Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'Fight for It!'

I'm sure they didn't really mean what they said in this video. I hope they are not telling their civil army to 'fight for it'. Or are they? Obama has made it clear he and his ilk are willing to fight. They have used the unions as their front line in defence. I wish the Obama's would have told their minion to clean up the National Mall when they turned it into a 3rd world country in less then 3 hours. In these inflammatory times the Obama's use words like "Fight". Is that wise? If the Tea Party had used those kind of aggressive words they would have been called violent. Well the tides have changed and we are seeing who is calling for violence. Like the old Westerns used to say."them there fighting words".


  1. "Chance to shape our future"! If last 20 months are example Regime has a problem With their shaping tools.

    They to me must think citizens are stupid. Why else run a promo like this without mentioning all the regimes policies/legislation. Kinda missed that part of this Rah Rah Rah!

    This ad is a reminder that November 2nd is close and we must keep up the pressure and get the vote out. If change does not occurr hope is gone.
    I for one have faith in citizens who do not want our Nation changed into a "ISM" that does not, has not, a will never work over the long haul. All we would get out of that is Big Government at cost of OUR freedoms which will erode one at a time until all thats left is the LEFT!

  2. Oh I plan to get out and vote and helping my elderly neighbors get to the polls and firing up the American patriots to get to the polls because OUR future depends on whether we stay on the same socialist path, or reverse this train wreck we called the Obama, Pelosi, Reid agenda.

  3. Off Topic!

    Jaun Williams on Fox the other day says he gets nervous on airplanes if muslems are on board. He got canned today by NPR radio for basiclly stating his opinion which I suspect majority agree with. NPR is government financed in part and is Liberal in content. Why are we the Tax Payers paying for NPR that does not beleive in free speech.

    KKK can demonstrate and march,.

    Nazis can denonstrate and march.

    American citizen expressing his opinion regarding flying on aircraft cannot evidently state his views(that free speech thingy) without being FIRED.

    This is if nothing else great example of Political Correctness. This as become the tool of progressives/liberal. If you beleive and state your opinion you are smeared,fired or both! Shameful in our Country just shameful!

  4. It's sad what this country has become AL. Even liberals aren't safe any more.


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