Sunday, December 26, 2010

Black Radicals Hold Anti-Christmas Rally at Oklahoma City Bus Station

“God hates Christmas.”
“The white man has set up laws where the faggots and lesbians have rights, and parades.”
“The white man is against nature, and we prove that out of scripture.”
“The white man is in power now because he is a thief and a murderer.”
“God hates America, and he will destroy it.”
“The white man has never taught you about God. He lied, and told you he was God.”

I loved it when the lady yelled "Merry CHRISTmas" to these men. I thank God these men have the right to speak their minds like this. This truly is the greatest nation the world has ever known. We might feel uncomfortable sometimes with free speech but that is the price we pay for freedom.


  1. So....

    It must have sucked sitting there waiting for your bus home huh? What were you doing in OK city waiting on the bus?

    Did you read the article on the republican 12th district books in the MD? Interesting that the wunderkind isn't filing reports he's supposed to and is being accused of embezzlement?

  2. If he did embezzle then he needs to go to jail. It's only news because it happens so little. It's borring when Democrats do it because it is common place. Let's see if he did it or not befroe you convict him.

  3. Did i convict him? I just find it interesting. He should've been removed after getting fined in the first place, but he's Douche of the Year Mike Bishops boy. lol


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