Monday, December 6, 2010

CAMP OBAMA: Dean Lays Out the Creepy Saul Alinsky Ties That Got Obama Elected

These liberals are some creepy people.


  1. Yes, libs are indeed creepy people.

  2. Creepy yes, most souless and mindless moonbats are.

  3. Rules for Radicals. Read it, understand it, recognized it, when it rears it's ugly head at you. And use it to turn it right back in to the face of anyone that uses it for 'change'.

  4. Way things are shaping up Libs may need a Camp Hope 2012 to Explain how well off the Nation is. That would be one hell of a Camp just to hear the Excuses! Gotta feeling 2012 is going to be another great way to start Fall.

    New House had better remember the message that was given to them by CITIZENS. We must all keep OUR eyes open to whats occurring and more importantly WHOMS doing WHAT.

    How could a regime that controlled the House the Senate and the Presidentcy do so Little for the Nation. Answer they did what they could for their Ideaology. Voters did not Buy it in November and that same ole SONG will not PLAY in 2012.


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