Sunday, December 5, 2010

9.8% Unemployment: How Will They Spin That

We told you for over 2 1/2 years that what the Democrats were doing would not get people jobs and fix the economy. Why is it we have been right? I find it hard to believe that there are still people that back the Democratic Party watching this train wreck. How is it that most of the Bush TARP money has been paid back while Obama's TARP money and Stimulus 1,2 and three is a ghost? Why is it the Democratic Party refuses to give the 99er unemployed the rest of the unspent Stimulus money? We tried it the Progressive way and it isn't working at all. The Democratic Party took more money from us tax payers then anyone in history. They have made it impossible for the next generations with their debts and devaluing of our money. When Bush had the tech bubble burst and 911 he fixed the loopholes in the system and gave us our money back to spend ourselves. Guess what? It worked. Under Bush we had an average unemployment of 5.4%. We aren't even seeing what the real unemployment numbers are. This is one of the longest most drawn out recession in our history. We told you it would happen. It did and now you don't see it? You don't see it like a serial killers mom doesn't see her son as a killer. The only good thing that's come out of the Democratic heist is that the Progressive are destroying the Republicans competition. And for that I thank you. So this is the question. Conservatives how do you think the Democrats will spin their epic failures? How is the fact that the liberals are pushing for "civil disobedience and violence if needed" help out their cause? And how is the fact that the Democratic Party is dividing the country by race,wealth and religion going to serve the Democratic Progressive Party. Could it be the old saying,"united we stand,divided we fall"? If so then why would they want to do this if not to fundamentally change our nation? Have you noticed that when a country changes to some form of socialism this is how they all have done it? Great nations have fallen using this same tactic since the beginning. If you aren't getting ready for even harder economic times then you are blind or ignorant. I didn't say stupid because even an idiot can see where the Democratic Party is taking us.


  1. Chris, You posed a question to conservatives and then subsequently answered it.

    But I will give it a try, Pelosi will of course stick to her lunatic idea that extending unemployment benefits will create jobs and it's the republicans fault for the 9.8% due to them asking where the money will come from to pay for them.

  2. well at the very least at this is your own words.

    Not well thought out but your own words.

    1st. The stimulus was TOO SMALL. And it was poorly utilized.

    2nd. The bush tax cuts did not provide any real employment. What happened after the cuts was merely a return to the debt fueled consumption bubble. Same for 9-11.

    you can try to put the talking points together into a nice little package, but that doesn't make them real or truthful.

  3. There can be NO Job Creation with Government road blocks starting with Socialized Insurance which Pelosi said had to be passed to see whats in it.
    Well now whats in it is coming out and much of the 2000+ pages have NOTHING to do with Socialized Insurance. Job Creators are being held hostage by this regime. Creators have NO idea the COST that this Bill alone will add to their COST.
    With the EPA possibly doing what CONGRESS should be doing ,"Cap and Trade" debate the EPA can pass regulations that Congress does not have Control of. The Regime is then by passing Congress and how do you think that will CREATE Jobs. Without Private Sector OUR Economy is doomed to fail like many have and will in Europe. Thats when violence will be seen. Citizens use to entitilements NOT getting them.

    The Unemployment Benifits I agree can be resolved in minutes. Take Cash out of Stimulus and PAY for the Benifits. Did not the Demoncrats pass a Pay as you GO thingy last year? Thought they did.

  4. Chris, here's the spin baby...

    Reagan average unemployment by year....
    1981 7.62
    1982 9.71
    1983 9.60

    So he's got another year if he follows the saviors path right? Hey would you criticize Reagan for numbers as bad or worse as Obama's?

  5. But Reagan and Congress came together in a conservative manor to give us the largest economic boom in our history. Clinton gave in to the Republican Congress and signed over a surplus budget. I don't see Obama doing that. Obama only has liberals left. And Obama has to get elected by his own party before he can run fro peresident in 2012. That will be Obama's downfall and the far left Democratic Party. At what point will you stop covering for Obama and the Democratic Party? 2 more years? 3 years? 10? Forever?

