Saturday, October 23, 2010

Candidate Says 'Violent Uprising' Is 'On the Table'


Republican congressional candidate Stephen Broden stunned his party Thursday, saying he would not rule out violent overthrow of the government if elections did not produce a change in leadership. I know during the Bush years many on the left thought this. Now that the shoe is on the other foot what do you think? Will violence come to our country like it has in the EU? Will it be the left or the right that becomes violent after the election? If you want to know the answer then you should work the polls Nov.2. You will get a feel for the anger people are feeling and who they blame the most. This is the final surge to topple the Progressives in both parties. Do what you can to help these candidates win. You will regret doing nothing. Get out and pound on some doors for the conservative candidate. Call up their headquarters and ask them how you can help. And when you look back on this point in history you can say that you were a part of it. Have fun and get people out to vote. We must crush the Progressives at every level of government.


  1. I think it will get violent if the make up of congress changes and we move back to a free market society and less Government.
    Progressive's despise that system.

  2. I'm disappointed that Pastor Broden is backing away from his earlier statements. (Or is that a bit of clever video editing?) He was right! I'm also surprised that no-one is bringing up the fact that the threat of a violent uprising is exactly why we have a Second Amendment. Take violence off the table and you have surrendered. That being said, violence is and should be, a last resort, after all constitutional measures are exhausted.

    I also think, on the other hand, Mark Adams may be correct in his prediction. Either way, it doesn't bode well for civil society.

    I'll be linking this...

  3. Well I had read this on Drudge and believe he is right, how can we take this off the table?

    I differ as to how it may come about though, it will be the left that starts the violence like the Brits did in the 1760 Boston Massacre.

    The socialists, like Brits back then are the antagonists and Nov. 2 may just be the flashpoint.

    The question really is if such a scenario were to repeat itself; Are you ready?

  4. Sorry to bust your conservative, radical bubble.

    NEWSWEEK Poll: Obama Approval Rating Jumps, Democrats Close ‘Enthusiasm Gap’

  5. Bruce calm down my god you'd think by your "Enthusiasm Gap" you actually think BIG time losses are not on the way!

    Bruce Rush;s new operation reverse "Chaos". All demoncrats that want Hilliary in 2012 should Not vote in up coming mid terms or should vote Republican.
    The way Liberals eat their own, Well you never know. Makes as much sense as anything coming out of Newsweek. Who just bought that liberal rag for a Dollar! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    As usual, bfealk is a _____. You fill in the blank.

  7. Newsweek was bought for $1.00, really $1.00.

    That speaks volumes,,,lmao

  8. I don't think his comment is so egregious. He was not threatening violence, but speaking in a manner Jefferson would speak.

    I wish the liberal "news" media would go after every candidate they way they go after conservatives, line by line.

  9. I think the left will get violent just like the EU. And it will be the unions,Democratic Party,anarchists,well Democrat pretty much sums it up. They will blame the Republican Party when the real cuts are made or else. The Republicans will be the "bad guys" for making t6he cuts but the blame will stick to those from the left that use violent to control society and politics.

  10. When you make cuts in budget to reduce the deficit the "takers" whom have been conditioned by left to expect Government Assistance will not take that well. Violence is a difinite possibility. Its happening in other Countrys where citizens have become dependant on government. That kind of MOB violence would not take me by surprize!

  11. More truth at will make conservatives' heads explode.

    The US deficit shrank nine percent last fiscal year but still topped one trillion dollars, the government said Friday in a report seized on by Democrats' rivals weeks ahead of mid-term elections.

    For the 2010 fiscal year that ended on September 30, the government had a budget shortfall of 1.294 trillion dollars, down 122 billion dollars from the previous year's record-setting high.

    Revenue rose and spending fell amid recovery from recession and as President Barack Obama's Democratic administration wound down some of the emergency measures taken to restore growth.

    Click here!

  12. Only you would think $1.294 budget shortfall is a good thing. Maybe if the Democratic Party would focus on letting business create jobs instead of attacking them like an unwanted entity we wouldn't have such a shortfall. And the point that the stimulus cost us a shitload of money and no jobs or income creation is well taken. Thanks for pointing that out Bruce.

  13. Chris, that's not true either. The stimulus did create jobs according to everyone but the morons on Fox News and their lemmings in the Tea Party/Republican Party.

    Still, though, it’s ridiculous to deny, as many have, that adding 2.5 million jobs was a poor use of government funds, or that the bill’s other features, which ranged from expanded COBRA health benefits for laid-off workers to money to forestall layoffs of teachers, firefighters, and police officers, helped many Americans to stay on their feet.

  14. Bruce Citizens will address stimulus,health care,amnesty,border security,economy and job creation! Aint November going to be Grand! The wind is coming and the SMOKE your blowing POOF!

  15. Al, I see you didn't respond to the FACT that the stimulus bill did save and create jobs.

    Chris is just lying when he says it didn't.

    You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

  16. Bruce you can't just count the jobs "created" and not the jobs lost after the stimulus bill. We have lost millions of jobs since the stimulus. No one but you is saying no jobs were created or save. It's the net lose of jobs is still happening. It was the Democratic Party that told us that we would not go past an 8% unemployment. Two years later and we are still over 10% with a real unemployment of over 17%. It's mighty had to spin those numbers but I'm sure you will.

  17. Bruce What was UNEMPLOYMENT rate Prior to Stimulus?

    What is UNEMPLOYMENT rate NOW? Case closed!

    Was not going to respond when answer is obvious but looking out of that mache head must limit you common sense!

    ps Bruce Unemployment benifits is NOT Job Creation!

  18. Bruce

    Socialized Insurance
    Criminal Trial for Terrorist in New York City
    Suing State of Arizona for protecting its borders after regime refuse to.
    Apologizing to Europe for Americans Arrogance.
    Transparentsy in Government behind CLOSED doors.
    Bribing sitting Senators for VOTE on Nobama Care.

    Take your pick Bruce Most Citizens Will on November 2nd!

    Oops Almost forgot Nobamas "Nobel Peace Prize"! How;d that work out for Job Creation?


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