Thursday, November 4, 2010

Open Thread On The Progressive Bloodbath:


6 net GOP gains (6 Republican, 0 Democrats)
60 net GOP gains


9 net GOP gains (12 Republican, 3 Democrats)
Republicans took control of at least 18 state chambers from Democrats, according to Tim Storey, an elections analyst at the bipartisan National Conference of State Legislatures. And just two years ago the left said the Republican Party was dead. But the Republican Party rebuilt themselves and they listened to We The People. If you have noticed only the Progressives were left for the most part. I'm sure this was done by design as the Republicans didn't put too much pressure on the old Progressives like Dingle and Levin. They are the rope that will hang the Democratic Party for good in the end. Who knows maybe the Democrats will be absorbed by the Libertarian Part the way the Tea Party and the Republican Party have joined together. That or the Democratic Party will just stay the socialist among the two party system. But if that happens either America is in trouble or the Democratic Party is in trouble. At this point I'd say the Democratic Party better think about who they want to be in the future or risk becoming replaced.


  1. I think that the future is bright for Democrats. My feeling is that the Tea Party will either burnout under the hot lights, or steal votes the next time from Republicans, but that it won't stay a subsidiary of the GOP. Already there is push back from the RNC and its power people to control the message and the primaries for next time.

    Losing the chance to not only beat Harry Reid, but take the senate back burns the RNC and it will attack who it sees as the people who cost it, the Tea Party. And don't expect the Tea Party to sit back and stay in the seeming "Big Tent" of the GOP. Clearly they want to flex their muscles however unreal they are.

    What gets lost in Tea Party faithful's analysis of this election is that most of these seats would have gone Republican anyways and in many cases the least compelling candidate won the primary based on its connection to an active far right. a Few of these cost the GOP the Senate.

    so i see the Tea Party going further right, losing its independents and moderates, becoming a vote stealing secondary party in the next two elections, but it can't stay put in the GOP.

    I can't see how the far Right thinks it will takeover the GOP when clearly its most high profile candidates were losers. Running a congressional race were a couple hundred thousand voters is one thing, but one the whole state for Senate trail they lost big.

  2. Joe not all lost big! But you keep up the rhetoric. Aint November 2012 going to be fun!

    Citizens aint going any where and Joe thats the lefts BIG problem VOTERS are and will continue to be engaged. Joe how do feel with some body lookin over your shoulder! Thats the same feeling Politicans now have and Joe that aint going any where! Hope and Change woke up voters and going back to sleep aint a option.

  3. We will see Joe. The Democratic Party kept the far left Progressives and the Republican Party got the rest. If the Republican Party doesn't govern the way the conservatives and moderates that voted them in expect then they will be gone. And we already know what happens when you govern too far to the left. If Obama and the Democratic Party don't move farther to the right then they will only be known as the fringe. I'm kind of hoping that the Progressives keep pushing their failed politics with the remaining Democrats. It will be fun to hear you liberals change your retoric at the drop of a hat now that the Republicans have some power. It's hard to say what the future brings since Obama with the feds is buying our own debt. That isn't a good sign for our future. I hope you have fun blaming the Republicans when things get bad and when they get better you can take credit for it. I'm sure the liberal spin doctors will be out in full force.

  4. How does PRINTING 500 Billion dollars to pay on Debt help?

    Citizens printing the same funny money its called a CRIME. How does pring money help inflation and what does it to to the value of the Dollar?

  5. As I see it, here’s how it should play out.
    The GOP will be wrangled in to the Conservative Reaganites to get in line with the message that was sent in the primaries. Can't ignore this movement nor what took place this election cycle.
    The TPP started out 20 months ago or so and has come a long way.
    Booting some RINO's and smoking most lefties.
    The progressive have seen their days come slowly to an end.
    Most who voted for Obamacare in the House are licking their wounds.
    If the Dem Party wants to survive it needs to move towards center, where most independence hang their hate.
    Independence make or break a campaign.
    Business as usual in Washington should come to an erupted end.
    The People have spoken. Has Washington Listened?

  6. Mark isn't it great the way the Democratic Party holding on to the Progressives that are taking them down? The Tea Party has strengthened the Republican Party with conservatives. They have taken down the Democratic Party and the Progressives in a death match with each other for power. The Libertarian Party would be smart to pick up some of those Blue Dogs looking for a home. If the Tea Party was smart they would help the Libertarian Party go after those lost Blue Dogs. The Tea Partiers have seen what they can do and so has the American voter and they agreed with the Tea Partiers.

  7. Message to Joe,

    I have bad news.
    1. The tea party is not going away.
    2. It is easier to turn an American into an American Patriot, than an American communist.

    Get ready for 2012!!!

  8. Chris, Mark, you guys make a huge deal out of something that was expected and hardly a surprise. Yes, the tea party has some pull now, but there's still 2 years of infighting to withstand, not only from within, but from the GOP itself.

    Did you see that already the Tea Party right is attacking the candidate that first brought it some attention. Scott Brown is on Red States hit list for 2012 and he was your boy. Shows how fickle the world is and how quickly things can change.

    but here's a little history for you that are counting their 2012 chickens already. check these mid-terms out.

    1938 lost 71
    1942 lost 55
    1946 lost 46
    1994 lost 52

    The president got re-elected in each of these.

  9. "The president got re-elected in each of these."
    That because each of those Presidents changed their policy more toward center.
    Only time will tell whether this President will. So far most indications are that he won't, as long as he has an ally in the Senate (Reid)

    And who said it was a surprise that the GOP got a second chance?
    There might be infighting within the GOP to get their act together, but the Blue Dog Dems and the liberal elite are pointing the finger of blame on what happen on the 2nd and whatever Blue Dogs are left, you can rest assured they won't be towing the liberal leadership line again.
    Nov was their wakeup call.

  10. Joe The years you cite FDR,Truman and Clinton.

    Nobama aint any one of those three NOT now, NOT Ever and NOT in 2012. Would not be surprized to see Hillary challenge in 2012 cause this Regime is not going to change its agenda. The regime threw many of his own party under the bus and will continue to do so.
    Hes a great Community Organizer and Orator he just aint a average President. My guess history will put him neck and neck with Carter.

  11. I hope Obama and the rest of the Progressives keep on keeping on with the far left agenda. It will make it so much easier to never see another liberal in office as long as I live. Joe you and Bruce need to push this President into not following Clinton. I'd love to see Obama fight with all his might against the Republican conservatives. I'd like to see Obama veto a ballanced budget when the Republicans make their cuts in spending.

  12. Chris, if the Republicans take thier mandate and stick to it great,but I do beleive we've been down this road before and if they do not hold to what the Citizens demand then 2012 will be the end for many politicans. The RINO's are the ones to watch out for. McCain sounded Conservative once again during election cycle but I just belive he's to moderate to lead and the newly elected Republicans had better watch out for the same ole same ole out of those Old Time Republicans. What Citizens give them Citizens can TAKE away and hopeful Republican saw that and will Represent Citizens/Nation Honorably. Same Ole Same Ole WONT do ANYMORE and for that thank you REGIME,without you most Citizens would still be asleep but REGIME you CHANGED that and now there is HOPE!


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