  6. And what did Reagan inherit....CARTER YEARS!

    And before you say it was all Bush's fault, keep in mind his Congress for the last two years of his administration,,you guessed it, the same one we got right now, until January that is.

    Hussein inherited the mess he was part and parcel in creating and is now doubling down on it.

    When will you wake-up Joe?

  7. The Democratic Party is stealing from us like no other time in our history. And the left is helping like little sheeple. They will never admite they were wrong. The left always double down. There are countless failure in this admin and not one success yet they still sound the liberal battle cry of,"it aint our fault". Now that is leadership. hahahahahaha

  8. Cp, when will you start thinking for yourself. Put the last two years of congress thing away. It doesn't hold water. They overrid his veto for times in 8 years. And they didn't have the super majority during that time. Anything that happened was with consent of the head of the republican party, George Bush. Its on him and his party too.

  9. Chris, your reply is just pure revisionist history. The Clinton years had to do with the WH's decision to pay down the public debt, not anything the congress did.

    It was precisely Bush's fiscal irresponsibility that lead us to this crisis. Had he continuted to follow Clinton's lead and pay down the debt instead of doing the tax cuts we might be in a better spot.

  10. I see revisionist history is now the blame for current problems. Job Creation and Economy.
    With out Job Creation ,Economy is NOT going to Recover! All politicans have played a part in this down turn and that is a fact. Citizens told ALL politicans in November get OUR economy moving NOW, No ifs, Ands or BUTS! 2012 is closer than looking in rear view mirror. Citizens WILL hold All politicans accountable for their VOTES and Actions period!

    There are many solutions too Creating jobs that ALL politicans can and should do NOW!

    The one thing that will never and has NEVER worked anywhere is Taking from the EARNERS and GIVING it to the TAKERS. Eventually all the EARNERS are either BROKE or moving OFF shore and that is NOT a SOLUTION! The only thing for sure under that Solution is MIDDLE Class all gone, BUT a great increase in the POOR but then WHOM pays all those entitlement thingys. If that occurrs we have indeed become GREECE and are ready to join the World Community!

  11. hahahahah "it's Bush's fault" hahaHAHAHA that one never gets old. Heck if he was a CEO he would have been gone 2 years ago. It's hard to argue the outcome of what the Democrats have done. Like AL always says,"they're mushrooms". They sure are.

  12. AL, you don't see much of anything and what you do see is interpreted through a fog of ideology so i doubt you'd know revision from xray vision.

  13. Hey Joe your the revisionist and Smoke has always been your ally! Speaking of ideaology your so much in the fog you need a HORN!

    X ray vision will be the next airport security thingy they come up with at the TSA!

    Once you get your head out of the fog or where ever you have it ALL politicans played a roll in the condition of OUR Economy and thats a FACT!

  14. Joe is that all you have left in your argument? Enough of the readers see you for what you are andf that is a hypocrit that projects himself on others. Keep it up Joe we could use the comic relief. hahahaha

  15. "Put the last two years of congress thing away. It doesn't hold water. They overrid his veto for times in 8 years."
    Figure manipulation. That would be 4 times in '2' years, as the Dems controlled congress the last two years of his presidency.
    The first being a Senate override on a $23 billion water resources bill in 2007.

    Unemployment figures the 12 years Reps held congress vs the prior 12 years Dems held congress:

    1983- 9.6
    1984- 7.5
    1985- 7.2
    1986- 7.0
    1987- 6.2
    1988- 5.5
    1989- 5.3
    1990- 5.6
    1991- 6.8
    1992- 7.5
    1993- 6.9
    1994- 6.1
    Ave 6.76%

    1995- 5.6
    1996- 5.4
    1997- 4.9
    1998- 4.5
    1999- 4.2
    2000- 4.0
    2001- 4.7
    2002- 5.8
    2003- 6.0
    2004- 5.5
    2005- 5.1
    2006- 4.6
    Ave 5.02%


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