Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Obama Is Siding With Republicans Now???

It looks like Obama is siding with the Republicans keeping the Bush tax cuts for all. The liberals are fighting mad that Obama is meeting the Republican half way in this lame duck session. If the Democrats in Congress fight this tax break for all tax payers it will be the best thing for the Republican Party. The Democratic Party will get tagged as being the ones that hurt us all. Including hurting our economy. This is great for the Republican Party as a whole, but it is terrible for we the people. But this is what we should all be worried about. Do you remember when they called us violent and dangerous among other things? That was just the left thinking we would do what they would do if they were that pissed off. The problem is we Conservatives are nothing like the liberals. That same warning is going to go out about the liberals that aren't getting their way. The difference between us and them is they will complain about us calling them violent and dangerous like we did but they will become violent and dangerous when we didn't. And it wont be a few idiot liberals that throw rocks and destroy property. It will be a mass a liberals acting like 2 year old that didn't get what they wanted. Liberals and anarchist will be arm in arm with Democrats. The left will start out nonviolent by making calls to Congress and organizing. We all know the liberal machine talks about peace and love but in the end they can't help but to hurt others and destroy others property. If I'm wrong then you can make fun of me like we make fun of the liberals.


  1. Well their head did explode yesterday as Erica Payne, a Democratic strategist urged 10,000 email recipients to call Valerie Jarrett's office to complain about tax cuts, and with that, two White House phone lines were overwhelmed and forced to shut down.

    Man, over keeping taxes the same for everyone.
    Liberals are just down right sad.

  2. Keeping the Tax rates was the right thing to do. Im just dont like the same ole SPEND what we dont have without it being FUNDED!

  3. Obama is not siding with anyone but himself. This is the first presidential campaign ploy utilized by him.

    If any independent believes he going to the center they are dead wrong, he cares not for anyone but himself. This is all a political game to him for self-preservation in order to have more time to destroy the Republic.

  4. We ought to be in the streets. We ought to be jumping on these greedy Republicans who have the audacity to try to keep going what they had going on for the last ten years. Here’s what I would tell Republicans: okay, baby, it’s in your court right now. Create the jobs. And you’ve got 13 months to get these people off unemployment that you’ve held hostage...They are full of it. This is an attempt to just allow rich people to maintain their hundred thousand three hundred thousand four hundred thousand. Create jobs or shut the hell up. If President Obama doesn't give us what the rich fuckers took from us then we will take it. These Republicans and teabaggers need to fear coming out against us.

  5. “The Pentagon sponsored a first-of-its-kind war game last month focused not on bullets and bombs — but on how hostile nations might seek to cripple the U.S. economy, a scenario made all the more real by the global financial crisis.” That’s how Politico reporter Eamon Javers (now with CNBC and who brought us Monday’s report) began an article dated April 9, 2009.

    In that article, he describes how the U.S. first began preparing for an economic collapse. “Participants sat along a V-shaped set of desks beneath an enormous wall of video monitors displaying economic data,” he writes. “Their efforts were carefully observed and recorded by uniformed military officers and members of the U.S. intelligence community.”

    The Office of the Secretary of Defense hosted the two-day event March 17 and 18, 2009, at the Warfare Analysis Laboratory in Laurel, MD.

    The “game” didn’t end well for the United States: “the savviest economic warrior proved to be China.”

    “We were allowed to fight with financial weapons only (stocks, bonds, currencies, gold, reserves, etc.) and no kinetic weapons,” James Rickards, who participated in the game, told The Blaze in an e-mail.

    “This was an example of the changing nature of conflict,” Paul Bracken, a professor and expert in private equity at the Yale School of Management who attended the sessions, told Javers. “The purpose of the game is not really to predict the future, but to discover the issues you need to be thinking about.”

  6. “Why would the military care about global capital flows at all?” asked another person who attended the game. “Because as the global financial crisis plays out, there could be real world consequences, including failed states. We’ve already seen riots in the United Kingdom and the Balkans.” That was in 2009, before European unrest began grabbing headlines weekly.

    Those real-world consequences are exactly what the U.S. is preparing for. And according to a picture we stumbled upon, those consequences include civil unrest over lack of food caused by a financial crisis.

