Friday, November 26, 2010

Crises of Capitalism: Socialists Know Time for Fighting Revolution is Now

The socialist that have taken over the Democratic Party are pushing for a revolution in this country like they have in the EU. When you have the leaders of the Democratic Party and the MSM pushing the far left and moderate left to "fight" the "enemy" what do you expect? If there is any violence or deaths from violence it will be on the hands of the Democratic Party leaders. And we conservatives must go out and protest any violence from the left when it happens.



  1. So let me get this straight, the same talk that comes from the right about "fighting" "attacking" and "enemy" its nothing more than talk and any violence isn't related to it, But when the left does the same its going to lead to violence and the left should be held accountable?

    Care to get one standard on this issue or should we always know that your going to let you side off the hook.

    So you don't get it twisted, the left is wrong to use this type of language too.

  2. Let me get this straight,the same talk that comes from the left about "fighting" "attacking" and "enemy" its nothing more than talk and any violence isn't related to it. But when the right did the same its was going to lead to violence and the right should be held accountable? It was only acusations you on the left had and you used them to try and put a scarlet letter of "racism","violent","dangerous","crazy" on us. But when the left call for it and the left become violent and dangerous then we have a problem. "He who lives by the sword". I hope and pray that the left don't become any more violent then they already have.

  3. So its okay then?

    Your not condemning Sarah, Beck, Rush and them for violent rhetoric, but your condemning the left.

    Nice. Atleast your consistent. consistently hypocritical.

  4. The problem with you thinking on this Joe is the American left is "fighting" "attacking" and "enemy" for this nation to change towards Socialism, a system of governing a majority of Americans totally reject. But yet the past 2-4 years it has been rammed down our throats.

    The right are "fighting" "attacking" and "enemy" is for the republic, liberty, freedom and democracy, a system that a majority of Americans embrace and the right will fight to retain the republic of the United States.

    Understand now?


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