Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Palin: Inflation Is Coming

For all of you savers and retirees this inflation coming is going to make your life a heck of a lot harder. We know that the Fed is printing money faster then ever and now we are buying our own debt. There are positive effects to doing this. The positive side is our debts will be a lot easier to pay off. The problem is the money we pay off our debts with will be next to worthless. That might turn our friends that loaned the money too us turn against us. Just think what China will do when we pay our debt off that way. But China is playing their own games with currency values. But what about the retirees and the savers that want to retire sooner or later?  Just look at the futures market. These commodities that we use every day are going through the roof. The government is making this happen on purpose and we need to take a moment and look at our future and who will it effect. If you want to have an idea what our food prices will be in the near future then look at the commodities futures market. If the price of corn keeps going up who is going to pay it in the food lines? When gas futures when up on speculation we paid $4 a gal. Can our retirees afford to eat when they only have so much money for food budget. This is nothing more then a "tax". A cruel tax at that. We are starting to see the effects of a wholey Democratic Party run country. The not so funny thing is that the Democrats are pointing at deflated house values as "proof" that there is no inflation. Thanks Democratic Party for making bad times much worse. What do you think is coming? Do you have a victory garden,store food like grandma used too? I know my grandparents stories of hard times well. They told me what they did to survive when food was hard to come by.


  1. I think she's wrong and i think your wrong to listen to her.

    More than a few conservative without a partisan position have not seen inflationary pressure as that grave of a threat. This is fear politics.

    and here's a brilliant conservative blog about it, which i am also posting on my page

  2. and how come no story about the liberal violence at a pro-immigration reform march? Isn't liberals getting violent with conservative supporters of Arizonas immigration law blog worthy to you.

  3. Joe Read your post and source and to be honest my high school education failed me for most of it,but I tried.

    What I did learn regarding a budget you can never spend MORE than you Earn. Citizens who have this problem and then refinance STILL wind up in the same boat "Bankruptsy"!

    Government must in reality play by those same rules. However we as Citizens have for to long elected politicans that have through I beleive OUR neglect spent way More than is taken in. The only difference is Government did not "EARN" citizens did.

    If Citizens faces Bankruptsy and Prints money thats a Crime.

    Government prints money which has the same value as Monopoly money. I do know that in the past few months alot of products have risen and I beleive it could be caused by the devaluation of our dollar.

    Citizens and government cannot pay off bills with funny money and both would be doomed to failure. Unless the Elite 535 address OUR deficit in earnest which means cuts in all spending across the board OUR economy will fail.

    As far as Job creation government must step aside give Private sector its head to create jobs which will put citizens back to WORK and create income to assist in Paying off OUR unsubstainable DEBT. Just my opinion Government is not the solution its part of the problem!

  4. Joe,,No where in that article does it dispute inflation. Whoever this person is is not sure of anything so therefore not authoritative.

    Using terms like maybe, possibly and if, does not speak to the known fact that that buying ones own money (printing more money to but treasury bonds) devalues the currency by design which has always caused inflation no matter what Nation in all of history has done it, this is fact that cannot be argued.

  5. For all to understand in simple terms why all nations are against this Hussein (insane) move on QEII consider this;

    If Germany has $100 million Worth of U.S. Treasury bonds before QEII, well now they are worth $50 million. Their investment just lost HALF it's value.

    Or even in your own pocket, the $1 you had before QEII that was actually worth $0.80 is now worth $0.50.

    Now for the bread maker to make bread his costs just rose to make the bread but his money to buy supplies is worth less. He will now have to RAISE or INFLATE prices as the cost of doing business. Guess who gets to pay for that? That is of course you want to eat.

    That is the cost of devaluation and subsequent inflation. Like it or not we are in a global economy even more so than when FDR did this which led to a worldwide Great Depression which the U.S. was in (due to FDR's policies which Hussein is repeating) 7-10 years longer than any other nation.

