Monday, October 4, 2010

One Nation Rally An Epic Failer

You tell me which rally was bigger? Somehow the left think they had more people at the union/Soros rally. But this is the same group that said only 87,000 people were at the Restoring Honor rally. It's a shame that there was such a small turn out from what their 1 million plus expectations were. It amazes me how messy the left wing was with so few people. Maybe they took their trash from home and dumped it? I heard the police were busy that day as well as the clean up crews. Drugs and violence were prevalent at this event

Look at these two Reason TV videos below.

But they still had a lot of union members bussed into this rally. I hope you conservatives are prepared for what these left wing are planning to do to keep what they feel they have earned? The socialist and communist were out in droves. As well as the people of color making off color remarks. The hate video's and the racism at the rallies is coming out and I will make sure everyone on this blog sees it. Feel free to put these videos on your blog.


Here is what the conservatives that want to run our country left our nations capitol like. One group left the National Mall cleaner then they found it. The other were nothing less then locust leaving everything like a pig sty. This union socialist rally let us see the fundamental difference between the two groups. Which group would you let run your country?


  1. Demoncrats Are Mad! Demoncrats Want Money EARNED By Others For Social Programs That Dont Work! The Whole Rally From What I Have Seen Looks Like Alot Of Mad/Misinformed People All With Their Agendas That Help Country How?

    Most Want One Thing Their Piece Of Tax Payers Dollars Through Government Programs We JUST Cant Afford Any More.

    We Will Never Create Jobs By Punishing The Job Creators But These People DONT Get It And Will Not Cause Big Government Has Become To Some A Way Of Life And That In This Country Is Unforgiveable.

    Teachers Union Is Not Going To Let Vouchers Become Reality For One Reason PARENTS Will Be Able To Make Up Their Minds On Childrens Schools After Investigating School And Teachers Track Record. Union Cares Not For Childrens Education They Care For Control And Shame On Us For Letting That Happen.

  2. TARP may end up turning a profit. That Bush program that Obama continued, aside from preventing a depression, may actually turn a profit.

    Don't let your brains explode on the way out.

  3. Didn't Bush do TARP? Isn't TARP the only bailout that has worked and it was designed by a Republican Bush?

  4. Bruce even a blind squirl finds a nut every once in a while. But the Democrats and Obama haven't gotten squat right yet.

  5. TARP May Make Profit Im Surprized Bruce You Have Not Put Your Paper Mache Head On And Started Protesting.Chris Bruce Actually Admits Bush Was Right.

    Bruce November Will Be A Great Depression For Many Demoncrats And Liberals Making The Unemployment Lines. Oh Wait A Minute Their Part Of The EVIL Rich That Might Explain Why The Elite Went Home Rather Than Making Decision On Bush Tax Cuts. Shit This Congress Being Led By A Squirrl Could Not Muster Up Votes To Renew BUSH Taxs Cuts For Awhile. Its Not Even A Tax Increase Just A Renewal And This Pelosi Led Congress Ran! Decisions And Leadership Do Not Run Deep With This Group Of Squirrels Cant Find Their NUTS!


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