Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Don't Liberals Have To Play By The Same Rules They Inforce?

Remember when the head of the Bergen County Education Association put out an email praying for the death of Chris Christie? Well after that email was sent out, the President of the Teachers Union offered an official apology and called the Governor's office to apologize. At that point Christie says that instead of taking the call, he decided to invite her to the Governor's office for a face to face apology. And that's when the awesomeness starts:

Why is it that unions and liberals as a whole feel they don't have to abide by the rules they enforce on us so readily? Chris Christie makes a valid point on unions not having a code of honor but are more then willing to enforce this code on the right. We have every right to expect the same of them as they expect of other. The unions will destroy themselves with this kind of double standard. It's a shame because the unions,when done right, can do a lot of good for workers.  


  1. Christie is of coarse is RIGHT! Waiting for the Left to do the Right thing heck he might be President by that time!

    Unions have their good points but teachers unions have no equeal when it comes to expecting more and producing less. Unfortuanately we are not talking about a product but OUR children and that does not seem to matter to them. World wide wonder where OUR children now rate versuses say 1970. Just my opinion.

  2. I wish he was Governor of my state.

  3. I think that anyone who prays for anyones death is wrong and vile. Its morally wrong.

    The problem is i have seen that same fake prayer using Obama as their favorite president passed around on facebook by many of my conservative friends and i even think someone posted it to one of the blogs here or on Mark's blog i can't remember which.

  4. Joe what do you think about the unions not firing people that send these kind of emails? I don't remember seeing a prayer for the death of the President. Something like that would be a crime. Now I do remember seeing tons of left wing blogs and signs that asked Bush to die.

  5. Joe Your first sentence said it all! Right, Left,Liberal, Conservative its wrong. Dont remember the obama thingy but it ALSO would be wrong. On this blog most have condemed anything of that nature.

  6. Let’s talk about a new definition of war.

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    Your soldiers, guns and equipment are expendable because they only cost fiat, which costs you nothing. But you would program all the accountants and the talking heads about how outrageous the cost of war is, and they would transfer this thought to the people. You absolutely don’t want the people to know that you create war with fiat. They just might liquidate their paper money in favor of gold.

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    Historically, fiat is a confidence game. But if handled perfectly, the people never know — at least not until the last stages when paper money collapses — and the middle class is impoverished and greed is at its apex. All this is becoming visible now to some people.

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    All that is necessary is to keep printing new money and call it “quantitative easing.” The more paper money spewed out, the more worthless each one of those paper dollars in your pocket, or your mattress, or your “bank account,” or your retirement funds. What do we call this? A cruel hoax.

    Yes, the modern alchemists have taken nothing, multiplied to infinity and transferred to themselves the wealth of the world.

  7. JoeC,,,I find your wording in "fake prayer" somewhat bemusing, would care to define your phrase?

  8. A joke is a joke, but this was no joke....

  9. Great find Chris!
    Thank you Batman, at least you believe it was morally wrong. I agree. In addition, I am encouraged that the "Liberal Fool" sending out the e-mail is at least praying. However, he needs to channel his prayers for good Not Evil.

  10. CP,
    Its not an actual prayer. I don't believe that that guy or the conservatives who posted the same "JOKE" about Obama were actually intending for God to hear it, more for man to hear it.

  11. Chris, now we get more intellectual dishonesty from you? You don't remember anyone praying for Obama's death? How bout Rev. Drake and Rev. Anderson and all the people posting and praying Psalm 109:8 for them.

    Your not a fool Chris so why do you play one on this blog so often?

  12. Joe I didn't remember any of that Joe. And if it's true then they are sick men and not acting Christian. So why are you not answering the question Joe about firing the union employees that sent out that "prayer"? Your not trying to be a fool now are you?

  13. Chris, I've given that alot of thought. I do believe he should be removed from his elected position and returned to the job he had before he was elected. should he be fired from both no.

    Now i have a question. I received that same prayer with Obama's name in it, from a civilian defense contractor i am friends too. I never even considered him losing his job, but given that he is partially under the chain of command of the President should he be turned in and fired?

  14. But Joe if a Tea Party organizer or a politician did the same thing you and your ilk would call for them to be fired. Why the double standard Joe? Well Joe it's up to you on what you should do. If it was sent on a company email then he should be fired for national security reasons. But if it was done from home or in private then let it be. But since he is your friend I'd hope you at least talk to him about it.


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