Sunday, October 24, 2010

What The Businesses Need To Do To The Democratic Party In Retaliation

I think it might be time for business to flex it's muscle in retaliation to recent attacks from the Democratic Party. This Nov. 2nd is under the control of businesses and they might want to take a moment to remove the Democratic Party from power. If businesses gave overtime work to their union employees they will effect the votes. If lets say car dealers which have gotten screwed by the Democratic Party gave their employees a couple hours off to vote it would effect the vote. And maybe the Big Three need to think about putting up signs to business friendly candidates. The UAW gets that day off to insure that Democratic Party vote. Maybe Wallmart and other retailers need to have big sales on that day. But the sales would only be in the mostly Democratic Party districts. "All is fair",right? Don't our businesses have the right to defend themselves from a hostile political party? Or is everyone to cower to the public unions and the Democratic Party? I'd like to see the local businesses flex their muscle and influence politics the same way the left wing Democratic Party have. Conservatives need to get out to their local businesses and remind them of their influence.  On another note, please call a conservative candidate in your area and ask to watch the polls. We need you there to insure that no fishy business goes on that day. A lot can be done this week so do all you can. I wont be doing much on the blog this week. Let us all know what you hear. Think of this as an open thread:


  1. Chris,

    While I agree with the premise I doubt that it is needed at this point in time.

    The reason behind my thought is this; I am a U.A.W. member and all see the same albeit at different levels of understanding that they/we are being screwed BY THE UNION LEAEDERSHIP.

    It will not matter O/T or not, these folks are pissed-off and intend to vote! Most will not say how, but it is quite obvious to even a kindergartener they see the same as you and I.

    Business should step-up and that is exactly what they are doing and has Hussein and the current politburo worried as hell. Workers of any stripe know if you kill the hand that feeds you, well you and your family dies.

    A union, any union does not feed you, it takes from you. Kill it and you live.

  2. Here in Nevada, the Sec. of State (Ross Miller) postponed all of the "Acorn members" trials for voter fraud until after the election. He is a Democrat of course! Michey Mouse will probably vote again, along with Elvis. Sad to Say!!

  3. Michael, first, you're an idiot. Mickey Mouse has never voted. ACORN was required to turn in all voter registration forms. Period. Second, those forms are always weeded out and ACORN knew those "people" would never be voting.

    Second, business is doing great under the Democrats and Obama. Wait till you see the profit numbers that come out from the auto companies in the next few days.

    The problem is that companies are sitting on piles of cash they now have thanks to the Democrats and President Obama and their economic policies.

    Business has no incentive whatsoever to urge their employees to vote against Democrats.

    Their only reason to be against the Democrats is that if they screw American consumers the Democrats will try to protect consumers and not the rip-off artists, the Wall Street Bankers.

    Wall Street has totally recovered from their own disastrous greed. Bonuses are even higher than before the meltdown and so are salaries. What in the world do they have to complain about.

    And, get this, the bailouts have actually made a profit for the government.

    I'd say the business community should be saying a big THANK YOU to Democrats and the President.

  4. Hey Bruce your one of those IDIOTS that think Unemployment benifits ARE Job creation.

    Private Sector the majority which are small business EMPLOY most of OUR workers. Your regime has done what to Create a Job? Unemployment rate in Michigan 13% Nation wide almost 10%. Combined with those who have stopped looking makes unemployment over 17%. If OUR economy has been helped by this regime Micky Mouse has more common sense than you do!

    Our Nation is at a Cross road! Return to sanity,sacrifice for all or become Greece or France. Regime solution is spend BUT spending what we dont have will bring Bankruptsy no matter how much money you print.

    Bruce the thank you the business community is giving this REGIME is in its HIRING practices which now are what? Micky Mouse you aint Goofy is more like it! 9 Days till real Change. Smell that autum air.

  5. Al, when did I ever say unemployment benefits are job creation?

    It was Republican policies that put our country in this mess and it takes more than 20 months to get out of it. Republican ideas never create jobs. Tax cuts don't create jobs, demand does.

    I think you are going to be unpleasantly surprised on Election Day, Al.

