth. If not for the President insisting on loaning money to GM and Chrysler, there would be NO domestic auto industry and 1.4 million more Americans would be out of work.

    Are you actually trying to blame the meltdown on Democrats? Really?

    Greed and fraud on Wall Street is to blame for the financial meltdown. If you watched anything but Fox I think you might know that.

    We are still at great risk from the greed of Wall Street. The fraudulent mortgages that were junk and likely to default could blow up in our faces again. But what do conservatives want? Less regulation, more greed, more pain for Americans.

    When does the greed stop, Al? How much profit for American corporations and how much pain for middle-class Americans will be enough.

    We already have the greatest income disparity in history. I guess you won't be happy till 10 people in the world control 99% of the wealth.

  6. Bruce Your right when does the GREED stop! Who is Greedier the ones who EARN it Or the Ones trying to take what they did not EARN. As a certified MORON no contemplating needed what gives you the Right to take somebody elses wealth and use it as your own. Where in ANY legal document does Government have a right to take from the earners and give it to the takers which MORON is You.

    Bruce you should also get a hold of all the Job creators this regime has helped! They have not have heard the news yet. What a MORON!

    Middle class depends on JOB creation Moron and show me what this regime has done to Create Jobs. You do give MORONS a bad rap but you are what you are. Had great meal with family and the Turkey made more sense than you do.

  7. Al, I'm not sure what to say when you suggest that you are talking to the turkey on thanksgiving. Did it talk back? And what did it say?


  8. Al, they may not have heard the news, except maybe from their accountants telling them they have enough money to buy a new $75,000 custom Camaro, or to buy that new mansion.

    The rich are getting richer, in part thanks to the Bush tax cuts, which disproportionately favored the wealthiest Americans and the poor are getting poorer.

    I suppose you are one of the people that benefited from that big tax cut that you got from Bush, huh? I doubt it.

    I do have a question for you Al. If the Bush tax cuts were supposed to create job, WHERE ARE THE JOBS? Clinton's presidency created 22 million jobs, Bush only 1 million.

    Maybe we should go back to the Clinton era tax rates.

    Why do you still think tinkle down economics work when we have already tried it and it DOES NOT work? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Contrary to what Fox says, the stimulus bill did create and save jobs, close to 3 million of them, as reported by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. When Fox says the stimulus did not create jobs. they are LYING.

    The government does have the right to levy taxes. Otherwise I'm sure some conservative moron would have brought a suit and the Supreme Court would have ruled taxes unconstitutional.

    Constitutional Law
    # The U.S. Constitution, Section 8, Clause 1, states that the federal government has the right to levy taxes; however, it does not specifically state what kinds of taxes or the tax rates: "The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform

    Read more: Why Does the Constitution Allow the Federal Government to Levy Taxes? |

  9. Bruce Once Again whom creates the jobs? Rich or Poor? Whom signs the Pay check Rich or Poor. Taxing Citizens whom make $250,000 or more are the JOB Creators. That is why this regime is NOT creating JOBS. Small business does not know how much Social Programs ie. Socialized Insurance is going to cost THEM and are not hiring because of that Fact! This regime has also been pushing Tax and Cap and that has also been a JOB killer.

    Taxs cut under Kennedy and Reagan WORKED Bruce and thats a fact.

    Saying Stimulus Saved Jobs is proveable HOW and means nothing to the Million of unemployed in Our Nation.

    Citizens saw what the first two years of this regime did NOT do and they paid dearly in Novemeber.

    No business is going to invest its cash in a uncertain future and without their investments JOBS will not rebound. This regime has in its action stopped job creation period!

    Where in all of the tax codes does it say government has the power to redistributae the wealth? What section does that?

    That thingy about "Uniform" what does that mean?

    Joe Ifin the turkey did talk back it would have made more since than Bruce. Hope your Thanksgiving went well! Did get carried away on that one.

  10. Al, if yours was one of the jobs saved, I doubt that you'd be saying that.

    That whole uncertainty myth is just that, a myth. Companies are not hoarding their cash and not hiring due to uncertainty. They are hoarding their cash for one reason, because they can and just make the workforce they have work uncompensated overtime.

    What would you say the government should do with the taxes they collect. As much as conservatives hate government, it has an important role and I bet that conservatives would be crying the loudest if there was no government, just like that new Teapublican congressman crying because his government subsidized, taxpayer funded health care doesn't kick in for 28 days after he's sworn in. Fucking hypocrite, just like all the Teapublican seniors that want the government to keep their hands off their Medicare.

