Wednesday, January 12, 2011

'I'm Starting to Think the Attack on the Right Is a Cover-up for the Left'


Could he be right? I'd like to know what you think about what he is saying?


  1. Since the Pima County Sheriff came to his first ever National press conference and blamed conservative speech for all violence in America, I have felt it necessary to offer a more common sense response.
    Leave aside for a minute, as the liberals and the left are, that the shooter is actually responsible for his own actions. "I thought this was to be a common sense reply," you say? I know, but stay with me for a minute.
    As a political and religious conservative, having been called in most recent years an extremist, I am like the rest of the country disgusted with the accusations that the ideology of small government rule is responsible for violence against liberal government officials. The list of those blamed this week includes the following…
    1. Sarah Palin
    2. Glen Beck
    3. George Bush
    4. Rush Limbaugh
    5. The Bible, Jesus
    6. Talk Radio
    7. All conservative speech
    Of course, lost in the conversation to follow has been the fact that the mass murderer has been influenced more by worship in the occult, and ant-religion speech . There are no facts to support that anti-government or anti-democrat speech influenced him at all.
    So let’s face it, those actually responsible have turned out to be…
    1. Occult worshipers ( that is what he believed in and practiced, not Glen Beck)
    2. Educational institutions ( for teaching the mass murderer that human life has no more value than animal life, and for teaching him evolution, which convinced him to remove bad seeds from the human race so it could evolve into something better without her (Cong. Giffords )political influence)
    3. Democrat policy (for proposing to further restrict his speech, as he felt Cong Giffords did)
    4. Liberal anti-death penalty proponents ( for not hanging the last mass murderer yet, so this mass murderer would not fear consequences)
    5. Separation of Church and state proponents ( for keeping religion out of the schools the mass murderer attended. Taught religion, he would have listened to God and not the occult)
    6. And why not….Bill Maher ( mostly just because he is a fool, Biblically. But following the liberal’s logic, he rails against good, character filled, moral people like Cong. Giffords. Bill is more to blame than Beck.)
    He is a product of Liberal and Anti-God teaching and not a product of Conservative and Anti-Government teaching. Where are the news organizations on this one?
    We have since had to digest a constant force feeding of tasteless and nauseating new proposed legislation that we are being assured will Cure the Disease. I have a list of my own on who is responsible for infecting the most free country in the universe with the seeds of disintegration that we now witness. You just read it. They have infected the USA with the disease.
    In Conclusion, We must teach our children values that promote peace and freedom, and service to others. We must teach the values that we ultimately have a responsibility to God for all of our actions. Thusly, we will do them and our society a great service.

  2. Levin does make sense. I beleive the MSM jumped before they LOOKED and its going to BITE them in the ASS. In effort to promote Far Left Agenda they used this Terrible Act to attack the Citizens they FEAR the Most. Talk Radio,Fox News,Tea Party and of coarse Palin. They PUT all the DEAD Victims including 9 yr old girl on back Burner and ATTACKED blindly what they FEAR most the TRUTH! Citizens aint stupid and can see with thier own eyes just how LOW the far LEFT will go to Protect its Ideaology.

    After Gun Control LEFTS next "TARGET" will be Fox News and Talk Radio. The "Fairness Doctrine" will again be brought forward BUT I beleive it will not get out of the HOUSE. My concern is FCC through REGULATIONS will try to side step Legislative proccess. Left charges Talk Radio and Fox News creates violence which is just not TRUE!

    In the 1960s JFK,MLK and RFK were ALL assasinated. Gov Wallace was crippled John Lennon was kileed and President Reagan was SHOT. I might be wrong so any LIB out there want to tell me what Right wing Radio,News or Group of Citizens was the cause of these HORRIBLE events!

    Lefts charge that Rights Rhetoric causes VIOLENCE. Left in its own way is trying to Squash Descent or oppisition to their Ideaology plain and simple. Left was REJECTED in Novemeber and actions by them of this nature is NOT goiung to help them in 2012. I will watch tonights event with Obama to see if this will be a TRIBUTE to OUR fallen Citizens or something it was NEVER meant to be.

    Was there

  3. Could be, Chris. But as I see it, it's a poor attempt by the progressives to triangulate this incident in hopes to win the debate that the progressives have come to realize they are losing with the American people.

  4. It is the Progressive death roll Mark. I hope the Presidents speech calms down that slanderous rhetoric.

  5. Well starting Monday the House will start its work and it will be interesting to see how LONG it takes for the SHIT to hit the Fan. My guess before NOON break!

    This 112th Congress will be interesting just to see what gets Legislated and what gets Regulated. FCC,EPA and Congress. Wont take to long to see WHOM has the Hammer.


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