  6. "The problem is that companies are sitting on piles of cash they now have thanks to the Democrats and President Obama and their economic policies."
    Yes they probably are, Bruce. For two reasons.
    They don't know what will happen with the Bush Tax cuts and are preparing for the increased cost of Obamacare.
    Thats why they are not hiring and holding on to as much money as they can so they can weather the onslot of a heavy monetary storm from the 111th congress.

  7. Mark, please explain specifically how sitting on piles of cash and the extension of the Bush tax cuts are related?

    It is a total myth that taxes and hiring are related. Hiring is normally based on demand for a good or service and when demand goes up for a product or service, companies hire more workers to meet the demand.

    Also, health care reform has nothing to do with hiring, based on the same reasoning.

    If a company needs more workers to make more goods or provide services they hire workers to meet demand and thereby make more profits.

    Companies make profits by pricing their good or services above their cost to produce a good or provide a service and health care is figured to the price for their good or service.

  8. If low taxes were the criteria for hiring, why did Bush has the least number of new jobs created of any President in history?

    Your argument just doesn't hold water. Also, our economy has always done best for everyone when tax rates were highest.

    Another myth that Republicans like to spread.

  9. Bruce So uninformed! Tax Cuts have created Jobs in past Kennedy Regan and will again. Since 2006 when Demoncrats took Control spending has sky rocketed. Tax cuts give Citizens more money to spend which Creates need and Production. All taxes do is Cut into Private sector which in turn lays off Citizens which has happen! Creating Jobs Was this regime promise in January. Bruce where has that occurred? Even Nobama Admitted those Shovel jobs were NOT there AFTER 790 Billion dollar stimulus that has helped out Small Business How?

    Socialized Insurance has helped creat Jobs How?

    Citizens choice is simple Socialism or Jobs. France Greece or Stability. That is the choice plain and simple!

    Yea Bruce November going to be wonderful Month Keep your Kool Aid handy your going to need it!

  10. Bruce,Bush had an average unemployment under 5.5%. That is including what he got from Bill Clinton and what the Democratic Congress gave us over the last 3 3/4 years. If the Big Three can't come out of this economy with some profit due to our bailing them out then their is something wrong. Now will they still have those great profits when the Bush tax cuts tax the crap out of them or when the taxes roll in from obamacare. We will see how great those profit sharing checks are to the UAW members. Then we will be under the Democratic Congress taxes and Obama taxes. Obamacare will also do aq great job eating up profit. See when you take away the risk of failure you give up your profits thanks to the Democratic Party tax machine. Just listen to the local businesses in your area and ask them if they are happy under the Democratic Party. Instead of making things up just ask them for a change.

  11. I pray you are right Christopher. I was at the UAW holloween party yesterday. They are still backing only Democrats again. It's a shame that they throw their members under the buss like that.

  12. AL great point about Europes failed attempt at Progressive socialism. But the left just ignore every failed attempt at social justice. In thier hearts they feel it has to work if they try it enough times. But who cares about them. The American people for the most part hate what these Progressive Democrats have done to this country and every country before them.

  13. Things don't look as good for the Republican Party. The Democrats are making a big come back thanks to the One Nation Working Together rally and the unions. It does look like Bruce is right.

  14. OK Bruce, let me break this down for you, so you understand by 33 years experience in the business world.

    ‘Mark, please explain specifically how sitting on piles of cash and the extension of the Bush tax cuts are related?’
    Simple, on Jan 1, 2011 tax on everyone will go up. You know it’s coming, so instead of spend, spend, spend, you save, save, save to pay for the added cost you know is coming. It’s called assured forecasting.

    ‘It is a total myth that taxes and hiring are related. Hiring is normally based on demand for a good or service and when demand goes up for a product or service, companies hire more workers to meet the demand.’
    You’re not taking in to consideration of the COST of doing business. You take more tax from business, Bruce, your cost of doing business goes up and taking away from business ability to expand its goods and services, which stagnates hiring.
    Plus when you take more taxes from the individual, they have less to spend on your goods and services.
    It’s a double edge sword.

    ‘Also, health care reform has nothing to do with hiring, based on the same reasoning.’
    No business is going to subtract from their bottom line. The effects of Obamacare is already been seen and premiums will go up by 10-15% (more in some instances) in 2011. Some business will cut its percentage they contribute to the employee plan. Some will continue with the current percentage they pay. Some will not offer it at all anymore and just pay the fine.
    The money has to come from somewhere, and therefore holding on to cash at hand (aka profits) will be utilized to pay for the add cost of doing business in 2011 and NOT be re-invest back in to the business to expanding operations. Those dollars are gone for good.

