Friday, December 3, 2010

The Left Love Him and The Right Laugh At Him: Alan Grayson's Last Stand

How does an angry, defeated congressman spend his last days on Capitol Hill? By attacking prominent conservative media figures, of course.
The video:
There’s just one problem: no one stands to “make” any money from extending Bush tax cuts. Extending tax cuts is simply not taking away money that’s already been made. It’s not a gain or an income. That‘s like a robber deciding not to rob a bank and then accusing the bank of taking in extra income because he didn’t rob it. Sorry, Al, it doesn’t work that way and that kind of thinking and buffoonery is what got you fired. But I'm sure Soros or the all white cast of MSNBC have a place for ya. One more thing Al, keep that dumb smirk on your face. I love it when he has that look on his face like he's smarter then the rest. Too bad he only got one person to applaud for that comedy sketch. Maybe Nickelodeons will hire him as the next Bozo the clown.


  1. 6:36 is to long to listen to this nut period! This guy belongs on msnbc teaming with Overbite for sure!

    New numbers Jobless rate up to 9.8% in November. Where has raising TAXES ever grown the Economy. This regime will pay dearly again if Legislation is not enacted to move economy forward. Social issues should be DOA for now. Without Economy all else mean ZIP!

    Newly elected Representitives must do what they were elected to do GOVERN for the Citizens/Nation or they too can be Fired! Send the needed message to Regime and Senate and let them either Pass or Veto Legislation.The ball will now be in their court!

  2. LOL, Chris. Great minds think alike. (see my post)
    You touch on the stupidity of Grayson, I touched on his mis-representing facts on the house floor.
    This guy is a bi-product of a hog and a bulldog. (look at the honker on his face) LOL

  3. Once again i have to ask, THE LEFT? we love him? Using the industrial sprayer again instead of a brush that fits?

    I don't love Alan and i don't pay attention to what he says. And i am the left.

  4. But then somehow you, along with Alan, continually push back at the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Palin, O'Reilly...
    If the broad shoe fits....

  5. Mark, that has nothing to do with anything. If he and I have common ground that doesn't mean anything to this debate. I am part of the left and i don't give Alan Greyson a minute of my time.

    Please stop using red herrings and debate the criticism. Your smart enough, make the effort.

    If Chris was to put a headline of just, Alan Greysons last stand, or the right laugh at him, i'd have no criticism, but obviously he can't find the intellectual honesty to do just that, he has to attach us all to his attacks whether we care about this guy or not.

  6. I am smart enough to know, Joe that liberal minds run in the same gutter. You might not care much for the guy, but you sure think alike and that puts you in the same chapter as Grayson. A lefty.

    "Alan Greysons last stand, or the right laugh at him, i'd have no criticism, but obviously he can't find the intellectual honesty "
    I don't believe this, because he puts the word left in there he is not being honest???

    JHC! Guess what, Grayson is a lefty, just like you, just like Obama, Pelsoi, Reid, etc. He generalizes it as you just admitted that you both have "common ground" and what I pointed to "liberal minds run in the same gutter"
    But you say he is being dishonest or can’t find intellectual honesty?


    WHAT was so dishonest about saying, in a general sense, that the left agrees with him.
    That’s how I read it!.... but like Whoppi, we must be precise in our wording (don’t say Islam attacked us, rather that radicals attacked us)???
    Your splitting hairs and are pretty demanding on what YOU want to see on these blogs and how they should be written.
    You do it here, you do it on my blog. Your demands are laughable.
    Just like the Administration and the 111th, YOU think YOU know best.

    Debate the content of the video, but stop ridiculing people of their choice of words.
    You know what he was talking about.


  7. Joe said,
    "I don't love Alan and i don't pay attention to what he says. And i am the left." Talk about a using an industrial sprayer. You don't even have a clue how hypocritical you are.
    The left voted him in. Al is as far left as they come. You find Al in every left wing web site and blog in a possitive light every time. If you can't figure that out Joe get out of the fumes from the plant. Their making your brain numb.

  8. Mark, if you don't like being criticized then stop being critical of others. I treat Chris and you like you treat others. I come with valid criticisms and i am sorry that you don't like it.

    In talking about intellectual dishonesty i correctly point out that Chris avoids any comments on the failings of his own "like minded individuals" while attacking the left. And while Chris has every right to be dishonest and to ignore his own hypocrisy it doesn't mean he shouldn't be called on it.

    And i find the personal attack so fitting given that you are losing the debate and having to use red herrings and all sorts of other tricks and semantical assumptions to try to distract from that. And no my mind isn't in any gutter, thank you. I expected better from you.