    Tax rates prior to Kennedy were as high as 90% on people making a million dollars. They are now 35% and will return to 39%. Many American corporations pay no taxes at all. GE, a giant American corporation paid $0 in taxes last year. Companies like KBR moved their headquarters to Dubai to avoid taxes.

    There is a group of millionaires that are now crying out for the government to make them pay higher taxes.

    Job creation comes from consumers spending and higher demand for goods and services and lower taxes is the WORST to create consumer demand. Look it up.

    You must not have paid attention to my last post, Al. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office confirms the jobs created or saved. I know that's not good enough for you, but it's the best we can do, a non partisan government agency that Republicans often quote too when it suits their propaganda.

  11. Bruce CBO confirmed jobs saved by what a Guess or a Hunch? Either way that aint good enough.

    Consumer DEMAND Bruce comes from CONSUMERS who can AFFORD to BUY. Hows that working out? Look it up.

    Businesses can Produce but its of LITTLE use to the Economy if the Consumer cannot Afford to buy. I need not look that up Its called Common Sense. Unlike the Regime who spends what they DONT have or simply Print Money, Consumers are NOT left with that LUXURY!

    Demoncrats have held power over Spending since 2006 What have they done to keep Economy strong and What have they done to increase the Defict that we can NO longer Substain. Politicans from both parties got us here,that OUR fault.

    Citizens that think like you will KEEP us here and from what I got out of Mid terms Citizens are not HAPPY with YOUR Ideaology.

    The whole argument you make regarding Bush Tax cuts mean what? All extending the Bush Legislation means is Taxes stay the Same.
    With only about 50% of the Citizens paying Taxes youd think that was a Good Thing but your Ideaology does not care about Citizens or their Needs if so this Regime from day ONE would have Lasered in on Economy and Jobs.

    Regime choose Social issues which Mean nothing if OUR Economy goes Belly up. If Bankruptsy comes to pass Bruce Who PAYS for it?

  12. Al, here's an article citing the CBO numbers.

    Also, Al, we've ignored our infrastructure for decades and it could sure use an upgrade investment. Our bridges, our roads,the electrical grid, sewer systems, etc. all need upgrading, to the tune of a couple trillion dollars. But I suppose your ideology won't allow you to say, wow, it's time we do something about that.

    If anything, the stimulus bill should have been bigger and not focused over a third of it on tax cuts for 95% of Americans.

    "Rich people" don't create jobs, entrepreneurs. People like George H.W. Bush don't create any jobs. Those are not people that earned their wealth. They inherited it.

    We need to put the focus back on the middle class and working class if we are going to get back on track economically.

    Extending the tax cuts for the wealthy will NOT create any jobs, Al. And there is NO economic theory that predicts that, except tinkle economics, that has even been admitted to not have worked by Reagan's former staffers.

    As far as what the Democrats have done, well, they saved the auto industry for one. 1.4 million jobs, more than Bush created in 8 years in the White House, six of which were under Republican Congress.

    Republicans have no idea how to manage the economy.

  13. Bruce Politicans DO not know how to manage money. Wonder what happened to ALL those tax revenues from Gasoline Tax. Do you Bruce? Paying for construction projects with what? Print MORE billions in Monoply money?

    You are so tied up in Envy of the Citizens who actually make OUR economy run and the Citizens who Create the Jobs. You are blinded by Ideaology that has done what for whom?

    The poor are poorer under your Ideaology. The Rich will become poorer under YOUR Ideaology. Name one Nation under Your Ideaology (Socialism) that has worked JUST one where Citizen were better off after they came into power than before.

    OUR Nation is at a crossroad and Citizens will make the choice. Big Government and Bankruptsy or Government that Governs and does not RULE! A Government that SPENDS what it takes in and NO more. What do you think MOST Citizens will Choose? You are 20% of the Population Bruce and your Ideaology of Big Spending and Unsubstainable Deficit has been Rejected. Get over it and move on.

  14. Al, take a few minutes and watch this video. You may learn something.

  15. Bruce the rich keep getting richer because the Democratic Party keeps giving them our money in bailouts and tax exemptions. Don't let your jealousy of what you dfon't have and haven't earned cloud your views.

  16. Bruce Enough of the huffington pest! Answer questions that your asked. Your opinion seems to be dependent on talking points not Facts.

    Question Why was you ideaology defeated so soundly several weeks ago?

    If your ideaology is so great and looking after middle class why did they not vote for the regime and its social agenda?

    Speaking in PRESENT terms why did this Regime ignore the Citizens needs for so long? Jobs/Economy citizens concern, Social agenda regimes concern,WHY?