  6. You are so antaganistic. Typical unionist! LOL

  7. Joe We have a comodoties futures market that tells us a lot about the future prices of comodoties like cotton,beef,pork,coal,gas,oil,gold... When those prices start going up markably they effect mainstreet. It doesn't take anything but common sense and a little knowlege of the futures market to know that we will pay those future prices if they stay high. It takes as little as 3 months for futures to start effecting our pocketbooks. Now we can debate what is effecting most commodoties to go up but we the fact is we will pay those prices. Joe quiz yourself on the price of 4 month old cattle right now. You will see that both cattle and cotton are up almost 100%. Do you really think the manufacturers and food markets will keep eating higher costs? Have you seen the stock market? I wonder when that will start to make a comeback?

  8. Chris, all i said was that she's wrong and that she's not the person you should believe. Which is most likely true in the first case and definitely in the second.

    I then posted a blog by a conservative economist who discusses the right wing talking points and shreds them using real world evidence and sound economic theory. He even backs up his points using Hegel and Friedman two of the most liberal (not politically) freemarket economists in modern history.

    What could be less antagonistic? Please stop being defensive.

  9. and besides i am still just getting over the HYPER-INFLATION worries that i got from your blogs two years ago.

    Remember you, Al and John telling everyone how Obama's policies would create hyper-inflation? I sure do.

    So know its only inflation. So this is like a lvl 5 hurricane being downgraded to a tropical depression.

  10. They are coming Joe. We never said when inflation would come but we said it will come. Take a look at the futures market Joe. It looks like those ecomomists got it wrong when they wrote that piece. Good thing the government doesn't use energy or corn when figuring out the inflation numbers. Joe what is being predicted is a tropical storm turning into a hurricane. Once we started buying our debt inflation can easily turn inflation to hyper-inflation depending on how much cash they pump into the system and if all this cash gets put back into the system in a short period of time. But we will see what happens in the future. I give it less then 2 years before we see real tangable inflation. But most likely we will start to see the price of commodoties futures now hit mainstreet in 3 months like it always does.

  11. JoeC said...
    and how come no story about the liberal violence at a pro-immigration reform march? Isn't liberals getting violent with conservative supporters of Arizonas immigration law blog worthy to you.

    17 November, 2010 11:14 That was what was antagonistic Joe. Did you see the LOL after whaT I wrote? Don't be so sensative Joe.

  12. Joe you picked a wrong pony in that Hypr Inflation issue you brought up occurring about two years ago. Was not on this blog two years ago and you will have to show me anything I said about Hyper inflation! With this regime it is always a possibility.
    At times their like me working on my car. You can talk a good game but if your not a mechanic, car is in trouble sorta like our economy. Until there are Jobs(gas) which appear to be this regimes enemy CAR aint going to run!

    I was also unaware that just "INFLATION" was not a bad thing. Guess Citizens have that all wrong.

  13. Al, inflation isn't a bad thing. Its only a part of the economic world. Inflation is like Beer, fat, sugar, and all the other vices of the world.

    Its only bad in large amounts. You need to maintain some inflation for growth.

    Chris, your using an apple to oranges argument that is basically close to the one he refutes concerning the gold market. Commodities are not linked solely to inflationary pressures so a rise in commodities isn't a good measure. You could use CPI, but that might not support your argument.

    Our curretn CPI is less than Oct. 2008 and our yearly CPI is 2 points for the year.

    2009 we saw a 5 point rise only to end the year at 4
    2008 we saw a 8 point rise only to end at 4 points
    2007 saw a continuous rise to 8 points in Dec.

    So we survived some much higher inflationary pressures before without complaint and little actual blog and handwringing, why now?

  14. But Joe this all came about with the buying of our debt. Why are you denighing that factor? Yes there are many factors but cause and effect point to inflation. It is common knowlege that when a country buys their own debt it bring inflation. Sorry to burst your bubble Joe but this is on the heads of the Democratic Party no matter how much you try and denigh it.

  15. Joe you do remember how you Democrats bitched about gas prices and blamed Bush for speculation markets? Isn't it funny how you changed your tune now that a Democrat is in charge? That is why no one listens to you Democrats any more. You are full of it.


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