    ‘If a company needs more workers to make more goods or provide services they hire workers to meet demand and thereby make more profits.’
    Or working with what they have on their payroll to meet the demand. I am going through this right now. We are working on a skeleton crew and are busy as hell, but we are not hiring because of the added cost to hit us in 2011 (Higher insurance premiums and forecasted tax increases).

    ‘Companies make profits by pricing their good or services above their cost to produce a good or provide a service and health care is figured to the price for their good or service. ‘
    One thing you’re missing here Bruce. Market share. You start passing along the added cost of doing business to your customers, your competitor who might be a little bit smaller in size in your industry will steal your market share.
    Business are sitting on profits so they don’t have to immediately pass on the added cost they will experience, to the customers.
    On a national level, everyone will see this added cost, BUT NOW you are inviting global competition with in your industry, driving down your global market share.
    Why do you think business are taking their operation out of the US and overseas. To get away from the heavy bureaucracy, taxes and now forced healthcare insurance, all thanks to the US Government.

  15. Mark Well stated but Bruce aint going to get it. Why Common Sense!

  16. He might get it, Al, but he won't ever admit to getting it.

  17. Al and Mark, jobs have moved overseas for one reason, cheap labor.

    Not only that, corporations, aided by a Republican Congress at the time, even gave them a tax break to ship jobs overseas.

    That has to stop if we don't want the only jobs available to be working as greeters at Wal-mart.

  18. Gauging the scope of the tea party movement in America

    But a new Washington Post canvass of hundreds of local tea party groups reveals a different sort of organization, one that is not so much a movement as a disparate band of vaguely connected gatherings that do surprisingly little to engage in the political process.

    The results come from a months-long effort by The Post to contact every tea party group in the nation, an unprecedented attempt to understand the network of individuals and organizations at the heart of the nascent movement.

    Seventy percent of the grass-roots groups said they have not participated in any political campaigning this year. As a whole, they have no official candidate slates, have not rallied behind any particular national leader, have little money on hand, and remain ambivalent about their goals and the political process in general.

  19. Bruce to your above post Whats your Point!

    The little money on hand may be a clue Bruce!

    Do you find it STRANGE that Nobama had really, really, really hard time LAZERING in on jobs that would BENIFIT Citizens but has seeming endless time to Campaign for POLITICANS!

    Regimes main legacy will be "We woke up Voters". Ah Novemeber its acoming. Bruce Look at it this way instead of Blaming Bush, Regime can blame Conservative led Republican Congress. You and I both Know they will. Time for CUP of Tea.

  20. Great dialogue. I spent the day trying to get Don Volaric voters and helpers. We are working hard to get Sander Levin FIRED. We could sure use some help going door to door. Just call Don Volarics headquarters. We could also use people to work the polls. Get out in this nice weather and talk to your neighbors. These are amazing times and people are sick of the Democratic incumbants. Talk to your local businesses and ask them if they would talk to their employees on who would be best for the businesses they work form. Bruce I hate to say it but the Tea Partiers aren't getting engaged like they need to. That is why I'm getting involved talking to the businesses,homeowners etc...We still have one week to go and make a difference. You can make the difference.

  21. "As a whole, they have no official candidate slates, have not rallied behind any particular national leader, have little money on hand, and remain ambivalent about their goals and the political process in general."
    Well there you go Bruce, the Washington Post.
    Candidates backed by the Tea Party:
    Joe Miller
    Jesse Kelly, Arizona 8th District
    Ken Buck, Colorado Senate
    Dan Maes, Colorado gubernatorial nominee
    Marco Rubio
    Rick Scott, Florida gubernatorial nominee
    Raul Labrador, Idaho 1st District nominee
    Rand Paul
    Sharron Angle
    Mike Lee, Utah Senate nominee

    And we are just getting started.

    This election is not about money, Bruce. It's about firing those who don't listen to the majority of the people.
    Dems have outspent everyone this year, but are forecasted to loose 50+ in the house and 6-10 seats in the Senate.
    I am a full fledge member of the "movement" by the American people, Bruce.
    And just like Obama, you think Americans are un-educated on how things work?
    You, like the President, have not been paying attention.
    We just got a face full of how the 'political elite' work with in the beltway the last 21 months.
    Come Nov, the elite will get in a quick lesson on what "We the people" know of those in the beltway.