    Why has the Congress under Liberal control since 2006 spent almost 5 Trillion dollars that we dont have? Was not Nobama part of those BIG spending votes?

    One last comment on this post. If YOU do Not Earn it where in the Hell do you get the idea that you can have it? You are indeed a taker. 60% pay taxes Bruce what happens under YOUR UTOPIA when 25% pay and 75% take? If economy goes POOF Whom pays YOUR way?

  17. Al, the Obama administration did not ignore the majority of the country at all. He did exactly what he said he would do if elected. He has a pretty extensive record of achievement. will give a good idea of the achievements.

    Actually, Al, the deficit has actually come down since Obama took office. The money that was invested was to prevent an even worse economic disaster and the reality is the stimulus needed to be bigger to replace the spending that was not being done by consumers.

    Demand has to come from somewhere and government had to step in and invest in infrastructure, keeping police and firefighters on the job, and all those essential services that you and your socialist buddies depend on.

    Tell me about that 5 trillion dollars, Al, what was it invested in, not spent. Infrastructure has a return on investment that is way higher than spending money on tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. In many cases they didn't earn anything. They inherited their wealth or stole it from their targets such as the mortgage crisis that was literally a fraud perpetrated upon the American public. Who got rich but did not earn it, all those hedge fund managers that defrauded their investors into thinking that junk mortgages were actually AAA rated investments.

    They should be in jail and I think some of them will end up there, along with Tom DeLay. Did you hear, he was convicted on all charges and may up in jail for life. I'm sure he's one of your heroes.

  18. Bruce You are a SHEEP with No idea of the consequences of your beleifs. However Citizens have been awaken to the Regime and its goals.

    I do beleive Nobama did do EXACTLY what he said he would do but Citizens had fallen asleep at the switch. However Nobama through his regime did Awaken the Voters and the Community Organizers Best chance to Change the Fabric of OUR Nation has been lost. This regimes legacys will once again be " It awakened the Citizens" to its Ideaology and Citizens are not ASLEEP now as Mid Terms showed. Tea Party aint going anywhere Bruce so get use to us. Voters will always NOW be watching what politicans do and will NOT Tolerate Ideaology being put Above Nation and The Citizens themsevles. Never again Bruce your Best days are now behind you so have a good memory thats all you SHEEP are going to be LEFT with.

  19. Al, I have confidence in Republicans will learn the wrong lesson from the election and your post proves me right.

    When the new Congress takes over Republicans will think they have a mandate in the House for radical legislation that will never pass, but will nonetheless prove they have NO ability to govern.

    People are hurting and the Republicans will block an extension of unemployment insurance. They Republicans in the House will try to impeach President Obama. The Republicans will ignore climate change legislation. The Republicans, if it doesn't pass during the lame duck session, will ignore the civil rights of gay people. The Republicans will conduct endless hearings in the House further alienating the independents instead of solving real problems.

    Republicans will make the same mistake George W. Bush made, winning by a small margin and governing as if they have a mandate.

    Teabaggers like you, Al, only comprise a small segment of the population and your radical ideas will not prevail in the long run.

    The arch of history bends toward justice.

  20. Bruce,
    Radical Ideas: Small Government,Bringing Unsubstainable Debt under control,Making Politicans accountable to citizens! Yea to you I could see how you would beleive those are radical ideas.

    The Citizens in November showed by their VOTES the party of NO was "RIGHT". Citizens as well as Tea Party want any SPENDING payed for PRIOR to it being SPENT,to you again that does seem RADICAL but Bruce its not.

    Conservatives and Independents along with many Democrats said NO to this Regime and its Policies. Regime indeed put Ideaology before Country and Citizens and that to me is RADICAL!

    Quite simple regarding the Radical "Tea Party" beleive Politicans must REPRESENT the Citizens who ELECTED them or they will be FIRED! You of coarse will see this as RADICAL, Politicians being held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions by Their EMPLOYERS!

    Politicans running wild have got this Nation to where its at now with Citizens not paying attention. That now is a thing of the PAST Politicans will either Represent Citizens and NOT their Ideaology or be Replaced once again quite Radical by your Standards if you indeed have any!

    Justice for Politicans is SERVED by the CITIZENS and its called the VOTE! That is not Radical that is Freedom and Bruce you and your kind had better get use to it!

