Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Hope President Obama And His Minion Keep Pushing To The Far-Left

I would love to see Obama and his Progressive Democrat minion pushed by the left wing radicals. I think the left wing Soros zombies need to write and have more "rallies" like the communist One Nation Working Together. And if you Progressives want to show us how great "spread the wealth" is then start a commune. Everyone in that commune can put their earnings in a common pot and "spread the wealth". Show us how successful your commune is first. Where are the liberal environmentalist Amish in this country? Why did all those communes and the hippies that lived in them go away if "spread the wealth" was such a success? It didn't work for them so they are pushing it in a tyrannical manner as a mandate to all of us free Americans. I think the public unions need to push what is left of the Democratic Party to stay with their agenda. Maybe the Progressives and the public unions can have a "rally" and they could call it We Want Free Shit Rally. Hey they want free shit and the Democratic Party is willing to take your money to give it to them. Let them remind the voters what they are all about. That or they can do nothing and wither on the vine. Either way the Progressives/Democratic Party lose. America is watching the leftover Democratic Party. Will they move to the back seat and lose what they have gained for their constituents? Is it worth it to gamble the Democratic Party for a Progressive agenda? Should the Democratic Party purge the Progressives out of their party? Should the Democratic Party be more conservative flushing the turd of an ideology out of their ranks? And if the Democratic Party stays far left will the Libertarian Party be there to pick up the political pieces? All I know is I'm telling every liberal I know to keep in touch with Obama and the Democratic Party making sure they stay to the far left.


  1. Chris, Democrats indeed are not left enough. This isn't about right and left. It's about right and wrong.

    Republican policies have been tried before and they are wrong, really wrong.

    The reason Democrats lost on Tuesday is not because Democrats were not conservative enough, it's because they weren't liberal enough and the people that President Obama engaged in 2008 stayed home because of lack of enthusiasm and President Obama's lack of courage to push for the public option, among others.

    Guantanamo is still open. Don't Ask, Don't Tell is still in place and a whole host of other things that President Obama has not lead the country on.

    I hope President Obama and the Democrats don't learn the wrong lessons from the election on Tuesday, like they have in the past.

    We need a fighter, not an appeaser.

  2. Bruce We can only hope that this administration listens to you!

    This regime put its Ideaology before the CITIZENS and Bruce that apparently does NOT work well with VOTERS! Regime lost Independants and Democrats to their Ideaology and I can only hope this Regime attempts to go further LEFT.

    The Two things Citizens wanted Addressed were Economy and Jobs and this regime IGNORED there Concerns.

    This regimes Legacy will be "WE woke up the Citizens" and Bruce we aint going back to sleep!

    Socialist, Communist and Marxist in this regime will now need to go else where to spread their crap.

    Cannot wait for November 2012,its going to be a real FUN time again.

  3. Al, you think Republicans have a plan on jobs and the economy? What a joke. If it were up to Republicans, GM and Chrysler would be history and another 4 million people would be on the unemployment rolls.

    When Republicans have been asked to be specific, they still have no ideas, except extending the Bush tax cuts, which will add $700 billion to the deficit, which you pretend to be concerned about.

    So, the Republicans only plan is to repeal health care, which WILL NOT happen and to extend the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, neither of which will create one job or make our economy better.

  4. Bruce the Democratic Party has controled both houses of Congress with one of the largest majorities in history for almost 4 years now. Obama and the Democratic majority haven't had the Republican Party to blame for over two years now. But yet you still blame away like a little child. Bruce you and the left need to have a lot of protests against the Republican Party from the get go like you always have but bitched when we did it back to you. Keep reminding us why we voted the Democratic Party out of office at a historic blood bath. By the way this Republic of ours has been around for over 234 years and has made We The People the richest people in the world. The Democratic Party,also known as democracy, has failed in every time it's been tried. That is why we know you democratcy idiots are crazy. You keep trying the same thing and expect a different outcome. It must have been all those drugs in the 60's ?

  5. Bruce Since 2006 5 Trillion dollars added to Unsubstainable Debt. 3 Trillion of it added since 2008!

    Bruce did not hear you bitch when regime added 790 billion to debt in STIMULUS. Hows that working out regarding JOB creation!

    Taking 700 Billion from Small business in way of Taxes creates Jobs how Bruce Unless you being a Pelosi fan think Unemployment is Job Creation!

    Health care is one item that COST this regime big time at the Polls and I see if not repealed, adjustments made to the 2000+ page bill after it is read. It will be interesting to see Debate on "Socialized Insurance" on the House floor which I think Was Ignored during Pelosi led Transparent closed door meetings! Pelosi was right about passing it to see whats in it and Citizens spoke on that issue on November 2nd also.

    Since Bill was Passed into law it has Become a JOB killer with Private sector not knowing the next thing to POP out of this bill that was NOT read. JOB KILLER Bruce.

    Bruce Deficit Commision is going to come back with recommendations for bring down OUR unsubstainable DEBT in December. I wonder what their recommendation will be? How about tax increase for all through I beleive a Value Added Tax that ALL Citizens will get to pay.
    Bruce it will be interesting to see Regime Explain WHY its necessary after spending 5 Trillion dollars since 2006 with Demoncratic Controlled Congress!

    Actually Bruce Bail outs started under President Bush as did Tarp you kind of forgot that thingy.

    In 234 Years Nation has with stood many THREATS and on November 2nd We as Nation STARTED the proccess of BURYING another threat called Progressivism. November 2012 is going to be great!

  6. Todays piece was more a of misguided rant than blog. Your work has gone down lately brother. Too much posting everyone else's thoughts has left you seemingly unable to form cohesive thoughts in written form.

    Contrary to your opinions the Democratic party isn't dead or left for dead. It just needs to learn to wake up and be less arrogant about its spot. It took the move behind the 2008 election as too strongly a vote of confidence rather than an offered chance.

    But i expect like the other times before it, that Obama will defeat the soon to be fractured and in-fighting GOP/TEA party in the Presidential race. And things will return to their rightful place.

  7. Or maybe it's because I have a hard time sitting down and typing because I blew out 3 more discs in my back. It's become harder to write this blog because I have to have surgery on my neck and i foun d out about a month ago that my thoracic disc are deteriorating with 3 blown right out. Joe why is it you post verbatum what the unions preach? Where are your non-original thoughts? The Progressives are tied too tight to the Democratic Party Joe. And when the Progressives go down,and they always go down in history,they will take the Dermocratic Party with them this time. Just remember less then 20% of Americans consider themselves liberal like you. You are a fringe that think they are mainstream because of the attention whoring from the left.

  8. Joe When the Demoncratic Party wakes up Progressives will be on the outside looking in. Until then Demoncratic Party is making itself Irrelevant. Most Citizens are not going to let this Regime change OUR Nation into Europe. Aint going to Happen.

    Joe the Tea Party and GOP may have differences. GOP is either going to Shit or will also be told to get off the POT! Time will tell but man slow down your going to hyperventalate!

    When legislation in the House Get to the floor for DEBATE it will be interesting if the Politicans whom have supported this regime will have to say on the Record which of coarse leads us to 2012.

    Nobamas social agenda and thats what this election was about has been Rejected BUT this Regime will I beleive go forward DAMN the Citizens Damn the Party. They are on ONE mission to chage this great Nation into a World Community member and Joe That aint going to happen. I cannot wait for 2012 cause this Nobama aint pivoting and will by himself Destroy the Demoncratic Party if They let him. That will be the main issue for the Demoncratcs in Congress. Go with the Citizens or find a place UNDER the bus Cause thats where they will wind UP!

  9. Chris Good luck with yoiur health problems ole buddy!


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