Monday, February 7, 2011

62% Of American Oppose Raising Debt Ceiling.What Do You Think?

An overwhelming 62 percent of likely voters oppose raising the debt ceiling, while only 27 percent favor raising it, a new poll by The Hill reveals.
Seventy-seven percent of likely GOP voters and 64 percent of independent voters said they don’t want the debt ceiling to be raised. Even among Democrats, more oppose raising the ceiling (46 percent) than support it (42 percent).
The poll also shows that a majority of the country disaproves of the president’s stimulus package:
Only 36 percent of voters surveyed said stimulus spending creates jobs, while 48 percent said flatly that it does not. Crucially, 61 percent of independent voters took that negative view.
Only 40 percent of likely voters say the $787 billion stimulus package helped. While 69 percent of Democrats say it boosted growth, 56 percent of independents think the stimulus hurt or had no impact on the economy.
The president’s budget, due Feb. 14, will call for more spending on infrastructure, research and development and education. The polls suggest the public is unreceptive to the idea, so Obama might find it tough to get these budget requests through a Republican House clamoring for deep cuts.
The president is also losing critical independent voters regarding his economic policies in general:
Voters split on Obama’s economic policies. Forty-four percent in the survey said the policies are hurting the economy, while 41 percent said they are helping. The poll’s margin of error is 3 percent.
By a 47-37 percent margin, independents said Obama has hindered the economic recovery.                                                                       


  1. So, most American want an economic calamity the likes of which we have never seen?

    I think if Americans had it explained to them the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling, they would understand why it has to be done, like it or not.

  2. Bruce We NOW have a economic calamity the likes of which we have never seen!

    Like it or not seems to be your rallying cry.

    November elections were about economy jobs and Unsubstainable debt. Most Americans are not STUPID and need very little explained to them. Who really needs to be TUTURED are the Politicans whom have got us here. You would think with March approaching the Politicans would be finding ways to CUT spending. Were going to have to,WE cannot survive on present pace just cannot. The only question is when do WE all start Sacrificing and that is the thing BOTH parties seem to be trying to avoid. Cannot hide from it. If not now when?

  3. Al, if you want an economic Depression to make the Great Depression look like a blip, try not extending the debt ceiling and see what happens.

    "We NOW have a economic calamity the likes of which we have never seen!"

    That's just not true, Al. Is the debt a problem, sure.

    Even most Republicans, including John Boehner, know that the debt ceiling will have to be extended.

    You teabaggers can kick and scream all you want, but only the looney tune right are talking about not extending the debt ceiling.

  4. Did not say it would not be raised. Did say MORE will have to be done and that MORE is CUTS. Cannot substain OUR debt.

    Tea Party is correct. SPENDING without FUNDING will in a short time BANKRUPT us.

    All must SACRIFICE to bring US out of the MESS we have allowed Politicans to put US into. If we do not succeed Economy poof and how is that a good thing. 3+ Trillion Spent in over Two years has put us in very dangerous waters. The feel good fuzzy feelings we cannot afford NOW and thats a fact!

  5. Al, this is not about cuts. This is about the United States of America and honoring its full faith and credit.

    If you declare that we are not going to pay our debts, the entire world economy will basically be destroyed.

    There are not enough cuts in the budget to make fast enough to solve this problem.

    Besides, did you see the schedule of the House. They have NO agenda at all. The are only working 2 weeks, and then taking a week off under the Republican leadership.

    They have NO jobs agenda at all. In fact, their only agenda is to redefine rape and to make it impossible for a woman who needs an abortion to save her life to be able to get that abortion.

    That is all they have on their agenda. There is NO jobs agenda at all to help put America back to work.

    I wonder how that will play in 2012.

  6. America honoring its full faith and credit!

    If you mean printing money we don't have that helps How?

    If we do not pay down OUR Unsubstainable DEBT OUR Economy will basiclly be Destroyed. Action must start NOW. My advice to all politicans SHIT or get off the pot,time is awasting.

    How come for over Two Years we could Increase DEFICIT by over 3 TRILLION dollars Fast but now Attacking the Defict must be SLOW process.

    The 111 th Congress had 2 Years to laser in on JOBS 2 Years and how has that worked out? 2012 will indeed be Interesting and POLITICANS will pay the Price once again for doing ANYTHING that does not Solve both Economy and Jobs.

    112th Congress will be under the gun to either put UP or Be replaced. Citizens are not going to allow Politcans to continue the Process that has brought us to the brink of Bankruptsy.

    Tea Party will DEMAND that politicans from both Partys decide what needs to be CUT and that will include Entitlements. All will need to SACRIFICE and the quicker the better. NO OTHER WAY!

  7. Al, despite the fact that the Tea Party did help elect some radical representatives and a few Senators, they don't run the country, thank god for that.

    The Tea party can't demand anything. The Republicans will do their token things, like voting to repeal health care reform, but when it comes to your core issues, I'm afraid the Republicans will disappoint you in grand fashion.

    Look at how little the Republicans have done since taking over.

    Not only that, this is the laziest Congress in a long time. Frankly I'm glad this is a lazy Congress. They would only make things worse for the American people.

  8. Bruce you liberals are great. First you want to kill the next generation with abortions and then you want to indebt them with more debt then they could ever pay off just so you get what you want. Sick. When will the left give a crap about a generation other then their own? You want to suck this country and it's people dry without even trying to fix it. That is how we know that there wont be any SSI or Medicare left when your done with it. You just don't care about anyone but yourselves and your own interest. It's just narcasim at it's greatest.

  9. Bruce 112th Congress started in January. Demoncrats controlled it since 2006. I think ANY Congress would need a wee bit more time to START the process of undoing the Demoncrats Damage. It will be done or OUR Economy collapes and the OLD days of SPENDING to get OUT of DEBT are over. If not 2012 will need more Adjustments. Demoncrats in the Senate have sealed their Fate in 2012 I beleive and that ole Shellacing thingy might just pop up again.

    Citizens are tired of people like YOU with Your hand in THEIR pockets and this Regime did ONE great JOB in waking up the Voters.

    Citizens are watching and contacting their representitves NOW on regular basis and Shame on the Politicans that beleive Unsubstainable Debt can be addressed by SPENDING cause it CANT!

  10. "Tea Party did help elect some radical representatives and a few Senators"

    If you are referring to those who stand up for personal liberties, constitutional limited government, free markets and individual human rights... If those are radicals in your eyes, Bruce, speak no more... YOU ARE A SOCIALIST, and so is your leader.


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