    So lets leave the bs behind and get to the point. The left doesn't love Alan Greyson. Most of the left don't care for him or the talking heads. He represents a small area (his constituents)and is championed by a small group of highly vocal lefties from outside of that area. thats all.

  9. Joe why are you ignoring the hypocracy of your own post? You liberals just don't get it. Joe if you don't think the left love Grayson then you are either high or stupid. Or maybe just intelectually dishonest? It was the left wing media like MSNBC that can't have this guy on enough. Take a look at the left wing web sites and see what they think of Grayson. If the left don't love him then who does? It aint the right or the middle. Joe who like Sarah Palin? Get it yet or do you still want to play koi?

  10. I'll admit it, I love Alan Grayson. Grayson give back to the right what they dish out, only difference is Grayson tells the truth and doesn't make stuff out of whole cloth.

    GO GRAYSON!!!!!!

    I wish there were 100 more Democrats willing to call out the right on their lies and hypocrisy and do it with flair and facts.

  11. Bruce You agreeing with Grayson! Thats says more about YOU than Him! You are indeed a MUSHROOM. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. "The left doesn't love Alan Greyson"
    Oh looky, Joe. Bruce, a lefty, loves Alan Grayson.
    Guess that stomps on your comment.

    Second, it's got nothing to do with being critical. It's got everything to do with your demands that certain words or sentences should be used, Whoopi.

    I am loosing the debate? LOL. OK if you say so Mr. Alinsky.
    Proof "Chris avoids any comments on the failings of his own "like minded individuals"
    You are the one taking this to the other side instead of debating Grayson comments.
    This topic has NOTHING to do with the right, Alan Grayson is a lefty, and Chris (and I) have brought what Grayson said to light with our post. Grayson is the subject. Not Chris, not the right, but Grayson's poor excuse for a presentation on the House floor. He attacks citizens, not politicians.
    He is out of line.

    "And while Chris has every right to be dishonest "
    He is not being dishonest. You are trying to make him question his honesty with himself. That's a psychological spin tactic brought to you by Saul Alinksy.

  13. Joe, the point here is you want Chris to be critical of the right. As he has done from time to time. Especially of RINO's.
    However, for Chris to be critical of the right who he usually agrees with, WOULD be dishonest to himself, just for the sake of you wanting to see that from him.
    You might agree with Grayson, but I would not say you're being dishonest with yourself because of it. I would say you're both wrong, in my opinion, on any particular subject.

  14. Bruce would you say he is loved by the left?

  15. Mark great analises of what Joe is trying to accomplish.

  16. Chris, I wouldn't presume to speak for anyone other than me regarding whether he is loved.

    He sure makes a lot of sense when he talks and he isn't afraid to stand up to the lies of the right, that's for sure.

    I like spine and he has one.

  17. Grayson is worth approx. 33 million dollars, earned from chasing an ambulance. Isn't capitalism great? Rhetorical, don’t answer that. Although, I'm OK with a man earning a living by the best way he knows how. As a congressman - he embellishes (for effect) and stretches the truth.

  18. fealk, you like spine? That is a new name for it.

  19. Not afraid to stand up to the lies of the right, Bruce???
    Here is one lie Grayson spewed on the House floor.
    "We have heard endless braying by the Republicans demanding extending tax cuts for the rich in this country"
    False: Republicans have demanded extending tax cuts for ALL in this country. They are on public record as saying so.

    "We have had these tax cuts for the last 9 years and I haven't notice a whole lot of jobs created in the last 9 years."
    Either he has not paid attention, or he is bald faced lying on the House floor.

    Year to Year unemployment rate
    2001-4.7 1st Bush Tax Cut + 9/11
    2002- 5.8
    2003-6.0 2nd Bush Tax Cuts
    2005- 5.1
    2007- 4.6 Congress taken over by Dems
    2009- 10.5
    2010- 9.6

    "Have more tax cuts for the rich"
    It's not MORE tax cuts, it's keeping the rate the same... Another lie, ON the House floor.

    "They want a tax cut for the rich because they want a tax cut for themselves"
    Once again, LIE. It is to PREVENT a tax increase, it doesn't provide MORE tax cuts.

    'These gentleman here, run the Republican party.'
    And with that he attacks 'private citizens' on the floor of the house and if those citizens ran the GOP, there wouldn't be any RINO's with in the party. So his song and dance on the House was an embarrassment to his constituency... that just voted his sorry ass out.
    As Chris stated in the headline "Alan Grayson's Last Stand" It's like the bad guy dying in a movie and his last words are "You're all F&^$%en bastards"


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