  22. Bruce is a Hanger on to a ideaology that is in Full crash mode. They have showed citizens thier agenda, ideaology and policies which strangly enough do not include citizens or nations well being.
    Their Agenda does nothing to create jobs or get economy moving. Its almost like regime is doing this as a purposeful act. Citizens have had enough of the Nobama,Reid and Pelosi leadership and it WILL show on November 2nd. Bruce you'd better "man up". This mid term is just the begininng. Citizens/Tea Party are not going anywhere. We will not allow progressives to take OUR nation we just wont!

  23. A little off topic, but Chris is always saying how you tea partiers are not violent. Take a look at this.

    Apparent Rand Paul Supporter Stomps On MoveOn Member's Head (VIDEO) (UPDATED)

    Rand Paul Supporter Stomps Head
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    Comments 3,074

    An ugly scene took place outside the Kentucky Senatorial debate Monday night as what appeared to be a supporter of Republican candidate Rand Paul was captured by a local news affiliate literally stomping the head of a member of the progressive-activist organization

    The MoveOn volunteer, Lauren Valle, went to the hospital after explaining what had happened to local press. As of 11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time she remained there, according to another MoveOn official. According to a local Fox station, Valle had attempted to approach Paul before the debate took place, dressed in a blonde wig and with a "RepublicanCorp" sign mocking him as a stooge of special interests.

  24. Bruce I never said the the Tea Partiers have no violence. It is you on the left that keep saying how dangerous and violent the Tea Partiers are. I just have been pointing out that it is the left that are the consistant violent ones. And every 'right wing' violence turns out to be a lefty in the end. Have you seen the amount of violence at the One Nation rally? Have you seen the number of rapes during that rally? Have yo9u seen the video of the white SEIU member beating up the black Tea Partier? Have you seen the way you pigs treated the National Mall vs. the way the Tea Party treated it?

  25. Bruce key sentance in your statement"appeared""apparent" to be supporter of canadate. If indeed hes whatever party/ideaology supporter if he broke law he sould be prosecuted period.

    With left theres NO doubt. On most occassions there wearing there Union shirts.

    Bruce put on your mache head or blonde wig(I see a pattern here) go to court use the word "it appeared" to be see what happens.

    Worse case scenario say its a republican her should be shunned prosecute to full extent of the law.

  26. First this guy was out of line and not sure why the other guy had to wrestle her to the ground... But Bruce, "literally stomping the head" looks to be the shoulder in the clip.
    And of course (I can safely assume) your last two paragraphs where a copy and paste... maybe from MoveOn? Which mentions NOTHING of this guy being in the Tea Party. Looks like your first paragraph is your bias assumption.
    Last, it's not RepublicanCorp, but RepubliCorp which is a MoveOn Campaign to attack anyone against the socialist agenda of the DNC.
    By the way RepbliCorp, an actual company and has been notified of the use of their name by By yours truly. Their plan is to demand MoveOn stop using their copyright name.

  27. Turns out this woman has criminal history.

  28. I watched that video and it made me sick just like it did all the hundreds of time it's been done to us. I hope the man that put his foot on that mans shoulders to push him down get's outed for his actions. Why didn't you ever denounce the violent actions from the left all the hundreds of times they have done it? Or doesn't that count? And by the way most of the people helping the Republican Party take back both houses of congress are Tea Partiers. I couldn't believe all the great responces I got to ousting Sander Levin from office. I'm going to go arround to the local businesses and ask them to talk to their employees about who they should vote for to keep them working. It should be an easy sell.

  29. This Lauren Valle is a Basiclly Profesional Protester. This incident is not her first trip to the Rodeo!

    Lets see she wears a wig is attempting to give from what I under stand a FAKE award to Rand when she was Stopped. Did not see foot on head. Looked to me like shoulder.

    To the move on Org Group! Who is suppose to Know what shes up to? Is she friend or Foe. She caused problem and looks to me like problem was taken care of. She can add this to her list of photo ops she has in her albums! If there is a charge than charge bet ya that aint going to happen!


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