    The picture, reportedly released by the Air Force, shows Alaska National Guard troops taking part in a training exercise. According the picture’s caption, “Alaska Army National Guard Soldiers assist Anchorage Police to calm or detain rioters as part of the training scenario of exercise ‘Vigilant Guard.’” One actor is holding a sign saying, “FOOD NOW!”:

    What do they know that we don't? If the Fed is getting ready for massive civil unrest shouldn't we?

  7. And James T proves Chris's point.
    "We ought to be in the streets"
    "We ought to be jumping on these greedy Republicans"
    "give us what the rich f**kers took from us then we will take it."
    "need to fear coming out against us"

    Is that a threat?

  8. James T Your a TAKER and a Wiener! Threats will never work just like your ideaology! You picked the wrong side and like them your a loser!

  9. Obama didn't meet the Republicans half way, Chris.

    And what you don't seem to understand, that teabaggers like you I thought were so upset about is that you are willing to pile $700 billion over ten years to give tax cuts to people that don't need them, that you're willing to charge that money on the national credit card.

    Tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires DO NOT create jobs. Period.

    This is a total cave by the President to the Republicans.

    This so-called deal doesn't even address those that have been unemployed for more than 99 weeks.

    If these tax cuts created jobs during their ten years they've been in place WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

    The facts just do not support the Republican position on this.

  10. Bruce Tax Increase Creates jobs HOW?

    Bruce When do you beleive Unemployment Benifits should end? (1) year (2) years (3) years (4) years! When does that become another Entitlement we cannot AFFORD?

    When Citizens depend on government they lose their pride. When citizens lose pride they lose HOPE and thats when big government becomes to BIG. At some point Big Government will quit Govorning and beging Ruling. Not what OUR fore fathers inbtended at all!

    Bruce Unemployment bennies work out to about $7.50 hr. How does this create jobs as Pelosi says?

    Bruce Once Again you Tell Untruth Bush tax cuts. There are NO new tax cuts just extension. Only a Lib would say Citizens MONEY Government does not recieve is tax cut. When does Other Citizens Earnings become Governments Earnings? When does that occurr exactly?

    Citizens are watching and WE are not going to let ANY politicans take US backwards along with OUR economy. Those days are over. Quite simple Bruce if we cannot FUND it we dont Pass it. Now for cup of TEA!

  11. Al, then please tell me how are you funding the $700 billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. I anxiously await your answer.

    As far as unemployment INSURANCE, these are extraordinary times that require extraordinary measures when it comes to the unemployed.

    Unemployment insurance benefits are the MOST stimulative thing the government can do, producing $1.70 in economic activity for every dollar invested.

    People pay for unemployment insurance when they are working and file claims if and when the become unemployed. It's an insurance program, not an entitlement.

    Again, tell me how you want to pay for the $700 billion that the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans will cost.

    I think I'll go get my tea while I wait for your answer.

  12. Bruce, Here a Good way to pay for your so called 700 Billion tax cut! Cut SPENDING. That was easy Bruce!
    Bruce Do Employers also pay for that insurance and when they dont hire Where is that Cash coming from? If not from employers Where? Its the Billions Government keeps putting into the Fund to keep it afloat Bruce and its UNFUNDED.
    Tax cuts really get into your crawl but UNFUNDED SPENDING doesn"t Splain that to me!
    Pride Bruce is a terrible thing to waste but in your case you have NONE.
    I thought you'd have some mushroom soup! Tea is for Men!

  13. Good answer, Al. Here's the problem. No Republican has said they want to cut spending to pay for the $700 billion extra tax cut for the wealthiest Americans.

    Call any Republican representative or Senator and ask them what they'd cut to pay for the extra tax cut for the top 2% of America's wealthiest citizens. Not one will be able to give you an answer.

    Actually, Al, tea parties are for little girls.

  14. bfealk said... "Unemployment insurance benefits are the MOST stimulative thing the government can do, producing $1.70 in economic activity for every dollar invested." If that is the case Bruce then keeping unemployment high is the best way to stimulatew the ecomony. BWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Why hasn't it work yet? The 99ers get their unemployment checks and the children get the bill for it with higher debt all because the Democrats don't want to make cuts to their stimulus payoff. Bruce when the Republican take back Congress they will make cuts. That uis when you liberals will lose your minds and riot. Because they will cut all the fat andf that is the liberals intitlements. I'm getting sick and tired of you Democrats screwing our children with higher debt. Can you for once not buy votes with our childrens money? Who do you think will pay for your early retirment Bruce?