  21. Al, it's funny how you only point to the elections where conservatives do fairly well.

    You probably didn't pay attention, but President Obama and Democrats were elected by a majority of Americans. The Democrats are always voted in to clean up the mess of Republicans, Bill Clinton and now Barack Obama were handed terrible economies. So, of course, when the economy that took 8 years for Republicans to flush down the toilet, Democrats get blamed for the mistakes of Republicans when things don't turn around in two years.

    Tell me one positive idea of the conservatives. Lowering taxes doesn't count.

    How will conservatives deal with climate change?

    How will conservatives deal with the health care crisis?

    How will conservatives deal with reforming education/

    How will conservatives deal with unemployment and the plight of the long term unemployed?

    How will conservatives deal with the civil rights of gay people?

    How will conservatives deal with extra tax cuts for the wealthy?

    How will conservatives deal with any of the problems facing our country?

    I predict they will bury their heads in the sand and try to take us full steam backward into the 19th century.

  22. Bruce Climate Change: Hoax but it did make a multi rich guy out of Al Gore.

    Health Care Crisis Do whats needed to REFORM/Defund Socialized Insurance and then do what should have been done in the begining. Adjust/Tweak Medicade to benifit all citizens. Socialized Insurance as already shown that it does NOT lower Cost just gives government more CONTROL over Citizens and just as importantly infringes on their right of Choice.

    Education: First and for most TENURE must be either adjusted or better yet eliminated. For to long we have some Teachers that do not teach They take up space. OUR children are the MOST valuable Asset we have and to Give them LESS than they deserve is and should be a CRIME! Look at Student scores over last couple decades and its apparent they are NOT being Taught Properly. Passing Poor Grades to next level does NOTHING to aid the Student once there out of school. Parents have to also be held to higher standards,without parent input and Responsibility Students are less likely to LEARN

    Second Teachers must not take there Ideaology into the classroom and bestow it upon OUR children.

    Unemployment What should have been done long ago before Social Issues were addressed. Get big government out of the way of Business and let the FREE market work without government interference. Businesses are not Hiring or Investing for one Reason. They have NO idea what this Regimes Social agenda is going to COST them. Government cannot be the MAIN entity in Hiring as it is now. For one thing Union government employees make MORE than Private sector employees doing the same type employment.

    Gay Citizens Thats Simple same rights as all Citizens period.

    Extra cuts to wealthy That to start is untruth. There are no cuts in extending the Bush tax cuts NONE! I beleive the Bush tax cuts will be extended for a year or two. Democrats also realize unlike far left that raising ANY taxes now is NOT a Good idea for Jobs or Economy.

    Problems facing OUR Nation: Number One it has Started, Voting in Politicans who put OUR Country first above ALL else. That would mean real trouble to those causing the problems Far Left Liberals.
    Second: The Unsubstainable Deficit must be addressed and all Citizens will have to Sacrifice. It is the Price WE must pay for OUR neglecting the method OUR country has been run for Decades.

    The only thing being buried in the sand Bruce is this REGIMES Ideaology!

    Bruce see how easy it is to answer questions. This discussion is now closed until you answer question that I have addressed to you. Please NO more .ORG crap. Try your own words if you can!

  23. Bruce look at how the Democrats dealt with everything. That is why the Democrats lost big time to the Republican Party. The Republicans didn't do a very good job but the Democrats made it all much worse. They fixed nothing. The economy suckes worse now then before. Healthcare is much more expensive now, not cheeper like the Democrats promised.Climate change has been scientificly proven to be a hoax weather you want to believe the liars that created this hoax or not, it's a fact. The civil rights of gay people??? Bruce what about our rights to choose to have health insurance or not? You worry more about the fringe of society then the people that are producing the next generation. At this point science is proving that gay is most likely a disfuntion of about 3% of the population not a lagitamite minority that was "born that way". Why is it that most gays have been moilested and raped as children? How does taxing the rich help us out Bruce? The rich can leave and they are thanks to taxing them unfairly. Just look what taxing the rich has done to Michigan and now NYC.Exoduse. Would you start a company in a country that has low or high taxes,labor...? Take a look at when cities like Detroit and Mt.Clemens put on city taxes to businesses and what happened to revenue and the businesses. And then look at what happens when government cuts taxes to the chosen industries like the film industry for proof of what conservatives lagitamacy in low taxes for everyone. Are you trying to destroy our country just because you are jeolous of the rich? Do you really think that having a class warfair against the rich is going to crate jobs and wealth in this country? Insead of taking from the rich why don't you try living the American dream and work at becoming rich yourself. he American model has made us the richest country the world has ever known. And you want to flush that model because you feel intitled to their wealth that they worked for. You have the right to do what they did so stop attacking them and start making your own American dream.


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