Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank Our Vets Every Day Not Just Today: OPEN THREAD

These are much different times then when the liberals used to spit on our soldiers back in the 60's and 70's.


  1. Thanks to all who have served and kept our enemies from the people.

  2. We should all raise a glass to OUR veterans and the sacrifices they make NOW and in the past. Their sacrifices have kept OUR freedoms intact!

  3. I feel so bad for you. You can't do anything without adding an attack on someone. Its almost pathological isn't it.

    But to all Vets thanks for your service.

  4. Thanks for the post Chris and God Bless all our Vets and Troops!

  5. Why do you always protect the left for what they do and have done Joe? You should feel sorry for the vets those liberals spit on. And it was liberals Joe not conservatives. Liberals are almost always the problem so get over it and help fix it.

  6. You are the same Joe that has called us Tea Partiers dangerous as well as every other name in the book aren't you? It must really sauck to have us conservatives pushing back for a change.

  7. Chris, you are dangerous because your simply a puppet of the rightwing talking heads. You make everything about partisanship even on a day like Veterans day when plenty of liberals have served and don't deserve to be "attacked" by non-serving Tea Party D-bags.

    I'm not protecting anyone. I'm merely commenting about the pathological nature of your partisanship. I realize you can't see it, but open your mind.

    And its not like your side has a runaway edge on service anyhow. Plenty of Democrats served even ones you hate like Gary Peters.

  8. "your simply a puppet of the rightwing talking heads."
    Or is it he (and I) agrees with the rightwing talking 'points'.

    The right is partisan, so is the left, the last 2 years has proven that the left are.
    The last 4 years the congress has been fiercely partisan and extremely left on the political scale. So much so, it pushed a moderate, like I use to be, further to the right and took some moderate Dems and pushed them further to the right in to supporters of the Republicans.
    Some just don't see this pattern, even with the last election.

  9. Talking points either from Right or Left are the differences in the ideaology of the parties. Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly Overbite, Madcow and Mathews are all opinion people. I form my opinion from all and more or how else would we we get the info to make descisions. The anger on the Left to me is stunning since 2006 they have had the Power. They in some ways are like kids if they dont get their way Anger management classes are needed!

    I do tend to lean Right on all issues for the fact that I beleive as most do People are responsible for their own care and values. Not Government. I do not beleive 60% of OUR citizens must be forced to take care of 40% of Our citizens. There are those that MUST be assisted but We have allowed OUR government to much Power in OUR daily lifes and Wallet. That to me is the biggest difference between Right and Left. The current Regime concerns me because it beleives it should be the Entire answer to OUR Problems,Economy and Private lifes and to this point have failed badly with all!

  10. Mark,
    even you a fairly partisan person can see that any discussion of Veterans day which includes a blanket attack on liberals is out of bounds.

    While there are many ways he could have referred to those that did these things, perhaps not even mentioning it, he did not need to take a shot at liberals in this thread. Some threads can be without attacks can't they? As a liberal vet i take offense at some douche bag non-vet castigating liberals instead of celebrating our service too in a thread about Veterans day.

    Thats the difference between you and Chris. while i disagree with you on most things you normally present a view of your own, not just some repeat of what Glenn told you to think. I do think both of you do yourselves and your audience a disservice by only focusing on the leftwing while ignoring huge holes in your own side.

    And i get tired of the constant projection. Because Chris and most of his readers get their information from highly partisan sites like GB or RL and Faux news doesn't mean i do the same on my side.

    The most partisan show i listen to is Valenti and Foster on 97.1 the ticket. And i prefer the conservative.

  11. Joe I beleive looking at all views on any issue is the only way to make fair desicion. Although Valenti and Foster is great I have to look at many different viewes before forming opinion. To me common sense works,just my way.

    Partisan views in any discussion is normal to me when covering a topic. Veterans day to me should be kept at non-partisan level. I served and beleive that day is special to those that have Period! I am far from being a liberal but on this we can agree.


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