  15. Bruce, the American people don't care about screwing the rich like you Democrats do. The Democratic Party is willing to raise taxes on all Americans just so they don't have to make cuts in the budget. Ask yourself is it worth screwing all
    Americans with a tax increase just so you can hose the rich job makers?

  16. Bruce are you still pissed that Obama hasn't closed Gitmo,the Patriot Act extentions,the expansions or the wars and our military? What about the national debt you people used to cry about when it was in the billions under Bush? Let us know when the "protests" aka riots start? Are you amazed at how much worse things have gotten under this new liberal government? Is Assage a hero in your mind, Bruce? Do you ever wonder why the outcome of this admin. policies turned out the way we said they would rather then the way you said they would turn out? Why is it the outcome is what we conservatives predicted and nothing like what you liberals predicted?

  17. Why didn't Obama inclued the Democratic Party to the nagotiating table? It's funny that Obama screwed the Democrats in congress by not including them.

  18. Bruce As Chris as alluded to January is going to be a really bad time for the FAR left and that of coarse means YOU!

    Here a bit more BAD news for ya. 20% of Citizens say there Liberal. Most likely less than halve of that are FAR left like you. So in the scheme of things YOU are "IRRELEVANT".

    Citizen grew tired of being RULED by FAR left and spoke in November. Im afraid your ILK are now back where you started. Of coarse thats LEFT field but you have not figured out YOUR ball game is OVER!

    Hell saw Rep Weiner (FL) give Ronald Reagn as Example of what a "LEADER" does when working with CONGRESS!

    The Tea Party will watch all POLITICANS to assure that ALL Govern and NOT ever again forget WHOM they work for.

    Bruce One last thingy if Tea Party is for Girls who knows what we may see in 2012. Maybe just maybe "Palin vs Clinton" you never know!

  19. Al and Chris, January is going to be a really bad time for ALL Americans, not just those on the left.

    Republicans have never been able to govern and all of America's problems will go unaddressed because of Republican obstructionism.

    Republicans only want to beat Obama in 2012. They have no interest in solving the problems facing our country.

    As far as that 20% number, that is also a myth. Yes, when asked a general question such as do you consider yourself liberal or conservative, people may answer conservative. However, when you go issue by issue, the numbers change dramatically and on most issues that I'm sure you would consider "liberal" a majority and in some cases a big majority come down on the liberal side of issues.

    Why won't Republicans specify which programs they will cut to pay for the tax cut for the wealthiest Americans?

    Why are Republicans willing to put the tax cut for wealthy Americans on the national credit card but they want unemployment insurance benefits extension to be paid for? Don't you find that just a little hypocritical?

    Republicans are not on your side.

  20. "No Republican has said they want to cut spending to pay for the $700 billion extra tax cut for the wealthiest Americans. "

    First off, Bruce it's not extra tax cut, so get a clue.
    Second, you have not paid attention (like most Dems in congress) to what took place on Nov 2nd.
    Cut spending
    Reduce the debt
    Repeal Obamacare
    Stop the government over-reach.

  21. Mark, it actually is an extra tax credit, in that even before the "deal" was struck everyone earning up to $250,000 was getting their tax rates extended.

    The extra tax cut is for people earning over $250,000.

    Explain to me how $700 billion in a tax cut extension creates any jobs.

    Cutting Spending, now that's a joke. We will be spending $700 billion to provide the tax cut extension to the wealthiest Americans that we will be borrowing from the Chinese.

    The tax extension for wealthy Americans will be increasing the country's debt.

    So, it seems to me, Mark that this tax deal misses the mark on all counts.

    $700 billion in extra tax relief for wealthy Americans is $700 billion added to our country's debt that won't create any jobs.

    A bad deal all the way around.

    It seems to me the teabaggers should be mad as hell about this extra tax relief adding to the debt, since it's not paid for.

    But I've known all along the tea party "movement" wasn't really about debt or spending.

