Thursday, February 24, 2011

Watch The Left-Wing Racism At Union Protests

Union protestors, including waiver award winners Communication Workers of America (CWA), arrived outside of the FreedomWorks headquarters today apparently to hit female activists and police the Jews.

This was only the beginning…..More video to come with the help of Gateway Pundit.

Still more…
Unhinged SEIU supporter follows black Tea Partier until he is escorted away by police.  Of course, he flips off the Tea Party crowd as he leaves.

The SEIU supporters called him stupid and uneducated.  They called him “son.” They harassed him.  They asked him how he could vote against “his own best interest.”
In this clip an SEIU supporter asks the black Tea Partier,
“Do you have any children that you claim?” **

There is much more video coming soon. It seems that the lefties have no problem talking like racist. For years now we have been pointing out the racism from the left-wing and unions. Thanks to these union protests we are getting more video of these racists. All those white faces at the protests and they had to go after the black man and the Jew. It seems as though liberals don't like it when blacks and Jews come out of the box that liberals made for them. It reminds me of when they tried to break Kuntee Kentee in the movie Roots. These liberals tell blacks and Jews what they should believe. Just like the white slave owners tried to tell Kuntee Kentee what his new name is. As long as blacks and Jews stay in line with liberals it's all good. But if just one black man or Jew get out of line they treat them like second class citizens. Shame on the left-wing and the Democratic Party. It's no wonder why blacks are afraid to go to these anti-government protests. If they say something wrong they may get lynched by an angry liberal mob.


  1. Here are some union facts Chris. Unions have cause a lot of heartache over the years. This is why Americans don't like unions any more. Stop by for much more on unions. The unions have no problem getting "bloody" for the Democratic Party. Even if it's against the people that pay their wages.

    West Virginia miner shot dead for working during a strike
    On the orders of the United Mine Workers (UMW), 16,000 miners went on strike in 1993. One subcontractor, Eddie York (who was not a UMW member), decided it was important to support his wife and three children and crossed picket lines to get to his job. He was shot in the head as he left the job site to go home. UMW President Richard Trumka (now Secretary-Treasurer at the AFL-CIO) told The Washington Times that "if you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you're going to burn your finger." UMW strike captain Jerry Dale Lowe was found guilty of weapons charges and conspiracy in York's death, and York's widow Wanda sued the union for her husband's wrongful death. The UMW fought the lawsuit for four years, but settled with Wanda York only two days after federal prosecutors announced that they would share evidence from the criminal trial with York's attorneys.

    Virginia women targeted for working during a strike
    In 1996, when the United Auto Workers Local 149 called a strike against Abex Friction Products in Winchester, VA, several of the workers decided they needed their paychecks and crossed the picket lines to work. They were targeted for harassment and intimidation. In one instance, an employee who crossed the picket line found a severed cow's head placed on the hood of her car. Later, someone made up a photograph with her face superimposed over the dead cow's head and mailed it to her. The union paid a substantial settlement to six women for its members' harassment of them.

    UPS driver beaten and stabbed by fellow union "brothers"
    In 1997, Teamsters Local 769 in Miami ordered a strike against United Parcel Service. One driver, Rod Carter (a former star linebacker for the University of Miami), announced that he did not support the strike and intended to continue working to support his family. His wife received a threatening phone call, but Rod went to work anyway. While driving his route, he was stopped and stabbed with an ice pick. When Carter sued the union, another unionized UPS driver testified in a court deposition that the violence had been approved of by union officials.

    Worker who opposed unionization has his house "put on the map"
    In 2004 Jeff Ward, an employee at the Thomas Built Bus Company plant in High Point, NC, led a successful legal challenge to the unionization of the plant where he worked. Without a vote, the company had recognized the United Auto Workers as the exclusive representative of the workers, just on the basis of cards signed under what Ward called coercion from both the company and the union. After the company was compelled to cancel its recognition of the union, flyers went up in the plant, giving Ward's phone number and detailed directions to his home. At the bottom of the flyer was the message, "Jeff Ward lives here. Go tell him how you really feel about the union." No one claimed responsibility for the threatening flyers, but one union official said that Ward "put himself in the limelight."

    Math teacher fired for challenging union president
    George Parker taught math in Washington, DC and was a member of the Washington Teachers Union. In 1997, he challenged union president Barbara Bullock's financial administration with the Department of Labor -- and she allegedly had him fired for doing so. But Parker's suspicions were proven correct. Bullock was later convicted of embezzling $4.6 million of member dues money and sentenced to jail.

  2. Was not someone saying yesterday what a master-stroke it was for the union-owned DemocRAT Senators from Wisconsin to be flee-baggers? Looks like as usual they have their finger on the pulse of the American voter, or at least the same 20% radical leftist voters that they always finger, LOL

    From Rasmussen Reports:

    Half of America’s voters favor public sector unions for government workers, but they strongly oppose the tactic by Wisconsin state senators to flee their state to prevent a vote that would limit the rights of such unions.
    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that only 25% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of this tactic, while 67% disapprove. State legislators in Indiana have used the same approach to avoid a vote in their state. (To see survey question wording, click here.)
    Sizable majorities of Republicans and voters not affiliated with either major party reject such a strategy. Democrats are fairly evenly divided, with 48% approving and 44% disapproving.

    Ouch. Talk about having your head up your ass.

  3. Its Kunta Kinte. working class unionists are slave owners. What a joke.

  4. And while we are going after bigots are you adding Glenn Beck to that list. Jewish People think he's anti-semitic.

    Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:
    Glenn Beck's comparison of Reform Judaism to radical Islam demonstrates his bigoted ignorance.

    So your personal hero and the man who shapes your blog is a bigot, but you have to go after the unions for their racism. Perhaps now you will stop posting Beck video's and those off of his site the Blaze.


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