Sunday, December 12, 2010

Open Thread: What Do You Think???

What do you think the future will bring? What are you doing to prepare for the future? After spending some time with a family member of mine that is high up in the government, I'd tell everyone to prepare for some hard times. We need to learn how to take care of ourselves and others because the government is preparing to take care of us. It is time to do what the government has asked us to do since 9/11. We need to plan for the worse because it's almost here. The government is preparing to "help" just like they helped in Katrina. The liberals and the anarchist have been planning to turn us inside out and the government wont be far behind. It wont be the rioters or the violence from this group we have to worry about. It's going to be the over reaction from this government and the outright taking of Americans right from our government is what we must worry about. Just remember how guns were being taken from law abiding citizens under the guise of public safety.


  1. Chris,

    To dare to sound critical I wish that you disclose just what position this family member of yours holds "high up in the government".

    Further, if such is true why not disclose his or hers testimony that in your words imply a very dire predicament?

    By answering the first point you can give validity to the second, otherwise it is just words and conjecture.

  2. I can't because they asked me not too. Sorry. I'm sure you understand why. But if you need any proof of the government preparing for civil unrest look at the post I did with the picture in Alaska.

  3. Chris, you've been watching too much Fox and Beck specifically.

    You are so full of crap, I'm surprised you can see straight. On second thought, you don't see straight.

    Just more making stuff up from another wacky, fearful, racist conservative.

    Please, crawl back in your cave, Chris.

  4. Chris, I am not asking for a name as that would be inappropriate (and not all family share the same surname anyhow) just a position.

    As to believing I do, but others may not, so by giving a stated position or at least government department would give more credence to such claims.

    I must rephrase if you did not get my drift; To spell out such a source as "high up in the government", then even by media standards leaving a person unnamed they divulge what entity or department from which the source comes about such information.

    To do otherwise is irresponsible at best.

    If you make such a claim it is incumbent upon you to back it up or otherwise refrain from such statements as I will not be the only one to challenge them.

  5. Is this a blog or CNN? Maybe you are right. I shouldn't have said anything since I can't give a name,rank or possition. But I still feel that I can give an off handed warning. I can't take risks with others livelyhoods. Can you see my possition? You can take it or leave it, but if I was you I'd look into it. I pray things don't get much worse. If the government is preparing for civil unrest more now then in our recent history it will show. When these things start coming to light I'll post them.

  6. Chris, As I stated and you know I am very up-to-date on the news I do believe what is warned, but must reiterate that when stating such a claim to at least say something along the lines of ; Military, State Dept., Embassy. etc.,,,,something.

    Just you or I saying so does not make it true. If we are to be given any credit as to what we portend then it must be reliable, period.

    You mention CNN and to my knowledge both of us have railed against them, do you wish to be just like them or base your blog in reality?

  7. If theres any body that is familar with crap my monies on the Mushroom and that would of coarse be you Bruce!

  8. If saying Merry Xmas is political correct I would assume saying Happy Xamadan is correct. Just wondering. Not much to do today!

  9. I have some more research to do on what I've been told but I felt it was important enough to just mention it. There will come out stories of our military men in Afghanistan not having places to sleep or rest when they got there. They had to sleep in the open like homeless people. I have no proof and I wont tell their name or rank either. It is an important story as well. I find it hard to believe that our military would let our service people live like homeless because they aren't prepared for incoming service men and women. The CNN referance was based on money and people not ability. Think of these as previews to a movie rather then the hole story.

  10. Oh and by the way Bruce my family member isn't political at all.


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