  22. Bruce why are you and some Democrats so dead set on punishing the job makers? Why are you and Democrats willing to screw over all Americans just so you can start a class war in this country? If all Americans get a tax increase just because Democrats can't stand the "rich" good luck keeping the Democratic Party alive. Even Obama agrees with the Republicans on not raising taxes on anyone right now. Do you think Americans care about the way Democrats keep adding to the deficit as a cure all? I remember Americans getting ticked off at Bush when the deficit was less then $400 billion and at the end when he added the $700 billion from TARP. After this Democratic Congress and President is done we will be over $4 trillion in debt. You way doesn work Bruce. Just look around and try to find something possitive that came out of Congress and the White House. Is "free money" aka "obama money" worth what we got?

  23. Bruce You are a true blue 8% of Citizens and your way has been rejected.

    How can extending taxes be adding to defict? In your mind spending what you dont have is GOOD. When did we start counting revenue we dont have? That does what to National budget? What would that do to household budget? That has been reject get over it find a 8%ter and you can cry on each others shoulders. We will see what happens in January. It will take time to bring economy back and that will not happen Bruce punishing the Job creators. I really think you get that,cannot beleive your that inept but maybe you are. Either way move on cause the spending must and will be brought under control and WE will ALL have to sacrifice or OUR economy will fail. That is the Truth of which you are not familar. Please NO more spin its getting to be laughable like YOU!

  24. Chris, that's where you have it wrong about rich people being the job makers. That is a lie.

    Rich people take their money and invest it, a lot of times it's invested overseas.

    All Americans will not, in all likelihood get a tax increase. However, the wealthiest Americans need to have their taxes return to pre-Bush rates in order to keep the deficit under control

    None of you have answered how we will pay for the tax extension for the wealthiest Americans.

    TARP, my friend, was started under George W. Bush, a Republican, if memory serves.

    The $700 billion for tax cuts for the rich goes right to the deficit, Chris. It goes on the nation credit card.

    One positive thing, we did save the American auto industry and along with it about 4 million jobs directly and indirectly. That's a big one in my mind.

  25. How do the rich make their money Bruce? Could it be by creating jobs? Duhhhh. When was the last time the unemployed created a job? Who do you think creats jobs in this country? If Democrats are so worried about deficits why are they billing unemployment benifits to our children by adding it to the deficit? Bruce I would call the auto industry a success yet. After their taxes go up and health insurance keeps getting more and more expensive lets look at the Big Threes profits then. And don't forget that contracts are coming due. I'm sure the UAW is going to be kind when they are the largest stock holders. It might get ugly.

  26. Chris, then I ask you, if the rich create jobs and they are sitting on the biggest corporate profits in history last quarter, WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

    If the Bush tax cuts are so necessary to create jobs and they've been in place for the past 10 years, why did Bush have the worst job creation record of any modern President?

    Again I ask, WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

    Wow, you won't even admit that Obama and the Democrats saved the auto industry?

    I guess I'm not surprised.

  27. Bruce What helped cost many libs their seats in November was that same querstion "Where are the Jobs"? Nobama at state of the Union Speech stated he would Lazer in on JOBS. He said it and Failed to produce on his Promise.

    This regime zeroed in on Social Issues. The biggest being Socialized Insurance. The 2000+ pages that had to be Passed to see whats in it(Pelosi) is now being read and whats in it Bruce that stimulates Job Creation?

    Most small business are just that Small and are not and will not Hire under conditions set up by this regime. Cost and Profit has always been part of OUR economy,if we change from that we have indeed become a Socialist Nation Ruled not Governed and how has that worked out EVER?

    150 Billion now for Unemployed (Unfunded) will just become more in 2011 when you have LESS employees,LESS employers! Where will the NEXT Unfunded Billions come from?

    You want to see where OUR futures lies with ALL the Unfunded entitlements watch your TV European Economies are failing and their Citizens are not Happy.

    What will happen here when there are more TAKERS than EARNERS Bruce? You know and I know what will happen. This Nation is at a crossroads. We either Sacrifice and get RID of OUR Defict or we do become Europe,something OUR forefathers Sacrificed to free them selves and FUTURE generations from!

  28. Al, you're not paying attention. The tax extension for incomes above $250,000 will be paid for with BORROWED MONEY THAT IS ADDED TO THE DEFICIT.

    I would think as a loyal teabagger that would infuriate you.

    But I've long ago given up on conservatives making any sense at all.

    If you really cared about fiscal responsibility, which I know Republicans talk a good game about, but never actually do anything, you would be right there with me on this issue.

