Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dr. Drew Predicts ‘Massive Flight’ of Physicians & Hospital Closures Because of ObamaCare

 I hope none of you ever have to see a specialist now, let alone after obamacare. I pray this never happens in this country like it has in most countries. I personally know doctors that are looking to get out of their profession because of obamacare. At least we will know what destroyed the best health care the world had ever known. Somehow I think the Democrats will find a way to blame the Republicans for it. That seems to be their calling.


  1. As a healthcare professional, I can tell you that this is true. I know many people in the field who are really concerned.

  2. I hope none of us have to go on celebrity rehab or Loveline if he's fleeing Obamacare. And what happens to Sober House (MTV)???

  3. Socialized Insurance is with us and time will tell if it makes it through the surgery that is sure to be administered to it. My guess when all is said and done there will be Adjustments to it. It will probablly go from 2000+ pages to a manageable few that any Citizen can look at and say HEY I understand this. I beleive at that point politicans will say now LETS read it!

    My guess is MOST entitlements are in for adjustments also. We cannot TAX our way out of the DEBT politicans have created. Once the adjustments begin that will be a very interesting time in OUR Nations history. OUR Debt is Unsubstainable and it must be addressed or we simply FAIL. Citizens will make the choice and Sacrifices. Future generations will KNOW why we succeeded or failed. The only option if we fail is we become GREECE. Not a legacy to pass on and be Proud of.


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