Monday, February 28, 2011

We Have A Cure For The Symptom Of Liberal And Union Violance

This is a little out of the box thinking but that is what we need to do in times like this. I'm sure after reading the whole post we would all agree that this is a win-win for both liberals and conservatives.

We are seeing a massive jump in liberal and union violence lately. I'm sure we can all agree that violence is not the answer and that all sides are served if we could find a cure for liberal and union violence. First we need to look at the violence from the left-wing radicals and unions as a symptom of a larger problem. Instead of fixing the problem, let's get a hold of the immediate problem of violence coming out of these left-wing protests.

I know the left-wing and unions are getting pissed at being told that violence is a symptom that could be cure with medication. Don't give up reading this post yet. You will love the medication that will cure a symptom of these left-wing union protests. Just remember it's a cure that has been in this country forever.

As most of you know many States in the Union have made medical marijuana legal for many diseases from pain,headaches,cancer...Michigan has such a law. If we could stand behind a revision of these States laws to include Liberalism as a disease that would qualified it for legal medical marijuana use as treatment for violence and hyperactive anger issues. What better treatment for these symptoms then giving them what they had in the 60's till today? Let them smoke their medicine and watch the violence go away like magic.

 The left-wing will eat this up. Pun intended. The left-wing love to have rights that the rest of us don't have. They also can't resist standing behind a bill that makes smoking pot legal. It's like Pavlov's dog and the bell. Ring ring ring. If you are a lefty that doesn't want to take your meds before you go out it's your right not too. Odds are your not violent to begin with, so stay lucid and have a great rally. But keep it safe and alcohol free. That doesn't mean free alcohol.

How do we conservatives and moderates win in this? Violence costs us all when the left-wing and unions start coming unhinged. We also win in the end when everyone agrees that Liberalism is a symptom of a disease. If you need any proof that Liberalism is a disease just look at the disorder they leave behind them.

But in all fairness we must have compassion for Liberals. They are Americans too. They just need help and treatment for their disorder. If we don't treat them it will cost us all. Tell your Congressperson to have compassion and give them the treatment they deserve.

WARNING!!! Taking marijuana does have side effects other then taming the tendency for patients towards violent behavior. Medical marijuana has been shown to drop out of society. But some may think that that would be more of a benefit then a side effect.

Let's all get behind this disease before it spreads to more left-wingers and unionists. We need to start a telethon like Jerry's Kids. A cure is right around the corner if we can all get behind it together. Send this out to everyone you know. Do a posting on your own blog or facebook. We can do it if change our thinking for the better of America.

The treatment for any violence and anger that the Liberals tell us happens is also in this post and we have been doing it all along. Conservatives have found the cure and that is why we are violent free. We laugh at the Liberals. The Liberals are not only the cause but the cure for what ails us. Don't forget to "Love your enemy" and to "Love yourself". Don't forget to laugh it's good medicine.


  1. It will make matters worse. Marijuana is known to create paranoia and God knows liberals do not need more of that.

    Plus it also creates the "munchies" which would work against Michelle my bells' nanny-state idea of controlling the nations diet.

    What this disease of liberalism needs is a serious end-of-life consultation.

  2. I drove by the protest in Lansing. I wanted to stop, but it didn't look safe. One person yelled "f--k you" and I kept driving.

    I'm happy to see that the President is standing with the unions on this.

    I think ganja is a good idea. It might work.

  3. The protests likely will become frequent now that the Republican governor Dick Snyder has rolled out his budget proposal for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1.

  4. Public Unions/Regime vs Citizens. President and Sect. of Labor come out supporting Unions and this helps WHOM?
    Political Pay back by the Community Organizer plain and Simple. Union and Regime want Two things Control and Power and they are going to go full throttle to break OUR Local and State Governments in the Process.
    These Public Union Issues are STATE Issues and Regime should NOT in any way be taking SIDES in them. Regime has chosen Unions over Majority of Citizens and Local Governments. I have heard that this will be the ISSUE of the upcoming Elections and I beleive it will be CITIZENS who get the last word. Just ashame what a Undemocratic Regime we have. Putting Unions over Country and thats what Citizens will get out of this whole cluster fuck!

  5. While Cheech and Chongs favorite vegetable would mellow out the left wing violence (how is that Joe, I didn't say liberal) and give them the giggles on the picket line, it won't help them in their work.

    We would get cars produced with loose lug nuts, no oil in the engine, doors not bolted in place and some guy sleeping in the back seat.
    (no wait, that's already happening).

    Oh well, at least it will help with the violence.

  6. The Tea Party isn't running scared. The old union tactics don't work any more.

    Dear AdamsPatriot, marijuana use among union workers is well documented. Ford and GM make the best cars in the world thanks to those union workers.

  7. Keep showing them their sins.

  8. "Ford and GM make the best cars in the world thanks to those union workers."
    And some of the most expensive in the world, also.

  9. It seems liberals like the idea more then conservatives.

    Mark, if you look at the Ford and GM cars you will find that they are acually less money then the Japanese and German versions. But we are more then the Korean and Indian cars. Ford has done a great job of bringin up quality.

  10. MJ, the old tricks of the union trade aren't woking on us, like you said. Violence has never worked.

  11. Mark, like the cars made in Mexico are so much cheaper.

    Adams, i know it amazing the recalls Toyota is having these days.


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