  29. Bruce it has been proven time and time again that cutting taxes creats more revenue. I know you don't care about the economy but economist all agree that raising taxes in this economy would hurt the economy. But Democrats don't give a crap. I'm starting to think that the Democratic Party is trying to creat higher unemployment so they can us unemployment benifits as a payoff for votes. See Bruce we do care about fiscal responsability. Why are you adding to the deficit instead of making cuts to the budget or taking it from the failed stimulus bill? Do you steal from your kids and grandkids Bruce? Now you can say you are stealing from them.

  30. Bruce you should be asking Democrats where the jobs are. They have been incontrol of both houses of congress and the White House for years now. They haven't fixed one thing when it comes to creating jobs. They have made it the harshest invironment for business ever and you wonder where the jobs are? Pull your head out and smell fresh air instead of ass for a change. Bruce when do you think the liberal riots will begin? Will liberals be violent like usual or be will they be more like us conservatives for a change?

  31. Bruce Creating MORE dependants on government through unemployment bennys is NOT the way to go unless your Ideaology is actually trying to collapse OUR economy!
    You and your ILK are attempting to take the Pride from OUR citizens and if your Ideaology succeeds WE as a Nation are finished. Your problem Bruce is YOU, cause now Citizens have awakened and your Ideaology has been exposed for what it is. A Nation buster and BRUCE there are NOT enough of you to make that Happen. Soon you and your Ideaology will be just a pimple on OUR ass and like a pimple will soon be forgotten. Im am tired of your smoke and Talking points so on this issue I am done. I have WASTED to much time on you today. You have no SHAME. Now for cup of Tea.

  32. Chris, show me the proof that cutting taxes increases revenues.

    I don't take your word for anything.

    Yes, the Democrats have been in charge, but if the Bush tax cuts created jobs, why did Bush have the worst job creation record in history?

    You don't seem to want to answer that question. You should look at those two articles I put links to in one of my posts today.

    Do you really think $700 billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans without being paid for is good economic policy?

    The Republicans ARE NOT willing to make one single cut to pay for them, yet they want unemployment insurance benefits to be paid for. Welfare for the rich is ok, but benefits for those that have been out of a job is not ok, according to Republicans.

    What kind of idiot believes that's good economic policy?

  33. "Do you really think $700 billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans without being paid for is good economic policy?"
    Do you think a $1.2T healthcare seizure is good economic policy?
    My bet is the Dems went after Obamacare believing they would get some of that back come Jan 1.
    Obama & Co have spent, the last 2 years, $2.5T. Is that good economic policy?
    Repeal Obamacare and there and there is your cover for paying for job creators continued tax cut.

  34. Almost all economist think cutting taxes for all Americans makes good economic sense. They also agree that raising taxes on anyone right now would hurt our economy. Didn't Bush have an average unemployment of only 5.6% or something? Temporary government jobs are not created jobs. You need your head screwed on right.

  35. Mark, that's the stupidest thing I've seen in a while. The Health Care Reform Act is expected to cut over $100 billion from the deficit.

    The wealthiest Americans are NOT the job creators. That is a myth. Many of these people are hedge fund managers, who create no wealth, don't produce any products that are useful to anyone.

    The wealthy Americans we are talking about don't spend the money, putting it back into circulation, unless it's on a $75,000 custom Camaro.

    These are the people that created the financial crisis in the first place that will be getting an extra tax cut extension.

    Name three economists and put the links to their articles that think it's a good idea to cut taxes for all Americans, Anonymous. Maybe put your name to your post, too, so we can all see who is making such ridiculous statements.

  36. Bruce, you calling the CBO stupid, because that THEIR CLAIM, so wise up.

    Depends on what NOW is your 'bottom line' argument for 'wealthiest Americans are NOT the job creators'
    $250K and up? (because that’s the class the Dems want to leave out of the extension.)

    From the SBA:
    • Represent 99.7 percent of all employers.
    • Employ half of all private sector employees.
    • Pay 44 percent of total U.S. private payroll.
    • Generated 65 percent of net new jobs over the past 17 years.
    • Create more than half of the nonfarm private GDP.

