Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Only Money Mr. President

I just have one question for the president. What is he hoping to do with this monster of a trip?  He needs to be clear with us on what he hopes to gain from this trip. Is it worth it for Obama to make this trip? Why is Obama speaking to Indian entrepreneurs while he is attacking our businesses? Do you think China will blast Obama for devaluing the dollar to pay off our debt with them? I'm sure the Chinese don't like the fact that we are buying our own debt when the Obama team told them and us they would never do such a last ditch effort to pump money into the economic system.


  1. Four minutes of MY life wasted on this dribble! He let go of enough hot air to fill up the Goodyear Blimp!

  2. This $200 million/day story is bullshit totally made up by Fox.

    Fox is bad news for America. Turn it off now and your IQ will go up 50 points.

  3. Bruce, it's not just Fox reporting this. Several news operations are reporting this.
    Why did Gibbs dodge the question (so artfully)?
    He won't go in to the cost of this thing because he knows full well that the reports are accurate or he would have said it cost much less per day then being reported... But of course that would be not truthful.

  4. Bruce that would raise yours to 50 which is a start.

    Was not Tuesday a great day for Nation. Just the start and only the beginning of taking OUR great nation back from all those other "ISMs" that surround this regime.

    Now we must make the Demoncrats defend their Legislations in Congress. Compromise should not be attempted and RINOs must be taken out of the process. We have been down that road before.
    Repealing Socialized Insurance is the first step with DEBATES for all to see in Congress. Health Care must be fixed but NOT Socialized and Politicans will have choices to make. Stick with regime and find NEW careers or LISTEN to Citizens whos message was QUITE clear. Big Government and Unsubstainable Defict both must be Addressed and brought under control. If nothing else politicans have been reaquainted with WHOM their bosses are!
    Now its time to get thinking about 2012 and this could also be a historical time. Citizens have been reminded by this regime WHO actually has the power.

  5. Mark, name the other news organizations, then. And no, Rush Limbaugh and the Drudge report don't count. Name one reputable news organization (and no, Fox is not a news organization, it is the propaganda arm of the Republican party) that has confirmed this bullshit.

    Even the Wall Street Journal has called this the bullshit that it is.

  6. Hey fealk, Get a clue, both Rush and Drudge LINK to news.

    The former (Rush) discusses the news and offers his opinion and the latter (Drudge) again LINKS to news from around the globe.

    Much is the same for Fox and mslsd let alone the Clinton News Network.

    The underlying point of Chris' post is what is this about/for? In the America of old, foriegn leaders and business's came HERE to lobby for a chance to market HERE, hence creating jobs!

    If this is about Hussein wanting to bring jobs BACK to America, well then he had better listen to the NEW incoming House let alone the American people, the MAJORITY THAT IS!

    p.s., UAW are you listening?

  7. fealk, Here is a common scenario:

    Fox Anchor Megyn Kelly on a story; We have this from the AP,,,Here to discuss this is Democratic strategist""" and republican strategist""",,,

    MSLSD Anchor Tamron Hill on the same story: We have this from the AP,,,Here to discuss this is Socialist Lawrence O'Donnell.

    Now is either reporting news? Yes.

    Is either making news on the news? Yes.

    Is one just offering opinion of both sides of the news? Yes, Fox is.

    Is one just promoting propaganda of one side of the news? Most definitely yes, mslsd is.

  8. The leak was from India not Fox. All news organizations have covered it. Fox covered the $200 million a day as not being from a credible source. It was the MSM that covered it as totally false. So if it is false then how much is it costing us. And like Christopher pointed out why is Obama going? Who is going with him and why are they going with him?

  9. So, are you saying, Chris, the President should never travel abroad?

    Are you saying we shouldn't protect the President with the Secret Service? How much does that cost? How much did it cost for President Bush and Reagan?

    This is a ridiculous story. Clinton took a similar trip and the total cost was about $45 million, so adjust for inflation and I'm sure you can come up with a reasonable number.

    India has no way of knowing, so even that source wasn't credible.

  10. Conservatives, here's something that may help.

  11. Bruce Why not bring India officals here? oops Regime would have saved tax payers money cant have that can we!

    Why is gas now over $3.00 a gallon. Wonder if devaluation of dollar would cause such a Rise!
    Did not feds just buy 500 billion in bonds by just printing the money. Sounds like monaply money to me. China cannot be happy with the devaluation of the dollar either since WE owe them so many of them.

  12. Here you go, Al.

    The real reason the Right are making up lies about India. A $10 billion order delivering 53,670 jobs

  13. fealk, You said:

    "India has no way of knowing, so even that source wasn't credible."

    Again, in this economy with American jobs going TO India combined with your inane response, why then is your savoir going?

    Are you even aware of India? Or the people indigenous to the land? I am and can say you absolutetly know nothing of what you speak.

    Again, Hussein should host PM Singh here in the U.S., there he is putty in their hands.

  14. Bruce The proof will of coarse be in the pudding. I seem to remember 760 billion dollar stimulus was going to create thousands of jobs and unemployment would not go over 8%. Howd that work out?

    Then I heard about all those shovel ready jobs. Ooops Nobama said himself that did not go well.

    Do the profits stay in OUR country or go back to India. Just wondering seems unions do not want companies here producing product and then profits going back to Foreign nations. If the profits are staying here you would think the meetings would be held here. I will wait to see how the pudding turns out. This regime does not to well in projecting its job creation.

  15. Here's why he went.

    By the end of the first of his three days in India, he was promoting $10 billion in trade deals – completed in time for his visit – that the White House says will create about 54,000 jobs at home.

  16. fealk, Can you say nothing at all without pointing to leftist links?

    Really, do you not have a mind of your own?

    I am sure some will have snarky answers but I am serious. Time and time again you have been asked pointed questions by myself and others and yet you give links?

    Again, do you not have a mind of your own or is that the party line?

  17. Bruce don't talk like a sausage. Of course the President should travel abroad WITH A PERPOSE! Get it? Why can't they tell us what they hope to gain? Why is Obama the great going to India to talk to them about being entrapanuers when he railroads our Chamber of Comers? We are in a meltdown and loosing jobs every day to India and OUR president is going to help them get more of our jobs to "spread the wealth".


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