Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Want, I Want One Nation Under ???

All that I heard at this One Nation rally is "I want" or "We want" this or that. What are they going to do other then TAKE? This was nothing more then a rally of narcissistic people and special interest groups that WANT. Every speaker at the One Nation rally talked about what they want and what they wanted to take. They are a powerless weak group that needs the government to take care of them. This is America. If you want something then go earn it. Stop taking from those that have earned their money and worked for their money and go out and get what you want with the sweat of your own brow.


  1. CNN said it was a small showing of 200,000-300,000 people. They expected over 1 million. You would think the unions would have had over a million themselves. It looks like liberalism is dieing. Thank God!

  2. It seems Shultz had a hard time prompting. repeat PROMPTING, the hippies to say they are American, let alone love America.

    One could easilly have predicted the lack-luster response from that dredge of society.

    I posted one this as well including an aerial shot, but really the number of these freaks that matter is 1, as that is too many!

  3. Lets See Profits And Rich People Bad. Jobs And High Pay Good. Now With Out Profits And Rich People WHOs Going To Pay For All The "We Want" Just Trying To Figure Out Why People Who Take From Others Think The Ones Their Taking From Who Actually Create Jobs Are GREEDY!

    To All Those Public Union Workers If Rich Go Poof So Do Your Jobs. Its Called Greece!

    It Is Amazing That No Body From These "Its Mine" Groups Have Not Figured Out Yet That They Will ALL In Some Way Be Paying Taxes Just Like Those Evil Rich. Its Ashame That There Smarts Dont Let Tem See The Tax That Will Be Coming To All. Like Sheep They Follow Politicans To The Slaughter House And Think Its A Good Thing.


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