    "These are the people that created the financial crisis in the first place that will be getting an extra tax cut extension."
    No actually Clinton Admin created this financial crisis.
    AND, NO we ALL will be getting the extension.
    Stop playing class warfare. Americans are despising it.

  37. What we do know 100% is that tinkle-down economics DO NOT work.

    That theory of economics has been in place since the Reagan and even people from the Reagan administration have admitted tinkle-down economics don't work. Giving tax cuts to the wealthy only enlarges their bank accounts.

    What really happens a tax rates go up is that companies start putting money back in their business instead of taking the money out and putting it in their own personal bank accounts.

    America's corporations aren't hiring because it's in their economic interest not to hire at the rates they should be hiring new employees.

  38. Bruce Was not aware that Free market had quota on hiring. That must be a Libs thingy?

    Quite simple Job Creators are not hiring cause Liberal social legislation COST have not been tabulated yet. Legislation like Elections have Consequences and Socialized Insurance is going to COST much more than antisipated and will of coarse be passed on to those EVIL rich Job Creators.

    Bruce question: Whom has contributed MORE to OUR unsubstainable DEFICIT, Bush Tax Extension or Politicans Uncontrolable SPENDING through ear marks which basiclly BRIBE politicans for their VOTES on Trillion dollar Legislation with NO Funding??

    Bruce Free ride for ALL must end or OUR Nation will become Third World Nation and Illegble for the World Community which has been far LEFTS target all along.

    ps Check your Mushrooms think you picked BAD batch! Tax increases are good for Economy Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  39. "What really happens a tax rates go up is that companies start putting money back in their business instead of taking the money out and putting it in their own personal bank accounts.

    America's corporations aren't hiring because it's in their economic interest not to hire at the rates they should be hiring new employees."

    Bruce, you know NOTHING of business.
    Most business take their profits and do 3 things with them.

    1. Retain a certain percentage to pay Uncle Sam
    2. Expand by capturing business opportunity and and invest in needed capital.
    3. Invest in retaining their core talent, especially those who have turned or kept a company viable.
    4. Hire from the results in captured new business and growth.

    There is your trickle down economics. Top down and starts with something that is out of their control... TAXES!

    Business are not hiring because they don't know what their tax rates are going to be and for how long, and until they do, they will hold on to there profits, true. But paying taxes does nothing for the private sector. It only enriches the government to expand.
    Something you socialist love but most American despise.

    So you say trickle down economics doesn't work?
    So you can safely say that trickle down economics starting at the Federal level doesn't work either.
    Shoots your anti-business attitude all to hell, doesn't it?

  40. Sorry "Most business take their profits and do 4 things with them."

  41. Economists are getting more pessimistic about the strength of the U.S. recovery, but they don't think policy makers should do anything more to support it, according to the latest Wall Street Journal forecasting survey.

    The 53 surveyed economists, not all of whom answered every question, offered a bleak picture of tepid growth and high unemployment. ...

    The economists, though, generally didn't support the idea of ending Bush-era tax cuts, which will expire at the end of this year unless Congress acts. Just three respondents said that the tax cuts on individual income should be allowed to expire for everyone. Thirty-two economists said they should all be extended, while 11 said they should be extended for people making less than $250,000 a year—the policy option backed by the Obama administration.

    Many of the economists said any extension should be temporary while the recovery still is struggling to gain traction. But amid concerns about the deficit, 23 respondents said the extension should be offset with spending cuts or other taxes. "It is irresponsible nonsense to claim that tax cuts 'pay for themselves,' " said Nicholas Perna of Perna Associates.

    Although concerns about the deficit persist, more than half of the respondents—28 economists—don't think the U.S. will adopt a value-added, or consumption, tax over the next decade. "Political pressure against is too strong," said David Wyss of Standard & Poor's Corp.

    But some economists see a VAT as one of the few ways to bring down long-term deficits. "It is not politically feasible to slow federal spending growth enough to bring the debt accumulation to a sustainable pace. A VAT is a clever way to increase tax revenues paid by middle- and lower-income households without increasing their marginal income-tax rates," said Paul Kasriel of Northern Trust.

  42. No matter what reality is they always denigh it for their liberal falicy. It must suck to have too keep lieing to yourself. These goof in Washington haven't done what they said they could do. The Democratic Party is as weak as they come. They can't do anything right and they blame everyone but themselves. I've never heard a president talk like he does about America.


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